VIDEO: Race Official Hit By Snowmobile At Winter X Games

  • Glenn Davis

Let’s face it – part of what makes the X Games popular is the danger involved. The crazy stunts, the flips in the air – it all carries with it the possibility that something could go horribly wrong, and while we of course don’t want to see these things happen, the fact that participants are so openly flirting with disaster is still compelling.

However, we usually only think of that danger in terms of the actual participants in the Games. And unfortunately, during the recent SnoCross snowmobile race final, one race official had an unfortunate encounter with racer Bobby LePage’s vehicle (LePage, no doubt thanks in part to accidentally veering off course here, finished last):

Zachisgod, which posted the video and then sent it Deadspin’s way, said that the official , Val Meyer, “suffered a right tibia and fibula fracture and a left tibia plateau fracture.” Looking at the video, it’s lucky this wasn’t even worse, but Meyer certainly didn’t escape unscathed, and we’ll join Zach in wishing him a speedy recovery.