Your Daily Rodman Diplomacy Update: He’s Currently In Vatican City Pretending To Know Things, And He Has Vacation Plans In North Korea

  • Matt Rudnitsky

We told you yesterday that Dennis Rodman, fresh off of vacation with his new buddy Kim Jong-un, was going to Vatican City, hoping to meet the new pope. Well, he’s in Rome right now, claiming to be campaigning for the first black pope.

This is an admirable cause. But, unsurprisingly, Rodman doesn’t seem to be as devoted to the cause as he suggested.

After raising eyebrows by going to North Korea, former U.S. basketball star Dennis Rodman is continuing his bizarre global tour by visiting Rome – purportedly to help Ghanaian Cardinal Peter Turkson become the first black pope.

But Rodman didn’t seem too sure who he was supposed to be promoting when asked about it Wednesday. “From Africa right?” Rodman asked, wearing a hat and T-shirt promoting the Irish betting firm that organized his trip.

Rodman said he was sure the next pope would be black and that he would like to meet him in Africa on his self-styled mission to promote world peace.

I guess everyone can stop tweeting papal jokes, because Dennis Rodman knows who the next pope will be. When the white smoke appears, a black pope will be right behind. Mystery solved.

Oh yeah, he also has plans to “vacation” with Kim Jong-un in North Korea, in August. I have no idea what a North Korean vacation entails, but I suppose if anyone is having fun in North Korea, it’s these guys. And how are they communicating? Is he texting North Korea?

Just so you can gauge exactly how insane this all is, listen to Rodman talk to TMZ.

“Whatever happens, happens.” Wise words in the wake of nuclear threats.


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