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If You Haven’t Seen It Yet, VICE Profiled Bare Knuckle Boxing In The UK In An Insane 30-Minute Documentary

Big burly British gangsters punching each other into a bloody pulp. What’s not to like? An absolute “must watch.”


Floyd Mayweather Jr. And Marcos Maidana Bet Purse On Rematch, Money Hints At Pacquiao Follow Up

Ol’ Floyd’s been running that mouth of his leading up to this Maidana rematch. See what he’s been saying, after the jump…


Um, Taekwondo Quadruple Kick? YES PLEASE.

Alright ladies, I know this is just your fourth self defense class, but we’re really ambitious here at this dojo. Stretch out, warm up with some bag work, then we’re gonna practice kicking four different targets in one jump. After today you’ll be able to jog through a war zone.

BasketballMMA/BoxingWeird But True

Manny Pacquiao Is Going To Be A Player/Coach In The Philippine Basketball Association

It seems as if anyone is qualified to be a basketball coach these days. Add basketball coach/player to Manny Pacquiao’s resume. Apparently, he can do whatever the hell he wants in the Philippines.

MMA/BoxingNot Sports RelatedVideo

Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner Becomes ‘The Solution’ For Lucky Homeless Guy, Gives Him $1,000

This is just about the nicest thing we’ve seen an athlete do on camera. Or anyone for that matter.


The Ulimate Insult: Your Opponent Tapping Out Because Of How Hurt YOU Are

Meanest words ever spoken: “If I would keep going I would’ve hurt him more and maybe he get in serious injuries and maybe that make him stop doing what he loves to do.”


BOXING: 10 Things You Absolutely Need To Know About The Next Floyd Mayweather Jr. Fight

A date has been set, though the opponent and venue are still in the rumor stages. We roundup all the intel on the internet so you don’t have to play amateur detective to figure out when Floyd will fight Pacquiao, after the jump…


If You’re Into Watching MMA Heavyweights Get Knocked Out In 3 Seconds, You’ll Dig This

SPOILER ALERT: Homeboy gets knockedout in three seconds. Watch the world record KO time for a heavyweight MMA bout, inside…

MMA/BoxingVideoVideo Games

ENTER THE XBOX: Bruce Lee Will Be A Playable Character In Next UFC Game

Well that’s awesome. Video of the most famous martial artist in modern history, inside…


Internet Boxing Troll Gets Ass Beat By Deontay Wilder For Talking Smack

In the fantasy genre, fighting a troll is considered a suicide mission. Ironically, the opposite is true in real-life. Watch the internet’s most disliked boxing douchebag get his ass kicked for threatening a world-class boxer’s children.

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