Stephen Colbert: Heat’s Loss Ruined “An Inspiring Riches-To-Even-Richer Story”

  • Glenn Davis

It was clear the Miami Heat – and especially LeBron James – would get piled on if they didn’t win an NBA title this season. Of all the pundits we’d have guessed would take their shots, though, Stephen Colbert wasn’t among them.

Clearly, we underestimated Colbert. Last night, piggybacking off the Heat’s loss, Colbert did an installment of “Sport Report” (“sport” pronounced “spore,” of course), his periodic look into the sports world. And while it’s worth it to stick around for some nice cracks at FIFA and a long-overdue in-depth look at freestyle canoe dancing, the centers of attention, as ever, were LeBron and the Heat.

Colbert, you see, was actually disappointed that the Heat lost, because in his words, “Americans love rooting for an overdog.” Unlike most, he loved The Decision and ensuing Big Three celebration:

“Everyone knew they were destined to win. And personally, I am offended that they were forced to prove it by playing basketball.”

And with that, the number of people who haven’t commented on the outcome of the NBA Finals officially dropped to zero. Video of the segment below – again, it’s worth sticking with it past the Heat stuff for observations like the one he makes about soccer: it’s like Vietnam because “they both go on forever, and America never wins.”