Lego Wayne Rooney Is Still Mad At English Fans

  • Dan Fogarty

Hey, remember that awesome Lego recreation of the USA – England match that made the rounds on Youtube last week? Well, there’s a new one! This time, England’s disappointing tie with Algeria has been given the Lego treatment.

“But wait!” you say, “there wasn’t nearly enough action to make England – Algeria Legoworthy!” This is true, dear reader, but there were plenty of interesting things off the field. Take, for instance, Wayne Rooney’s now-infamous message to the British fans who booed him and his team. Now, the message is delivered from a happy little Lego man, as opposed to an angry little English man. As Dirty Tackle notes, Rooney’s rant seems “far less sarcastic when delivered with a cute little smiley face stuck on his head.”

Also spot-on: the body language of Lego Fabio Capello. Enjoy!