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Here Come More Mayweather-Pacquiao Rumors, And Subsequent Denials Of Said Rumors

It’s on! It’s on like Donkey Kong! The long-awaited, much-anticipated, long-since-chalked-up-as-never-gonna-happen fight between two of the best pound-for-pound fighters ever, Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is reportedly “on” and will take place in September of this year. Maybe.

It should be noted that the source for this news is a video from 78SportsTV. The Latino Post notes that the video quotes a source — the same source who said Mayweather would fight Robert Guerrero and Saul Canelo Alvarez before those fights were announced, apparently — that claims the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight is a “done deal” and that everything else is “just theatrics” at this point:

The story has been picked up by other outlets like the International Business Times — so it has to be true, right? Well, of course not, this is the Internet and the Internet is full of rumors. For example, while hearing that any denials at this point is “just theatrics” makes me skeptical of denials, here’s a denial from Pacquiao’s adviser Mike Koncz, via Yahoo:

Yahoo Philippines’ Ronnie Nathanielsz contacted Pacquiao’s adviser Michael Koncz shortly after he arrived at the airport in Los Angeles for a reaction to the story.

Koncz inquired where he read the story and whom did they quote as the source of the story and emphasized “It’s not me, my friend.”

He added, “please do not believe everything that you read (about a Mayweaher fight) unless it comes from Manny or me.”

So the fight is definitely on. Unless it isn’t. I have no idea what either side would stand to gain by continuing to deny that the fight is happening. We’ve been through enough of a back and forth over the years — and frankly, collectively resigned ourselves to it not happening anyway — that if this is real, let us know already. We want to see you fight, guys, so why don’t you just go get your gloves on, punch each other in the face a lot, and get paid a ridiculous amount of money — okay? It’s a win for everybody, except for your faces, which will get punched.

  • Chris Hansen

    Until there is an official announcement by either camp, this is all bull.

  • Anon

    who cares who wins. it’s going to be a GOOD fight!

  • Dick hertz

    hey now!!

  • Dick hertz

    this is going to be like watching broner get his a$$ beat all over again and even better . its a shame its not 5 years ago because it would have been a natural early ko but pac man will finally shut this bag of sh!t up once and for all. fraudweather will cheap shot and hold and everything else but it wont matter pacman is lefthanded and faster than anyone he’s ever faced by far .if this really happens mayweather is toast .

  • Anonymous


  • fdfdd

    Look at 78SportsTV’s channel, a week after he posted the first video he went back on his claim. An endless cycle of misinformation…

  • watkins

    Lolol are you kidding me? Haha pac is washed up and the only reason mayweather would let this fight happen is to shut people like you up. Oh and the ridiculous payday.

  • josefusjoselitus

    floyd’s is a big-mouthed braggart whose career is a promo-created via pairing opponents whose hand speed, quickness and power punch were far the match of floyd’s hit and fast-running/back-pedall’ng style. he has not been paired yet with opponents whose hand-speed. quickness and power punch were of pacman’s caliber. box experts should agree, most of floyd’s fights were boring. thanks to marquez who made himself the trying hard aggressor/chaser in their fight for if he did insisted on his counter-punching style their fight must be very boring.
    Floyd must not brag to the extent of floating himself to the tune of 40-60 (not even 45-55) because if the general viewing public are really are for fights that are exciting they must already be tired of floyd’s style. pair floyd with anybody not in pacman’s caliber and the fight must be boring. the world already knew of floyd’s motto: “winning by points with less pain is far better than winning by knock-out bloodied”. if the same boxing – viewing world would stopped being naive at hoping floyd to give exciting fights, then, floyd can no longer expect to enjoy again what he bragged as “money-making fight”. ONLY IN PACMAN’S STYLE CAN THE WORLD EXPECT OF A FLOYD’S FIGHT SO EXCITING TO WATCH, i.e exciting to see how busy floyd would be parrying,running/back-pedall’ng to avoid real hurt from pacman’s hands. well, pacman would certainly be in his most difficult fight in terms of chances at landing excellent shots with this master-runner, but at least he would certainly be making floyd the busiest boxer in the ring busy parying, running/back-pedall’ng.
    should they fight, it would be pacman by knock-out or floyd by split or majority decision. what pacman can hope if he fail to knock mayweather out is a split draw (unless the judges are also tired at mayweather’s style)
    by the way, floyd is made in a no-loss image, any loss of floyd would certainly mean the end of his boxing career. (that’s what floyd and co. is really afraid of according to my great grandma’s crystal ball..awooo!! he-he-he-he)

  • chris

    Manny won the war of words hands down….floyd always resorts to childish criticism because he is immature an doesnt know how to respond any other way….manny always comes offf like a good hearted person n now he will fight for charity!!@@

  • josefusjoselitus

    verbalizing a 60-40 offer is an air-filled bragging. anyway, whether pacman is sincere in his fight for charity verbalization or mayweather is a braggadocio money-man, they must fight!

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