Outrage! David Ferrer Hits Tennis Ball At Crying Baby

  • Dan Fogarty

Spanish tennis player David Ferrer hit a tennis ball at a crying baby during his quarterfinal match at the Sony Ericsson Open on Wednesday, and, understandably, people are peeved.

Ferrer was preparing to serve in the second set when the child started crying loudly. He decided to play through the distraction, and ended up losing the point. In a moment of frustration, he hit a ball towards the source of the noise (which, again, was baby). The ball came nowhere near the child.

Now, hitting a ball at a crying baby won’t make you the most sympathetic of figures. Ferrer was a foreign player, playing an American, in America, and hit a tennis ball at an American baby. Yes, he was booed loudly.

But as Yahoo! notes, bringing a baby to a tennis match, a setting where silence is key, was probably not the best idea. Just saying.