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Floyd Mayweather Is About To Announce His Next Opponent, And It Won’t Be Manny Pacquiao

Ready for a Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight? Join the club, buddy, and it’s a big club. A slightly smaller club would be the “Ready for Floyd Mayweather to fight somebody, anybody?” and the payoff for that is less than a week away, according to Mayweather himself.

Mayweather had this to say about the opponent for his next fight (via the AP):

Mayweather Jr., who arrived in South Africa on Wednesday, named Britain’s Amir Khan and Argentina’s Marcos Maidana as contenders for his next bout in Las Vegas on May 3 but said “we don’t know. We will know within the next seven days.”

You’ll notice that Pacquiao is not one of the contenders for the May fight, which would still put these two on track for a September match, as we’ve been hearing is the case. Of course, Floyd being Floyd, he had to get in another shot at Pacman, saying that Pacquiao would do anything to make the fight happen now that he needs money and that he’s “desperate.” This is after Mayweather already ripped Pacquiao to shreds earlier this month.

Safe to say, there’s a lot of bad feelings going around. Feelings that we think would best be expressed by these two guys punching each other in the face. In the ring.

  • Anonymous

    Mayweather fight someone who has a chance of beating him? That’s not his style. He’s a trash talking con man.

  • Chickenweather

    nah mayweather will not face off with Pacman for a simple reason: HE IS AFRAID TO LOSE!

  • Anonymous

    Ducking again, probably reacted to Manny now ignoring him. So many excuses, just fight him or shut up. One thing is for sure, I was ripped paying PPV on your last fight. Manny’s fight last time was way better and I just watched it via streaming.

  • Joseph

    Stop buying his “fights”! He is a con man.

  • willie

    you’ve to be kidding with this comment many fought a very flat footed fighter in rios he never had a chance in that fight very poor choice for him

  • Paul Neven

    Mayweather’s weakness is sickening.. He won’t fight pacquiao as he no’s he’ll get knocked tf out.. The world’s sick of his excuses an I just hope they do boycott his fights, regardless let’s see his may 5th ppv numbers, guarentee he won’t be breaking no more records, fighting dudd’s n claiming to b the greatest. Yeh mate of course you are..

  • Gerard Kelly

    Mayweather says Pacquiao only wants the fight now he has TAX problems and is desperate but Pacquiao has agreed to all Mayweathers terms for years now and has been chasing Mayweather for a long time well before he fought Bradley and Mayweather always had an excuse like he has now. He is obviously avoiding the fight.

  • saynotochicken

    don’t watch this chicken fight, let GB know their cash cow is now useless, Boxing world doesn’t need a big mouth sissy to dictate what she wants. Every time I see her face I can see a chicken in the shadow, she is no longer have the respect from boxing fans.

  • braveheart

    C H I C K E N ! lol

  • ryanker

    Hi Floyd how many accounts you created in YT to defence yourself? Pacman doesn’t have to speak, many boxing fans will speak on his behalf, while you have only yourself and your ass sucker camps who just need your money. no one genuinely likes you!

  • jimsw

    hi Floyd !

  • Anonymous

    Monney Floyd Chicken will be so sorry that he decideD to fight another bum that NO ONE IS GOING TO WATCH THE FIGHT. I know alot of people even his fans have decided not to see his fight anymore unless he is facing Pacman.

  • bzc2000@yahoo.com

    I like ryankers post, its true: everyone stands up or manny but loudmouth, two time hustling-supercoward mayweather has only himself to speak up for him. he will go down in boxing history as biggest coward. an eternal shame for the afroamerican community and yes: for all of america.
    khans got a glass chin? i dont agree. but even if he does or if its his defence that needs to be worked on, one thing is for sure: he fights everyone and gets knocked and gets back up again wether inside a match or by taking on the next big fight (even mayweather says that). he takes the fights people want to see (malignaggi, judah, maidana) and will continue to do so because that is his history – hes proven it.
    mayeather is what boxing does not need. he is just a businessman and anyone who pays for his fights is a succer. unless he meets khan/pacman or someone like that I say forget him.

  • jim

    i say pacquiao is still the greater fighter . just like mike tyson said.
    mayweather hasnt lost. but you have to remember he fights once
    a year. pacquiao has averaged more fights per year for the past 5 years
    the omre you fight the more chance you will lose. and he doesnt run
    away from fights, even though marquez gave him tough fights
    he kept facing him since mayweather didnt want to.
    also as amir khan said mayweather has been fighting the same
    slow plodding fighter styles over the past few years.
    it would be different if maweather has been active and undefeated
    but at 1 fight a year its hard to lose especally when its the same style
    of fighter each time out.

