Former ESPN Announcer Jon Miller “Congratulates” Colleague With Passive-Aggressive Screed About Getting Fired From ESPN

  • Glenn Davis

When news leaked last November that ESPN was going with a new Sunday Night Baseball broadcast team, it was treated by most as a cause for celebration. This was mostly because it meant color commentator Joe Morgan – whom, as far as we can tell, absolutely no one liked, yet called games on various networks for over two decades – was no more.

Of course, the news wasn’t quite welcomed by everyone – chiefly, one would assume, Morgan and broadcast partner Jon Miller. And now, thanks to a taped note of congratulations to announcing compatriot Dave Van Horne (the radio voice of the Florida Marlins), Miller offers us proof beyond all doubt he was none too happy at getting cast aside. The note of congratulations, you see, is for Van Horne receiving the prestigious Ford C. Frick Award, given to one broadcaster annually for “major contributions to baseball.” It comes with an invitation to Cooperstown for Hall of Fame Weekend (when the award is presented). Miller would know all this – he received the award last year.

Miller, it seems, didn’t quite understand the logic of jettisoning an announcer who won such an award, and not even a year after the fact. So we’re left with a congratulatory message for Van Horne that, while it does contain some congratulations, contains a lot of bitterness. Check it out below.

Jon Miller awkwardly congratulates DVH by dom cosentino

Getty photo (Jim McIsaac), via