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Atlanta-Based AAU Team Dons ‘I Am Trayvon’ Shirts For Vegas Tourney

I generally consider AAU basketball as the devil’s plaything: exercises in ego for frustrated coaches who jettison fundamentals in favor of collecting talent and putting winning above everything. But when a group of kids show a social conscious like this, it’s hard not to take notice and say, nicely played.

At the Fab 48 AAU tourney this week at Rancho High School in Las Vegas, the Game Elite U17 team from Atlanta are all wearing these shirts.

Beginning on Wednesday, the players wore the shirts during warmups and didn’t take them off until tipoff.

CBS Sports:

“We all wanted to wear the shirts because, even though the right thing didn’t turn out in court we wanted everyone to know we haven’t forgotten about this,” Avery Patterson said.

Team director Ryan Falker, 38, said it was the idea of the players to make the shirts and wear them. Coaches and spectators alike noticed immediately on Thursday — and Wednesday as well.

“We have to respect Trayvon in his death,” John-Carlos Reyes, 17, said. “He died for no reason. I don’t like the way it turned out to be, and we’re trying to represent him as a team.”

“This is out of respect purely for Trayvon and his family,” teammate Antonio Lang added. “Justice didn’t [come] in his trial, but it’s important for us as a group to show support for his family.”

The one white player on the team is Alex Bearup, 17, of Alpharetta, Ga.

“If they want to support it, I support the cause with them,” Bearup said. “We talked in that hotel room, we were shocked and discussed how we really felt about it. It could be anyone.”

  • Bon

    Are you f*cking serious right now Rick?!?! Nicely played??? Give me a break! I’m not suprised you agree with these kids because many of your “Articles” talk about President Obama and some aspect of sports or how the Louisville basketball team shouldn’t be holding up fake guns (yes I haven’t forgot) because guns are scary and bad.

    So those kids are Treyvon? Where’s their weed and bricks to bash people’s heads in with huh Rick? Oh are they gonna leave then come back with those items LIKE TREYVON DID, Rick???? Are they all kicked out of school… Twice?!?!?!

    Oh they’re not? Well then they’re not Treyvon. I don’t get why all these black people want to “be Treyvon.” Is that supposed to be some accomplishment? No “justice was served” but the correct verdict was handed down. If you have that much disrespect for the justice system like some of these black, white (including you, Rick) and athletes (Roddy White) have, then frankly, you’re the racist.

  • josh

    You’re a fucking idiot Bon. If your name is actually “Bon” then your parents don’t love you. Trayvon never had any bricks or anything during the incident. You’re clearly watching too much mainstream news. You’re the problem and the reason America isn’t the best country in the world anymore, because uneducated people like you are actually allowed to talk.

  • Dapandico

    Tray Be Gone, Hollow point be his name.

  • Dapandico

    One white player?? Must have needed someone to pass the ball.

  • Elizabeth

    @Bon At least these kids are actually showing that they care not just because they’re black but its because its a problem!! Yeah black people can all be trayvon because we’ve all been stereotyped at one point in our lives not all of that resulted in death but the fact that it even got to that point is ridiculous!! And you bring up trayvon’s past doesn’t mean anything, what was he doing right then was trying to get away from a creep and unfortunately he ended losing his life because he was defending himself at his home in his neighborhood!!! And no the law didnt get it right because at the end of the day a young black kid died and the law didnt give him a chance to even defend himself. So to me it sounds like ur racist!

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