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Wait, Is The Pacquiao-Mayweather Fight Actually About To Happen This Time?

If you find yourself less than excited about boxing these days — don’t worry, you’re in good company. No one really gives a shit anymore after having our collective heart broken by the seemingly missed opportunity to see Manny fight Floyd. The lack of interest in the sport among younger audiences is a problem, as boxing has seen precipitous decline in popularity over the last 30 years. Why? Well, the fundamental fact that you can’t see the best fighters go at it pisses of the instant gratification Twitter generation. Sorry, we suck.

Sure, on one hand, getting two top boxers to agree to fight is part of the drama that makes the build up to a Championship bout interesting. But, on the other hand, it’s proven unreliable at actually making fights happen. Young people are impatient, and have moved on to UFC where fights happen because they’re supposed to.

Does boxing have a fighter’s chance, so to speak?

The elephant in the room is the epic Pacquiao-Mayweather fight. The fight of the century. The fight that was supposed to save the sport. The fight that never was. The fight that never would be.

Until now.

[LA Times] According to AFP, promoter Bob Arum said that Pacquiao will fight on April 12 in Las Vegas against one of the two fighters who beat him — Timothy Bradley or Juan Manuel Marquez — before a possible matchup with Mayweather later in the year.

For the first time really ever, the pieces seem to be in place for the two most popular boxers on Earth to go toe-to-toe. Floyd has basically beaten everyone except Manny. Manny has had to borrow money because his bank account is frozen due to unpaid taxes. And last weekend he showed he’s still got something in the tank (but not so much left as to scare Mayweather away).

The conditions are ripe for it to happen this time around. Pacquiao’s financial distress. Mayweather’s opportunity to solidify his legacy as the greatest pound-for-pound fighter ever. The near constant public interest in making the fight happen. The obscene amount of revenue it would generate. By the sound of it, Manny’s already in.

“My job is to fight and I will fight anybody who will fight me. I am willing to fight Floyd. So it is up to him,” Manny said after beating Brandon Rios in Macao on Saturday. It’s that simple.

Freddy Roach even threw in some harsh criticism of Money to stoke the flames and potentially entice the Light Middleweight Champ into a signing on. “Mayweather in his last two fights has been slow, he doesn’t move as much as he used to. I think Manny’s speed will overwhelm him. Mayweather is not good against southpaws. And he has trouble with speed.” Ya, them’s fightin’ words.

Ego. Legacy. Money. It’s all there. What do you think will happen? We want to know.

  • Steven Keaton

    Bob Arum saying that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence that the fight is going to happen. I was hoping there was something more to it than this

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Pacquiao is broke and still fighting. He could use a hundred million bucks, especially after the typhoon.

  • Jd of MileHigh

    For the first time in a long time, they are both avaiable. Usually one has a fight booked while the other is looking for an opponent. If it was ever going to happen, the time is now. I think the best possibility is September 13th! Manny should fight Bradley, while Mayweather pockets another 30 or 40 mil against khan or garcia. If Pacquiao beats Bradley in April, then Mayweather is a great POSSIBILTY for Mexican Independence Day!

  • Rustob Agruspacion

    I am sure Floydie is already thinking another excuse, the fight is not going to happen.

  • Louie Kulla

    Mayweather is known to make all the dramas, excuses and cover ups to avoid pacquiao… i’m a man.. if someone challenges me in my hood, i would do everything i can to prove it… but, mayweather supposed to be a thug.. is the opposite.

  • Vincent Love

    How to make the fight happen? Let OPRAH do the talking and let Manny and Floyd sign the Contract live on her Show… WINNER TAKES ALL!

  • rick

    for the love of boxing…let’s get it on…Mayweather v.s Pacquiao come May 2014!!!

  • Wildsaint

    The fight is not gonna happen as Floydie is to scared to a lot of things. Afraid of losing, afraid of manny, afraid of getting hurt, and afraid that after the fight he will no longer be the same boxer that he is….

  • Dante Villeza Silvestre

    Money vs pacman im so excited!!let’s get it on!

  • Wilbert Santos

    Pacman should just shop for new opponents. Floyd is an unproven great boxer. Pacman does not need Floyd.

  • Moymoy

    LOL great idea!

  • Moymoy

    Somebody lend Mayweather some balls to fight Pac. For the love of boxing!!! just do some baby-talking to Floyd and tell him that Pac is just a piece of candy, yeah, yeah just to give him courage. God! Why do we have to resort on encouraging Floyd to fight “weaker”, “slower” and “has been” Pac. Floyd should make the initiative of fighting the best and prove that he is indeed the best among the best. Hey champ, grow some balls and fight Pac!!!

  • Joel

    Mayweather still have 4 fights left, If he fights pacquiao next and Pacquiao wins,who will watch his next 3 fights? So I would say he still don’t wanna fight pacquiao at the moment. He’ll not gonna take any risk!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see what’s Floyd’s excuse this time!..

  • Anonymous

    One million fans should sign a petition for Floyd Mayweather to fight Manny Pacquaio and posted it on You Tube!!!…

  • Radzmofo

    what do u expect, with lame as**s like Beiber tagging behind, u know what of cinderella diva this floyd is

  • Si Man Lee

    it doesn’t even matter even if it did happen,,,this fight would have been interesting about 3 years ago; not its just a cash grab. Floyd get what he wants; a big name past his prime and very beatable and Manny gets his payday and swan song to his career. If Floyd even had the slightest thought that he could loose this fight, it would never happen.

