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Official MGM Resorts Betting Lines, Odds, And Recommendations For Pacquiao-Bradley II

Wanna know how you get the fight for free? Easy — order it for $60, then put $200 on Pacquiao knocking out Bradley in the 7th round. That should cover dinner, drinks, and a cab ride wherever the hell you want once this thing’s over.


Today In Toddler Judo News, 3-Year-Old Takes Down…WAIT, WHAT THE HELL IS TODDLER JUDO!?!?!

Gather your family, friends, and co-workers, huddle around the ol’ laptop, and watch the single cutest fight video on the internet.


It Takes Longer For This KO’d Kickboxer To Hit The Deck Than The Duration Of The Entire Fight

Someone needs to add a tree falling sound effect to this video, because homeboy drops in slo-mo. The actual fight, however, went very fast.

MMA/BoxingVideoVideo Games

Mike Tyson Finally Gets The Credit He Deserves For Inspiring That ‘Street Fighter II’ Character

By every possible estimation, “Balrog” was a complete ripoff. Be it his look, his fighting style, or the fact that he was named after the giant demon from The Lord of the Rings. Someone had the decency to add some SF2 effects to Iron Mike’s highlight reel, and it’s awesome. Nerd out, inside…

MMA/BoxingNot Sports Related

We Had Never Seen This Picture Of Mike Tyson With Cocaine All Over His Face Until Cam’ron Posted It To Instagram

Mike, ya got something under your nose. And on the side of your mouth. You know you’re not supposed to eat cocaine, right?


Yo, Floyd, Is That Justin Bieber You’re Working Out To?

As if there’s any other music to listen to while you’re doing crunches — the butterfly kisses of ab exercises.


This Knockout Video Is Why We Like To Watch Good Fighters Face Not-So-Good Fighters

If only this year’s Royal Rumble could have been as exciting as the Amir Imam-Jared Robinson light-welterweight fight. If only…


Amir Khan Cryptically Reveals Mayweather’s May 3rd Opponent Over Twitter

Mayweather picks a guy who loves to get punched. We can’t wait. The surprise rumored venue and preliminary shit-talking, inside…


HE WANTS TO BE SPAWN: Rashad Evans’s Epic Nerd-Out On The Fight Network

There are those who pretend to be nerds, those who pretend not to be nerds, Orcs, and those who shamelessly obsess over the finer points of drawing superheros. Consider Rashad Evans the latter (and maybe part orc because he could easily rip your head off).

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