Brazilian Skateboard Babe Leticia Bufoni Channels Her Inner David Ortiz And Drops A Major F-Bomb On ESPN’s X-Games (VIDEO)

  • Jake O'Donnell

Brazilian skateboard babes say the damnedest things! Like, “I’m so fucking happy” into an ESPN PA microphone. After Leticia Bufoni won the Women’s Street final on her last run (87.33), ESPN’s Jordan Whitley tried to get her spill her guts about how she felt at the moment.

Answer: (fucking) happy.

The best part is how Whitley panics after the crowd erupts, responding with the “you can say that in Brasil” line. Um, but Jordan, it’s on American television. You can’t say that on American television. You know we’re live, right? Or were you just commenting on Brazil’s lax censorship laws? And, evidently, you CAN say “that.” Just ask Big Papi and the 37,000 people who were at Fenway yesterday. The bottom line is Leticia Bufoni is a bad ass who rocks at skating and is extremely easy on the eyes. We wish her the best of fuck. I mean luck. Ahem.

H/T Deadspin