Darren Rovell Is Eating His Way Through The 2014 U.S. Open, One $125 Steak At A Time

  • Jake O'Donnell

A $125 porterhouse, bacon on a clothes-line, garbage — Darren Rovell is covering at all at this year’s U.S. Open (which kicks off August 25, FYI). Over that last two days, @darrenrovell has been a visual buffet of rich people food for those of us who can’t make it out to Flushing for the fancy-pantsy tennis tournament. For a second there we actually thought he was ordering and eating all this food, but we’ve since come to our senses and concluded that ESPN’s Robin Leach is approaching people’s tables, shoving his Blackberry in their brunch, and walking away without saying anything.

Woman: “Honey, who the hell was that and why was he taking pictures of our lobster rolls?”

Man: “I think it was George Costanza.”

Filet mignon sandwiches anyone?