  • jim

    i guess maywaether is good at ‘the spin’
    since pacquiao has always wanted the fight
    its mayweather who has been always having some demand
    but now he makes it like pacquioa never wanted the fight
    as freddie roach said eventually they’ll have to fight
    because mayweather has a 4 fight contract and
    there are no fighters out there that bring hte same money
    as pacquiao. but you never know. but mayweather is running
    out of opponents to fight. amir khan is good but everyone knows
    he got knocked out by garcia so why is he even getting a shot ?
    it kind of shows mayweather getting desparate having to fight
    an amir khan . who will be next ? lamont peterson ?

  • Anonymous

    I believe Mayweather is using Khan as a tune up fight for Pacman. They have similar training and speed Khan being slower than Pacman and less power but all in all fast with potential knock out power. It’s all speculation but make sense to use Khan in this way since Khan was in the same camp at one point. As for Khan having a glass chin- when he is knocked down it looks bad and his knees are shot but he gets right back up and has the same knockout power regardless. Khan is a good tune up fighter for Mayweather to possibly fight Pacman at the end of the year. Also everyone will see after this fight that Mayweather has no Knockout power and for everyone to say its not needed it does however help out a lot to have.

  • Roger Johnson

    Funny how ppl say ducking and scared. Yall was using those same words when hw fought canelo; the highest paid fight in history. He was ducking and afraid to lose his 0 when everybody thought he was risking it,and said he would be knocked out. This all came from hispanics from all over and mexico. Smh, i guess he suppose to be scared to face a guy thats smaller than him with alot of terrible nobrainer fighters on his resum, and whos boss Rob Arum whos been sticking him for his paper. The man said he wont fight him until he leaves Rob Arum. So manny holds his own fate come 2015 reather he renews his contract or leaves so 2015 we will know,but until then quit with all this foolishness about hes scared,and ducking. The fight isn’t happening cause manny is under contract dummies what is it that yall don’t understand,not this year fellas

  • Chris

    way too many pactards on here. manny hasn’t got his special drink anymore, the one freddie roach has been talking about. now he’s a shadow of that former boxer, can’t knock anyone out. only now does he agree to drug testing now ariza has gone to rios. mayweather would happily give him a boxing lesson on how not to be flat footed or move in and out straight. mayweather shouldn’t bother fighting him, leave him to go out as a PED user at the high of his career and also that wonderful picture of him sleeping in Marquez 4th fight. TMT!!!

  • TMT

    everyone thought canelo was. ppl just annoyed he makes them look crap

  • Chris

    flat footed manny against who? rios? yea good one. Mayweather took canelo 15lbs heavier than him and everyone thought he was gonna embarass floyd. mayweather took him to school and u can’t tell that was a boxing masterpiece? real boxing fan i see

  • Anonymous

    Lol! What? Everyone knew Canelo would embarass Floyd ? If everyone knew it was a walk in the park for Canelo, then how come the stakes are higher if you bet on Canelo? I think you are the only one who expected for Canelo to win and the rest of us knows that it was a marketing stunt. A lot of people didn’t even finish the fight if you watch it again, talk about boxing masterpiece. Don’t care who is better, just want to see them fight. So far, I can only see and I believe now that Mayweather is ducking Pacman. He is not fighting him because he is with Arum? BS..And yes, I am a real boxing fan.

  • Anonymous

    That is highly arguable claim. First of all and fact is fighting Rios, Manny has not fought for a year, coming out of career ending knock out (where most boxers would have retired) and he was like…dead literally for a few minutes from his last fight with Marquez.. and Rio’s is a champ, no doubt so the odds of the fight is legit. For all we know, Rio’s can land a lucky punch as well but surprise surprise, no one expects that he would possibly improve. Can’t blame if Mayweather tries to duck again, brilliant man not to fight him now as he is looking at his odds but..he is what he is and will be known to have ducked for the sake of an unblemished record.

