Why Donald Trump Should Be Delighted At Getting Booed Off The Stage At WWE Event

  • Rick Chandler

Donald Trump is the Lionel Barrymore of this generation, and he’s just fine with that.

Of course I’m referring to the Lionel Barrymore we know best: Mr. Potter from It’s A Wondferful Life. Jimmy Stewart: Yeah. Donna Reed: OK. Uncle Billy: Acquired taste. But what would that movie have been without Mr. Potter barreling about in his Wheelchair of Doom, spreading his noxious brand of discontent? Without Potter, viewers would have expired from a saccharine overdose.

And we can say the same of Donald Trump. Every story needs a strong antagonist, and no one knows that better than Trump, who has been our country’s Mr. Potter for several decades now. Trump knows his role and plays it perfectly, knowing that if you can’t be the hero (and with that hair, he can’t), you may as well be the villain.

So as you might imagine, Donald Trump and professional wrestling are a match made in heaven … or at least in Vince McMahon’s living room. It should come as no surprise to anyone that The Donald and McMahon are great pals — Trump early on lauded McMahon and his WWE as visionary, and even played host to WrestleManias IV and V at Trump Plaza. Trump is also former owner of the “Monday Night Raw” franchise.

But on Saturday night, it didn’t take wrestling fans long to turn on him. Yahoo.com:

During his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame on Saturday night at Madison Square Garden in NYC, the crowd in attendance unceremoniously booed The Donald during his speech. Trump was introduced by his friend Vince McMahon, who reportedly tried to quiet the crowd, but the booing continued.

Wrestling Online:

Trump was booed for most of his speech and eventually cut it short after the abuse. He challenged Vince McMahon to a match at WrestleMania 30 and vowed to kick his ass.

Trump said he received many awards and had many accomplishments in his life but being in the WWE Hall of Fame was one of the best feelings. He then introduced his son, who also got booed out of the building and his daughter Ivanka, who got cheered for obvious reasons. Trump noted that at least there is a member of the Trump family that the MSG crowd liked!

How could you be Donald Trump at a WWE event and not expect to get booed? That’s part of the deal: when you go to a Don Rickles show, you want to be insulted. When you’re in the locker room with Shaquille O’Neal, you want to see his penis. If Trump had been cheered, he would have considered it a defeat.

The Donald figured out long ago that you can be the pro wrestling villain out of the ring, in real life. And people will buy it. That’s why he considers Saturday a triumph.

Plus, this happened:

Photo: WWE.com.