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Japanese Baseball Player Lays Out For A Bunt During A Pitchout

This weekend, one Japanese baseball player attempted the rare pitchout bunt. Kensuke Uchimura of the Yokohama BayStars leaped across home plate into the left hander’s batting box for the most exciting bunt attempt in recent memory. There has never player been a player so committed to playing small-ball.

Uchimura clearly thinks a diving bunt is more likely to score a run than anything the next batter could muster. Who was the next batter on deck? None other than noted mildly-insane former major leaguer Nyjer Morgan A.K.A Tony Plush. It looks like some of his crazy is wearing off on the rest of the baseball world and for that we thank him.


  • OnePercenter

    “Most batters see pitchouts as a sign of respect, but it really just takes away from the quality of the game.”

    Are you confusing the pitchout with the intentional walk? Pitchouts have to do with baserunners, not batters.

  • Jared

    Well said!

  • Ricky

    Good catch OnePercenter. No wonder you’re in better financial shape than me.

  • OnePercenter

    Haha :)

  • OnePercenter

    Just read your updated description of the video and I think you’re still reading it slightly wrong. It appears that a safety squeeze play had been called. The opposing team guessed as much and called for a pitchout. The batter probably thought the runner on third was coming home, so he tried desperately to protect him by making contact. Based on the catcher’s reaction, the runner stayed put. That’s my take on it anyway. Either way, it’s some funny ass shit.

  • Bon

    It wasn’t a bad bunt attempt, with runners on 2nd and 3rd the suicide squeeze was on (which means get the bunt down however possible) so he had to try at whatever pitch was pitched.

  • Jerry Baustian

    Rule 6.06
    A batter is out for illegal action when –
    (a) He hits a ball with one or both feet on the ground entirely outside the batter’s box.
    Rule 6.06(a) Comment: If a batter hits a ball fair or foul while out of the batter’s box, he shall be called out. Umpires should pay particular attention to the position of the batter’s feet if he attempts to hit the ball while he is being intentionally passed. A batter cannot jump or step out of the batter’s box and hit the ball.

  • Jerry Baustian

    It appears he was flying through the air and did not have either one or both feet on the ground outside the batters box. But, if he had made contact with the ball he would have been out.

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