Knocked Out: HBO Sports Fires President Ross Greenburg

  • Ben Axelrod

SportsByBrooks is reporting that Ross Greenburg, the man responsible for creating Inside The NFL and Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel, has been fired from his longtime job as the President of HBO Sports.

According to Brooks, Greenburg’s departure will not be announced as a firing and he will be referred to as an independent producer who HBO will do business with in future, but for all intents and purposes, Greenburg was canned.

So just why was Greenburg let go by the company he’s worked f0r 0ver the course of the past 32 years? According to Brooks, one of the biggest reasons was that HBO shockingly lost out on the rights to the Manny PacquaioShane Mosley fight to Showtime.

Greenburg also apparently failed to inform his HBO bosses that they lost out on boxing’s biggest star in Pacquaio, and that his reputation had been sullied in the boxing community thanks to his tough negotiating tactics.

And while Greenburg’s firing isn’t going to be announced until later this week, it’s never too early to start speculating about who his replacement could be, especially if that person happens to come from ESPN.

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