The “Tiger Woods Sex Tape” Is Being Released Tomorrow

  • Barry Rothbard

Devon James, a porn star, and her husband and adult film producer, Nick James, claim they are releasing a “Tiger Woods Sex Tape” tomorrow. Naturally, no one is taking them seriously.

As Radaronline notes, this is most likely just a publicity stunt, given that Devon’s own mother (oh how proud she must be) has discredited the tape.

While there is no proof that the tape actually exists, the couple has unveiled a website promising viewers a glimpse at “Tiger Woods’ former girl playing all the holes.”

In a taste of what is supposedly to come, James writes on another of her XXX sites: “Come watch Devon f*ck and s*ck and see Tiger Wood’s former girl Play all the holes and why Tiger WOULD too!”

The article goes on to mention that the video probably features a “Tiger Woods lookalike.” So there’s that.

h/t The Big Lead