'How Many People Get Hit By Cabs In New York City?' Is Probably Not The Best Analogy For The Kevin Ward Jr. Tragedy

  • Eric Goldschein

eric bolling kevin ward jrIt’s not like we were expecting “The Five” on Fox News to blow open the Tony Stewart-Kevin Ward Jr. incident in their “watercooler” discussion — nobody in the mainstream media seems to have any idea how to talk about it. But just as everyone in said “Five” had said their non-committal piece, Eric Bolling hit us with a bizarre final thought that shows the divide between upstate New York, where the Saturday night race took place, and New York City, where this show was filmed.

We wish this thought could have been extrapolated out a little more. What exactly is the connection between people being hit by cabs in Manhattan (where sometimes there is intent and sometimes there isn’t) and Ward walking out into the middle of a dirt race track to confront a legendarily temperamental racer? It’s the throwaway lines that can give us the most pause: