The “Nicest” Day In Bob Knight’s Basketball Career Was Yesterday

  • Eric Goldschein

On Saturday, Lamar University stomped McNeese State in the Southland conference tournament final, punching their ticket to the big dance and making people around the country ask, “Huh? What’s Lamar University?”

Well, Lamar is coached by Pat Knight, son of the venerable Bob Knight. And anyone who knows Bob knows that he can be a little curmudgeonly. But not this day — this day, Bob would be very proud of his son. Check out Bob’s reaction, which includes a full blown smile, when Brent Musburger brings it up during the Big 12 championship.

As Bob says himself, he’s been in the game for almost 50 years. It’s pretty heart-warming to know that seeing his son carve out a legacy of his own is enough to make this the “nicest day.”

[h/t Business Insider]