  • Beast

    F u and bish nigga on top yall mad Floyd stack’n and u both aren’t.

  • Glen

    The fight is not going to happen! Stop it already! Maywether too scared to even attempt to call out Manny.

  • mangosteen

    We need a good reporter to find out what is the blueprint in making it happen.interwiew the fighters ,promoters,and studio bosses and corner them to find out who is the one putting the breaks on. And once the guilty is found burn him or her in the media so the fight can be made

  • lovestofap

    Remember 2011? Of course you don’t

  • lovestofap

    Unproven are you serious?

  • lovestofap

    Um what 2 fights is Roach talking about he absolutely overwhelmed both ghost and Canelo with his speed. Hes just been standing in the pocket and making his opponents miss

  • lovestofap


  • Glen

    Who cares about 2011? Wouldn’t you wanna see them fight? Unless you are scared Floyd might get his butt whopped. You shouldn’t keep making excuses and pulling arguments out of your ass, just to make your boyfriend keep his distance away from Pacquiao. If Maywether thinks Manny is too easy fight, why have not they come to discuss it yet, considering Floyd said he is the boss and not the GBP?

  • Mayweather.ducking.jr

    U sound almost black from the way u talk .. Jungle boy

  • Mayweather.ducking.jr

    Yes unproven. But he sure proved he’s a pussy

  • josefusjoselitus

    the only reason pacman and moywether fight happens is when moy himself intervenes on promoters squabbles over negotiation dominance, take a warrior’s pride by not asserting his camp is the sole authority to demand 70-30 share, because he cannot because even if possessed an unblemished record, he’s style of fighting never been considered by the general viewing public as exciting. he knocked-out 26 opponents, but he was not able to even placed cotto in a near slip at a canvass, not even marquez, and yes, if pac-moy fight happens, the world’s viewing public will certainly increased radically that may even be an all-time record-breaking in the boxing history but it should not be because of moy but because of pac’s being an ever exciting fighter to watch.
    again, if by a real warrior pride (not money-pride) moy and his equally air-boast father moy sr. really opt to show to the world he’s really is the greatest fighter he should intervene by simply saying his camp is open even to a 50-50 share. after all, no one in his right mind should belittle pac because he is not only a record holder 8-time champ but an ever exciting fighter viewing public can always expect of a win by knocked-out. well, pac really would find so difficult to hit good shots on moy with moy’s style of quick-punching a few and running/backpedalling many (they call intelligent fighting). if this happens, their fight will end a split draw or a split decision in favor of moy (because judges are conditioned moy has the skill of an intelligent fighter who love to hit and run). wat da ya tink?

  • john gamadia


  • Jay1983

    Marquez didn’t win a round against mayweather… knocked pacquio out tho and and have had three prior tough fights with him… just the facts.

  • Jay

    To all the haters…Floyd doesnt have tp fight Manny and Manny isnt better. U racist fucks hate Floyd cause he’s rich, black and famous. Did i mention undefeated? I haye to pull the race card butthat’s all it is. Ppl camt stand to see a rich black arrogant man whip ass , make money and fuck bitches all while lookin good. Manny is a great fighter but not too smart thats y he got slept by Marquez. A smart fighter wpuldnt have traded wit a desperate man thus the k.o. ijs.

  • Joey Noli

    May be floyd mayweather drinks his own urine likewise done by juan manuel marquez to beat manny pacquiao in the boxing ring.

  • May Happen

    Maybe Floyd Mayweather is not ready yet to face Manny Pacquiao, we have to respect him, If Floyd Mayweather retires boxing without out facing Manny Pacquiao, every boxing fan in the world will not consider him successful in his career, not even me, his big fan. The world wants to see Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Maybe Manny Pacquiao needs to wait for sometime until when Floyd Mayweather is ready to fight. Manny pacqiuao is willing to fight Floyd Mayweather. It is all up to Floyd. I am a big fan of Floyd Mayweather in all of his previous fights on pay per view. but on Floyds next fight if not with Manny, I am sorry….. NO PPV

  • josefusjoselitus

    PPV viewing public are mostly not gamblers nor particular boxers fanatics. They love to watch boxing, and generally fights that are exciting to watch not fights of hit and ran, back-pedalling, hugging. generally they want blow by blow, toe to toe fights, not hugging and running. If you’re among those, you must be tired already of watching floyd’s style. in the list of floyd’s next opponent, no one has the ability by whose agility and quickness is good enough to chase this running/clinching floyd. the floyd’s fight with any of them must be another boring one. why not try manny-floyd?

  • Joe Bloh

    Gayweather, long ago, Blew a SMOKE CLOUD.
    And put DOUBT in the boxing public’s mind; that “maybe Pacquiao is a cheater”.
    “maybe Pacauiao is on Roids”. “maybe Pacquiao IS scared, because he refused the 40 million.”

    After THAT… Gayweather did not NEED to fight Pacquiao anymore to “prove” that he is the “pound for pound king”.

    Gayweather has been making money, with his INVISIBLE VICTORY over Pacquiao,
    even though HE HAS NEVER FOUGHT HIM, and never will.

    He carries around his “undefeated record” and the ILLUSION that he is BETTER than Pacquiao (since he Convinced so many followers that Pacquiao is a cheat, etc…)
    And in the process, he has been treated like a god, and allowed to make demands,
    and fight who he WANTS to fight, or who NOT to fight.

    And the boxing public continue to buy his PPV.

    The SMOKE CLOUD has blinded the boxing public…

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