ESPN Thinks LeBron James Needs A Sports Psychologist

  • Dan Fogarty

Passive? Quiet? Lifeless? LeBron James was all of those things during the NBA Finals, and now that his defeat is final, we’ll be reminded of his psychological shutdown on the league’s biggest stage for an entire summer.

But is it so bad that he needs professional help? Yes! Yes it is! According to multiple analysts and pundits on ESPN, LeBron James’ passivity is so great, his mental stature in big moments so small, that he needs professional mental help if he ever wants to win an NBA title.

Not surprisingly, Skip Bayless leads the charge on this one. But I’m pretty sure the words “sports psychologist” were used in multiple production meetings in Bristol, because it was all over the Worldwide Leader this morning.

We have officially entered the summer of psychoanalyzing LeBron James, people. Hopefully, you have your notepads and rorschach tests ready.