This New Billiards Game For PS4 Looks Terrifyingly Real

  • Jake O'Donnell

When you think “next gen sports games,” pool doesn’t immediately come to mind. In fact, it’s almost a sport associate with first gen consoles, as one of the first video games ever, Atari’s “Pool Shark,” came out in 1977. But “Pure Pool” is trying to break the stigma with something so erily realistic, it’s actually difficult to disinguish between what is computer generated and what is high resolution video. We’re talking about the physics. The sound. The reflections on the balls. The ridiculously detailed puff of chalk from the stick hitting the cue.

The people, not so much. But that’s not why you play a game like this.

“Pure Pool,” which is the sequel to PS3’s popular 2010 “Hustle Kings” billiards simulator, is set to drop sometime next year.