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Worst Idea Ever? George Zimmerman To Fight In ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match

george zimmermanCelebrity boxing matches rarely involve real celebrities. It usually involves people who are at least four hours past their 15 minutes of fame and want some money, i.e. Vanilla Ice, Danny Bonaduce, Tonya Harding.

But the concept of “celebrities” “boxing” has reached a new low: George Zimmerman, infamous for killing unarmed teen Trayvon Martin and his subsequent highly publicized trial and controversial acquittal, has agreed to a March 1 fight with a yet-to-be-named opponent, according to TMZ and confirmed by ABC.

Is this the worst idea anyone has ever come up with? This would be like naming O.J. Simpson as a contestant on “The Bachelor,” or bringing Hannibal Lecter on as a judge on “So You Think You Can Cook?” or whatever stupid reality cooking shows are called. Regardless of your feelings on Zimmerman’s guilt (and in this author’s opinion, he got away with murder), it can’t be argued that considering this person a “celebrity” and promoting him as a “fighter” is one of the most distasteful business decisions in history.

Of course, when money is involved, all sense of good taste goes out the window, which explains why boxing promoter Damon Feldman is doing this. Zimmerman will reportedly donate his portion of the proceeds to charity, but doing this fight is obviously a PR move meant to open further windows of opportunity.

Look, the man was deemed not guilty, and in the eyes of America’s justice system he’s a free man who’s allowed to do what he wants. But this is downright disgusting. We need someone to get in the ring with this guy and teach him a lesson — if not for his past transgressions, then for this boneheaded, moronic, awful decision. We need Iron Mike in the ring with this guy. We need Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, together. We need Voltron.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat this man to smithereens, you can apparently throw your hat into the ring by sending an email to fightgeorge@hotmail.com. Seriously. Good luck. We’re all counting on you.

Photo via TMZ

  • http://fredgatesdesign.com/ Fred Gates

    If “Archer” was asked to destroy Zimmerman in the ring he’d use this quote from the show: “Why? Is Diabetes on vacation?”

  • Anonymous

    Ted Kennedy killed a woman and tried to cover it up. Should he never have been allowed in the Capitol?

    Regardless of your intolerance of Zimmerman, or how unsympathetic he is or how guilty society has judged him – he was still acquitted. They didn’t decide it was justifiable homicide – they decided it wasn’t murder.

    Kennedy too was allowed to walk, I doubt you’ve spent much time demonizing him over the years. Just because its popular to dump on (creep) Zimmerman doesn’t mean he doesn’t have as much right to do what he pleases as the rest of us. heck, he could even run for office like Kennedy did. Its not likely he’d get any votes, but then he’s not a Kennedy.

  • http://fredgatesdesign.com/ Fred Gates

    You know he’s dead, right?

  • http://fredgatesdesign.com/ Fred Gates

    OJ Simpson = innocent. #nuffsaid

  • Anonymous

    He walked for a few decades before dying :)

  • http://fredgatesdesign.com/ Fred Gates

    What he did was horrible and if happened today he’d probably serve prison time. That doesn’t somehow make GZ shooting that kid OK. Sorry. Like I said, OJ is innocent, too.

    But on principle there’s no hypocrisy since all three men are “innocent” and should be protected under our laws and able to live as “innocent” men. Doesn’t make them so.

  • Katherine McChesney

    Zimmerman was a Hero when he defended himself against a prison-bound thug named Trayvon Martin.

  • http://fredgatesdesign.com/ Fred Gates

    You should probably invest in a good dictionary. Won’t fix the random capitalization, however.

  • Paul Ackerman

    Don’t worry Fred – this is the same crowd that booed a multi-deployment soldier at a GOP debate when it turned out that he had the gay on him. They don’t understand “Hero”.

  • http://fredgatesdesign.com/ Fred Gates

    True enough.

    Don’t forget the other words she’s abusing here: “defended” “thug” & “prison-bound” (unless she can see the future, which of course she automatically has wrong because of the whole dead person aspect).

    You would have to be some kind of racist degenerate to think this kid “deserved” to die. Or unspeakably stupid, like learning disability level. Looks like both fit here.

  • Jim Guida

    I’ll fight him. And I’ll give him as much a fair chance as he gave Trayvon Martin.

  • CaptAfricaAmerica

    No if someone went to Antelope Beach and killed your unarmed son (When hes old enough), this would’ve been a problem.

  • frobert

    I think he should fight Tonya Harding, it would be funny watching him get his but kicked by a woman.

  • frobert

    Defending one’s self is never a heroic act. It is sometimes necessary but never heroic.

  • Anonymous

    Make it happen America,

    George Zimmerman vs Floyd Mayweather.

    It will be the fastest celebrity boxing match, but the outcome would have rippling historic effects.

  • Nelson

    Your comparing rob kennedy, who’s secretary died in a car crash to a guy who killed a teenage boy. You’re clearly not very smart are you?

  • Anonymous

    No, I’m comparing Ted Kennedy, who left a girl to drown and die after he crashed while drunk, then tried to cover it up. You aren’t very aware of history, are you?

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