Stephen A. Smith Drops Yet Another N-Bomb On Skip Bayless On ESPN’s First Take

  • Jake O'Donnell

Stephen A. and Skip Bayless have been getting worked up and arguing about trivial shit since 2004. It’s like professional wrestling at this point. Two men enter the ring, pretend to fight, one of them sort of wins, and you hate them both. And, much like in professional wrestling, sometimes people actually get hurt. Or actually fight (like the time JBL beat up the Blue Meanie at the Royal Rumble).

Looks like Stephen A. got a little TOO jacked up for whatever the topic was, and let some of his off camera language slip out. What do you think? Did he say what we think he said? Does it matter that he’s done this before? Is this just a thing he does that sounds very similar to the N-word? Check out the last time he did it (video below), and let us know what you think…

H/T Tre LeFebvre