  • Haz Mane

    The media wants to make it seem like Floyd is ducking Manny Pacquiao. Prior to Pacquiao looking fairly decent against a fighter he was supposed to look fantastic against, people were talking about Floyd fighting Bernard Hopkins. So ladies and gents, let’s just keep it funky. Pacquiao just got knocked out by a guy Floyd dusted 12-0 after 21 months off. It took Pacquiao 4 tries to get knocked out. Stop claiming Floyd is ducking or just because Pac beat a tailor made opponent, that he’s something Floyd should be running from. Floyd just beat the #2 fighter on the compubox +/- list. Roach, Koncz, Arum, and Pacquiao look for fighters who are easy to hit. Floyd doesn’t fit that category because he is #1 on the compubox +/- list. Not easy to hit at all.

  • marco

    Why…the hell does gaweather have to fight 5 de mayo we mexicans dont even like him…(coward).he is a chicken that punches but cant knock out …no power…boring

  • Martin

    To everyone who feels like anyone is ducking anybody. Keep in mind boxing is a business and the fighters don’t get in the ring to please the people that’s talking on the sidelines. You can say he’s scared or whatever but the fact is that pac never had the leverage to demand a 50 50 split or make any demands. Mayweather was the undefeated champ and pac should have just accepted the original terms back then and if he beat him he would have been in control. Pac had not only lost two fights before rhetoric Mayweather opportunity came about but he had been knocked out. Through history all fighter wanting a chance at the champ accepted the terms to get the fight. Pac was not that special to defy history by making demands as the challenger. Now he is in trouble. Bob Arum pulled a Don king and committed robbery against pac and he needs that money. At least Don King left his fighters with some paper. Arum set it up to take it all.

  • Frank

    What excuses? Floyd signed the fight a few years ago. PAC is the one who didn’t sign. This is a fact. Floyd signed the contract after he agreed to all of PAC and arums demands. Ring size, glove weight, purse split, Floyd even agreed to pay a 10mil fine for every pound over weight! All Floyd asked for was Olympic style testing. Which PAC first agreed to. Then when it was time to sign the contract, he backed out. Saying that he didn’t like needles. Then it was no for religious reasons. Then it was no because it would drain him. You PACtards are too drunk off the koolaid to know real facts. I bet you didn’t know that after PACs back to back loses, Floyd offered him 40 mil for a fight. And PAC and arum declined. Saying they want 50/50 split! PAC had just been put to sleep by JMM! Give me a fukin break. PAC ain’t KOing Floyd man. He looked very lackluster against a bum rios. At least Floyd is facing all top ranked opponents. Canelo was number 1, Guerrero was ranked 3rd, JMM 2. Even khan is WBC ranked 3rd and top 10 overall. Rios isn’t even top 20. And now PAC want provodinkov? His old sparing partner who fights at 140? Come on man. Pactard have such a double standard simply because they just don’t know boxing. Period.

  • Frank

    You losers said the same about cotto. Then Floyd destroyed him. You said te same about canelo. Same result. I know you pactards are very new fans to the sport of boxing, but just use common sense here. Seriously. Read my comment below. If you knew anything you would know ghat Floyd tried to get the fight done. There are politics involved that you pactards have no concept of. They will fight, as long as PAC doesn’t extend his contract once it’s up. Then he can promote himself, and Floyd doesn’t need to worry about arums pockets getting fatter. Get a clue pactard and educate yourself about boxing instead of just drinking PACs fukin koolaid. Also, while Floyd fights all top ten ranked opponents, most of who are in the top 5, PAC is ducking good fighters to fight bums like rios and provodnikov. But it’s ok right for manny to cherry pick? It’s ok for manny to duck better fighters? Fukin double standard.

  • Frank

    Rios is a bum. He’s not even a top 20 ranked opponent. Wtf are you talking about? Floyd fought Guerrero after a year layoff! At the time Guerrero was ranked higher than PAC! He was 3rd and PAC was sitting at 4. Damn man. You pactards love to spit bullshit after bullshit. Why is it so difficult for you PACtards to know your boxing?

  • Frank

    You are clueless. You pactards were swearing up and down that Floyd was scared if canelo. That he would “duck” canelo because he knew he would lose. Give me a fukin break. Canelo was ranked 1 at 154. He has speed and power. Outweighed Floyd by 15+ pounds. It’s just the funniest shit how you pactards always swear Floyd will duck a fighter. Then when he destroys that fighter, all of you make up lame excuses. It’s getting old. Fact is, Floyd is fighting top ranked opponents. PAC is fighting bums! And looking like shit in doing so.

