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Fantasy Football 2012, Rendered in GIFs: The Losers’ Edition

Two weeks ago, we venerated and congratulated. This week, we’re just gonna hate. GIFs, after the jump.

Media Monster

CONTEST TIME: Win An Eli Manning/Archie Manning-Signed Copy of Brandon Steiner’s Book

Brandon Steiner’s latest book, You Gotta Have Balls, is filled with wisdom, the kind of book that’s crammed with ideas and insights that will help people in any generation. Brandon’s professional success is endorsement enough of what his book contains, but he recently had some copies signed by folks who exemplify success in their own ways too, and he is giving away those copies.


Fantasy Football Emotions, As Told Through GIFs: The Playoffs Are Here

The Fantasy Football Playoffs began this week. Most of you are no doubt aware of this, and have been looking forward to having your roster’s performances really count. The rest of you either don’t play fantasy football (nerds!) or you gave up on your team a long time ago because of all the suckitude.


Fantasy GIFgasm, Week 12: Our Pretend Football Emotions, Rendered In Moving Internet Pictures

Happy post-Thanksgiving, everybody. We hope the tryptophan is out of your system, your most annoying relatives have left, and you have enough leftovers for several sandwiches. If you’re still trying to piece together what the hell happened this weekend, you can find some help here, and the rest can be found, in GIF form, after the jump.  


Our Reaction To The Week That Was In Fantasy Football, Rendered in GIFs

Few things can leave you as emotional as a topsy-turvy day in fantasy, and with the season winding down and playoff spots on the line, it can get downright scary. Our reaction GIFs to the week that was, after the jump.


Week 10 In Fantasy Emotions, Rendered In 5 GIFs

Man, was that a crazy week, or what? Blowouts! Ties! Concussions! Herculean displays of strength! Of course, that’s only half the story. The other half, the Fantastic half, can be found after the jump.


Week 9 In Fantasy, As Told Through GIFs

Hello again, world. We apologize for our absence last week. The GIFerator fell into some water that sloshed into our offices, and it took a while to dry.


Week 7 In Fantasy, As Told Through GIFs

Guten tag, kinder. The fantastic campaigns continue. Dispatches from the front lines, after the jump.


Week 5 In Fantasy Football, As Told Through GIFs

This week is going to be a little bit different, America. We can’t give you the pound-for-pound, blow-by-blow analysis of the week that was, because, well, everything is kind of up in the air right now.


Buy Now: The “Air Jordy” T-Shirt

If you’re like us, the experience of watching Aaron Rodgers lead the Pack on a merciless air raid felt somewhat overdue. But at the same time, seeing Jordy Nelson at the heart of it came as no surprise at all. Buy your Air Jordy tee today, and feel his airness radiate out to all around you.

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