Why Are We Still Talking About LeBron’s Decision Three Years Later?

  • Zach Berger

Three NBA offseasons ago, LeBron James announced that he would be taking his talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat. He did this on national television during a special ESPN event titled “The Decision.” The highly scrutinized television event was over an hour long, and for some reason, it is still being talked about today.

Yesterday, Fansided ran an article written by Courtney Cox — not the actress, but the former ESPN studio stage manager — detailing her experience working on the infamous LeBron program. The article has gotten some press coverage thanks a few semi-interesting titbits about the show.

For example, Kanye West showed up the event unannounced and Cox had to find him a seat. She purposely put him as far away from the stage as possible because this was soon after his Taylor Swift blowup. He fell asleep at one point and later left early. This is all kind of amusing, but it happened three years ago. Maybe, just maybe, this would have been funny a week after “The Decision.” Who cares?

Oh, and Cox mentioned that she missed LeBron’s announcement because the cameraman filming him kept zooming in on his face. All she heard was one of the producers or directors in her headset yelling at the cameraman to hold his zoom. That brings us this great GIF:

But we already knew about this GIF. Maybe, just maybe, a little anecdote about the cameraman’s mishap would have been funny a week after “The Decision,” but it was three years ago. I ask again: Who cares?

Cox locked her keys in her car the morning of the event and had to call AAA. She handed LeBron James a towel before the event started, presumably because he was sweaty. Her boss was super coy when he first asked her if she was available to work an event that he couldn’t give her any information about.

These little bits of information are cool, but they aren’t relevant. “The Decision” happened. People didn’t like it. And then a lot of time passed. Everyone should have forgotten about it over the last three years. “The Decision” should be a distant memory that’s so far removed thanks to two rings and three Finals appearances that we don’t even talk about it anymore.

Instead, it’s like what Billie Joe Armstrong said about Psy. “The Decision” is like the herpes of sports media. It just keeps coming back. It’s time to put it to rest. Starting… now.