  • Frank

    He fought twice last year. He only took time off after 07 to let his hands heal. Maybe you don’t realize that Floyd has been known to have weak hands? Floyd has fought better opposition than PAC. Period. If PAC had 100 fights with 5 loses then you would have a point. But that’s not the case. It’s just a stupid comment. Period. Cotto , Guerrero, Alvarez? All aggressive fast fighters. Educate yourself with boxing man. Your point makes zero sense. Floyd had 8 fights from 04-07. With 2 last year? PAC has two more fights than Floyd over the last 5 years. With two against JMM. Two loses. and a win against a bum. It’s cool if you want to be a bandwagon boxing fan who only knows about the mainstream. But you shouldn’t be posting comments that are just completely false. Floyd haters spewing out bullshit is just getting old. Also, I’m a fan of PAC too. Not just Floyd. I’ve been watching both since 97′

  • T.Mxcn.T

    mayweather has an undefeated record by winning against newcomers not real boxers like pac or thyssen. mayweather jus not worth it. jus simply a woman beater!!!

  • posterboy

    What do you mean Mexicans don’t like him…? Why because he destroyed all of their top fighters? And how is Floyd a coward? He fights only the best fighters. Everyone who says he is a coward because he doesn’t fight Pac Man don’t know boxing! Did you see JMM knock out Pac Man…? Floyd DESTROYED JMM it wasnt even close! Canelo was on top of the world and was in his prime before Floyd exposed him. Canelo would destroy Pac Man. Boxing isn’t always about knocking out people, but about hitting without getting hit. He’s boring because his opponents can’t hit him lol, Floyd makes good fighters look bad and great fighters look ok at best.

  • Posterboy

    Winning against newcomers – really? Yeah you definitely don’t know boxing to say something like that. Floyd hasn’t fought a newcomer in years! Guererro was ranked #3 and hadn’t lost a fight in over 7 years! Cotto came off a huge win and was considered a huge puncher. Canelo was the face of boxing with speed and tremendous power. J. Marquez is legendary and many thought had won the fight against Pac Man. Saying Floyd is garbage is just crazy – people learn the sport before commenting.

  • Anonymous

    Really? Name calling? what are you??lol… There is no point in arguing with you :) Frankie get this..Real boxing analyst knows it was a no match, full stop but an extremely excellent marketing stint, kudos to his marketing team. Pactard? no, just want to see them fight and couldnt care less on who is better.

    Breaking News..Eat this

    From Pacman: “I’m not desperate to fight him just for the sake of money or material things,” said Pacquiao , in an interview with Inquirer.net. “I’m not the one seeking this fight rather it’s the boxing fans all over the world.

    “Above all, I challenge him to include in our fight contract that both of us will not receive anything out of this fight. We will donate all the proceeds of the fight – guaranteed prize, should there be any, gate receipts, pay-per-view and endorsements – to charities around the world,” Pacquiao said.

    So what excuse now are you going to have for this? Either he accepts this and be a hero or forever be a duck…quack quack

  • Anonymous

    Why are you crying lol.. Why are you so scared…cause you are a duck too??wahahahaha… P.S. Rio’s a bum? then what are you?? I bet your wearing nail polish. I can’t blame you as you dont want to see your man get knocked out and defend his excuses. What is his knockout record by the way?? In boxing, ranking does not matter, it is still anybody’s game. It does not mean a number 10 can defeat the pound for pound…duhhh?? to hard for you to comprehend a simple thing?

  • Anonymous

    signed? lol.. discussing terms and agreement does not mean he signed it :) dude, he has already accepted all those demands, but so far there are still excuses. Its quite obvious you just want to avoid making this fight..

    Pacman agreed to
    drug testing olympic – check
    40/60 split check

    So what else is there?

  • Frank

    Eat this? Really? That’s old news by the way. Bottom line is this. There are politics in involved that fans like you will never understand because you just don’t really know boxing. Which is why you eat shit like that up. But in the real world, even if manny and Floyd donated their purse, people still will get paid. Period. And one of those people who would be getting a hefty check would be Bob Arum. And the last thing Floyd wants is for arum to make a dime off him. Here is somthing which I’m sure you are not aware of, so I will educate you… Mannys contract with Top rank will be up by the end of this year. As long as PAC doesn’t resign with Arum he would be able to represent himself. And that is why they will fight in 2015. Or possibly late this year. Assuming manny doesn’t lose any more fights. That’s why they are taking shots at each other. It’s quite obvious that they are hyping up a future match up. But time will tell. You pactards are saying Floyd is ducking but manny is the one who didn’t signed the original contract that golden boy sent to top rank back in 2010. Floyd had already signed it. And FYI, manny fighting Rios, a bum who was not even ranked in the top 20, shows that he was ducking any legit opponent. Why such the double standard?

