ESPN Calls Charles Barkley Every Year, But Thankfully He’ll ‘Never Go There’

  • Eric Goldschein

charles barkleyCharles Barkley was on the Dan Patrick Show today, so you know what that means: some shit was talked about ESPN. Patrick, a former member of the Worldwide Leader, loves having people talk shit about “The Mother Ship,” as he calls it. Chuck obliged.

As always, Barkley provides some dead-on insight, noting that ESPN not only works its people too hard (how many shows has Linda Cohn done in her lifetime? 12,000?) but manufactures stories. HM, YOU DON’T SAY.

Listen/watch, via Busted Coverage:

Because Barkley is one of the best analysts in sports and he’s part of the best sports show on TV, the last thing we’d want is for him to head over to ESPN. On TNT, Barkley can speak his mind and do things his way. When you work for the Worldwide Leader, a certain propriety is expected. Also, you need to be able to talk out your ass for the majority of your on-air time, and that’s just not Barkley’s modus operandi. He tells it like it is, and we doubt he’d be able to help ESPN fill the news cycle with inanity and Tebow talk.

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