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ComedyMMA/BoxingVideoWeird But True

The First Trailer For Mike Tyson’s New Cartoon, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Is Hilarious (VIDEO)

Mike Tyson is starring in a new Adult Swim cartoon where he’ll be solving crimes. This isn’t a drill. This is real life.


Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Late Night Superlatives’: Tour de France Edition

As if it wasn’t hard enough to ride a freakin’ bike basically from New York to Denver (2276 miles), late night TV can’t resist making fun of the cyclists competing at the 2014 Tour de France. Based on this image of Giovanni Visconti, we understand why Fallon had to do it.


John Oliver Explained The Commonwealth Games On Last Week Tonight

If you’re struggling to grasp “It is the historic display of a once mighty nation, gathering together the countries it lost and finding a way to lose to them once more.”


Frank Caliendo Nails Morgan Freeman Reading LeBron’s Sports Illustrated ‘Return’ Letter

Any number of the movies Morgan Freeman has been in could begin with the line, “I was a kid from northeast Ohio…” Expect maybe the ones where he plays god. You have to see this.


While Derek Jeter Gets #RE2PECT, Alex Rodriguez Gets A Whole Lot Of #F13K Yous

fuck arodWhether you’re a Yankees, Rangers or Mariners fan, or a fan of any other team, everyone can agree: Fuck A-Rod.

2014 World CupComedySoccerVideo

Stephen Colbert Recaps The World Cup, Nails Belgium, Germany Vs Argentina, And The USMNT

After a two week break, Colbert returned to the air last night to make fun of all the silly countries that dominated the 2014 World Cup post group stage.


VIDEO: Guy Drinks Gallon Of Honey While Covered In Bees

One brave visionary sets out to do what no man has ever done before. Mostly because it’s one of the dumbest things a person could ever do. Ever.

Animal shenanigansBaseballComedyMLBVideoWeird But True

Sasquatch Spotted Eating Beef Jerky At Rockies Game (VIDEO)

Everyone’s favorite Bigfoot jerky mascot was spotted this afternoon at a baseball game between the Rockies and the Padres, of course chowing down on his favorite brand of dried, salty beef. We have the video.

2014 World CupComedyESPNVideo

RIP OUT THE JUGULAR: One Guy Brilliantly Animated, Wrote, And Voiced A Cartoon Parody Of ESPN’s 2014 World Cup Coverage

Lalas is a blowhard, Van Nistelroy doesn’t have anything to say, Ballack sounds/acts like Schwarzenegger, Lynsey Hipgrave isn’t exactly charming, and Landon Donovan is sleepy. Yep, that about sums ‘em up.

2014 World CupComedySoccerVideo

LIE WITNESS NEWS: Kimmel Asks People About The World Cup

Admittedly, anytime you ask Americans about soccer, there’s some level of bullshit and a great degree of confusion. Jimmy Kimmel did his thing on the streets of Los Angeles, this time asking the morons who actually walk down Hollywood Boulevard what they thought about things like “Landon Donovan’s tricycle kick against Portugal.” We must have missed that…

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