  • Frank

    Wow you are pathetic man. Rios is a bum. And ranking wouldn’t exist if it didn’t matter. Dumb shit. A number one ranked opponent is far better fighter than a number 20 ranked. This is common sense which clearly you don’t have. Any fighter has a punchers chance no matter what the rank. You have made it clear ghat you are just a typical clueless PAC fanboi who knows nothing about the sport. Period. See I’m a fan of PAC as well as Floyd. Unlike you I have been watching both fights since their amateur days. PAC couldn’t even hurt rios and yet you think he can KO the p4p best? Really? Haha. Unreal the stupidity of pactards. I don’t know why it’s so extremly difficult to find a pactard that actually knows the sport of boxing. It’s pretty sad. The difference is everything I have said is facts. You result to insults because you just have no response back. You clearly have no knowledge to boxing which is fine. But just sit there and read and like the little bitch that you are, and let the real fans discuss boxing.

  • Frank

    Here’s the problem. All you dumbshit pactards have is opinion. Because you don’t know any real facts. Here is the facts…in 2010 golden boy and Floyd put together a contract, signed it, and sent it to top rank. The contract had all of arums and PACs demands met including glove weight, ring size, a 10 mil dollar fine for every pound Floyd comes in over weight. The contract had a 50/50 purse split. It was so detailed down to who would get the first choice of locker, which was Floyd. Arum and PAC reviewed the contract but refused to sign it due to the Olympic style testing. Bob arum called Richard Schaffer to decline the contract. This is all fact. Not opinion. This actually happened. Had manny signed that contract, the fight was a done deal. Period.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, eat this is pretty old :) copy and paste thing. Are you kidding, like you are the only one who knew about the contract? Educate me about contracts? have you made one? cause I did and I know what is involved in making such transitions. Because he is with Arum is a pretty much lame excuse, I mean its an obvious ducking excuse. Maybe its complicated for you but If you want it, its either you make an excuse or you find a way. As what Manny has said lately, he tried all avenues to reach out and make the fight, complying to the demands. Saying he is desperate for money, well he now offers to fight for charity to remove money out of the equation. And I say earnings, that means less the charges incurred, if you get it. Well anyway, its pointless to discuss this if the other person is scared to accept the fight. If he say what he say he is, then why duck??

  • Frank

    Dude use your brain. And understand a comment. I said that PAC statement is old news. Not the eat…Nevermind. You clearly just don’t get it. I’m a buisness owner guy. I know all about contracts. besides that, I was involved in the mma scene in the 90s and know plenty about fight contracts as well. It’s pathetic to me how you are just looking for shit to blame. You say blaming arum is a lame excuse but you fail to say what makes it a lame excuse. That is the whole problem. You say things but don’t back them up with any logical thought or fact. It’s just all BS opinion. That’s my point. Is that pactards like you, although great that you support your boy, don’t really know too much about the sport since you have only been watching boxing since PAC became mainstream. You saying “rios is a champ” only proves this.

  • Frank

    Also, enough with all the BS and let’s be serious here. I’m not sure why all you Floyd haters are saying he’s ducking PAC. How were they supposed to fight when PAC has back to back loses, takes a year off, and then arum and PAC hand pick a bum to face? After the rios fight arum is the one who said PAC will not fight Floyd next and immediately started talks with provodnikov or a rematch witch Bradley. How is this Floyd problem? How does this equate to Floyd ducking when arum is the one controlling PAC and saying PAC won’t fight Floyd. Both fighters still have the rest of this year and all of 2015 to fight. If both fighters were retired and haven’t fought then we could talk. But that’s not the case. Bottom line is the contract that manny could have signed in 2010 that golden boy sent to top rank could have made the fight happen. He didn’t sign. No fight. Between then and now there hasn’t been a opportunity for them to fight. Floyd was not going to fight PAC after his back to back loses especially after PAC got put to sleep. After both fighters fight next, this spring, I guarantee the talks will finally start back up. Manny could technically represent himself in September. I fully expect them to fight late this year or sometime in 15. As long as PAC frees him self from the cancer arum. And as long as PAC doesn’t lose another fight.

