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Everyone Keeps Talking About Adrian Peterson’s Unsettlingly Strong Handshake

Three ESPN personalities agree — this dude’s violently strong handshake is a sign of some serious psychological issues.


Giants Lose 35-14 To The Lions, Can’t Stop Megatron, ‘Sucking Mad Dick’

Even if this is a photoshop, the fact that this image exists is hilarious. “Giants Sucking Mad Dick” home page headline, inside…


Adam Schefter Goes Nuts On Roger Goodell, Ray Rice, And The Baltimore Ravens

Adam Schefter is pissed. Did the NFL see the second, gruesome Ray Rice elevator video before handing down their soft ruling? Will Ray Rice be reinstated this weekend? Answers, inside…

ESPNHot Babes

10 Out Of 10 Michelle Beadles Agree: Linda Cohn Is Doing Work

Nothing like a few sexy Linda Cohn tweets to take you into your weekend.


Frank Caliendo As Morgan Freeman As Allen Iverson: ‘Talkin’ Bout Practice, Man’

Because Caliendo’s “reading” of Iverson’s infamous rant was so damn funny, we’re offering hundreds of **FREE** SportsGrid beer koozies to anyone ballsy enough to record their own version, in any voice you deem appropriate/can do reasonably well.


Stephen A. Smith Doesn’t Think Wes Welker Should Be Punished For Popping Molly At The Derby

Skip Bayless’s face is all like, “Are you advocating recreational drug use?” Stephen A.’s all like, “Ehhhhhhhh.”


ESPN Is The Distraction, Not Michael Sam

michael sam

Why isn’t Michael Sam on an NFL team right now? Bills center Eric Wood has the answer.

ESPNNCAA FootballVideo

SEC NETWORK DEBUT: First They Forgot Paul Finebaum’s Name, Then He Broke Their Desk

This is what happens when you turn a behind-the-scenes-guy into an in-the-scenes-guy. Hilarity, inside…


Shannon Sharpe Tells First Take About What He Told Bill Romanowski After Spitting Incident

While on the subject of Michael Vick’s defense of Riley Cooper, Shannon Sharpe recounted the manner in which he dealt with his teammate’s racist remarks back in the 90s. Must watch…

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