Where To Watch The Masters: CBS Live-Streaming Action At Augusta National

  • Glenn Davis

The Masters kicked off (drove off?) today, and if you either want to see the first major championship golf of 2011 or just enjoy some nice scenery, you might want to tune in. But wait – you’re not at home. Will the internet come through for you and deliver the golf/trees you crave?

Of course it will. It’s the internet. CBS is providing live streaming coverage of the tournament, so head over there if you’re dying to catch a glimpse of early leader Ross Fisher (four under through 12 holes). Additionally, the Masters’ official website is offering some different viewing options, including “Featured Group 1,” “Featured Group 2,” Amen Corner, and holes 15 and 16.

The Masters’ website options don’t quite measure up to watching the tournament live on TV, though. Luckily, they’ve got another especially interesting option if you’re really itching to see those azaleas pop right off your screen…Masters 3D! The name just sounds cool, like watching it makes you a master of 3D technology.

Although, you might need to be a master of it anyway. As you might have guessed, it’s not just any computer that can display “the Masters 3D experience. But if you have: a 3D capable computer, monitor and glasses, along with a 3D media player with support for Windows Media and Over/Under 3D video, along with a web browser consisting of Internet Explorer v7 or newer or Firefox…you’re good to go.

The point: even if you’re holed up in an office or cubicle somewhere, you can still experience the majesty of Augusta National, although maybe not in 3D. So if you can, kick back, soak in the atmosphere, and think, “Man, this is way better than one of those Open Championship courses.”

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