  • ReallydudeReally

    LOL. People are always talking about Mayweather being scared of Manny ” taking a nap ” Pacquiao the big names Pacquiao has beat to make Pacquiao into a star Mayweather had already dominated. For example: Del la hoya … Hatton. Then you have him fighting Marquez 4 times because the first 3 were so controversial & then he got put to sleep in the 4th fight. Is it a wonder why Pacquiao is having all these fights with the same person… hummm maybe because he cant DOMINATE like a lot of people think he does and most times its a really close fight. Now Mayweather on the other hand DECISIVLEY beats his opponents so there is no doubt about who was victorious at the end of the bout. Now that Pacquiao has a win of Brandon Rios people want to say oh he should get a shot with Mayweather.. so when we look at the caliber fighter Mayweather just DOMINATED in Alvarez whom only has 8 less Ko’s then Pacquiao. All I’m saying is when we talk about Mayweather ducking dodging opponents lets look at does the person we are talking about him dodging even deserves to be in the right with him in the 1st place. On a side note I’m so happy Pacquiao is awake now.

  • Will Dehn

    The bottom line is this: Mayweather continues to find other fighters to fight – and, even though Manny has agreed to nearly all of Mayweather’s demands, Floyd still won’t fight. him. Obviously, Floyd has never wanted to fight Manny (he would’ve done so by now), but he would’ve taken the risk for 75% of the purse: Manny gets $40 million, Floyd gets $160 million. That’s really what Mayweather offered Manny. Which, at the time, didn’t make sense, although it does now. Pac has, after all, 2 recent losses (although he clearly beat Bradley), and Floyd is unbeaten. I’ve always thought that Pacman should’ve taken the $40 million, beaten Floyd (as I – and apparently Floyd himself – think he would) then clean up in the rematch.

  • ReallydudeReally

    I do agree Pac should’ve taken the 40 million, but then I ask myself a question?????? Why in the world would he turn down 40 million against Floyd which if he Pac won in the rematch he would hold all the cards, but instead he took a 20 million payday to fight Marquez for the 4th time and had a devastating loss. I think it may be the other way around he was dodging a bullet from Mayweather then got hit by a train in Marquez.

  • Frank Simmonds

    LOL. When is the last time Manny knocked anybody out. last I saw he was Knocked the f out. C mon. Floyd ius on another level than Manny. Now they want Floyd to fight UFC guys. Why not Pick Klitchko for his next fight. He really has no real competition at Welter. Canelo could beat Manny and I see nobody is rushing to fight him. Get real Manny needs to fight Garcia etc. He has no defense and he can’t hit what he can’t see. Marquez is in no way even close to Floyd in skills and he got ko’d. His team and his fans make more excuses and don’t judge Manny’s Catchweight Phony 8 division titles by the same standards they Judge Floyd by. I wonder why? You know why. Manny was good along time ago. Now he lives on bogus reputation.

  • naikuay

    real facts bud floyd offered 40 million before pacman and bradley fight. 40 million with no percentage off payper view buys. cmon man floyd admitted on video that he wont fight pac because he is afraid for his health. its old news..

  • BillyMac McGuire

    I know we would all like to see this fight and and I think more than anything I would love to see Pacman go on with Jim Rome and lets see Jim call Pacquiao a troll to his face!! Its politics like Broner and his big mouth. You see what happened when Maidana put him in his place he cried and ran into the locker room. Mayweather knows he would do the same thing if given Pacquiao the chance to fight. One thing I feel to be a positive is Paulie malignaggi with Showtime He has called quite a few things out and im sure he holds his tongue a bit now being a representative for Showtime but he still gets in there from time to time and tells it like it is. Its going to take a lot for all of us to talk phony bologna Mayweather out of his comfort zone and fight a real fight. Last I would Score Canelo as winning that fight against Mayweather. I think running scared for the entire fight shows a loss in my book.

  • hello

    Why don’t we let them fight and see the result? just to prove every point simple as that. nuf speculations. am tire of it (dmb as)

  • john taylor

    floyd is a horrible boxer, he simply just can’t fight. Not trying to stir anyone up here but seriously he just isn’t very good, he only has a good record because he has for the most part of his career fought a low grade of boxers.

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