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6 Most Hated Owners That Were Once Beloved

Most Hated Owners That Were Once BelovedA video uploaded to YouTube last week showed a man peeing on Art Modell’s grave. That got us thinking about other sports team owners that once held a city’s hearts in his hands – before he crushed them, becoming a hated pariah forever more.


Niners Fan Eats It After Getting Juked By Seahawks Mascot

Blitz decides to go deep on some one-on-one coverage, effectively shaking his defender about five yards into his route as he falls and somehow bounces six inches off the pavement. No one helps him up. Seahawks win again.


Jack White Doing His Best To Look Miserable At The Cubs Game

Cubs fever! Catch it, literally!

2014 World CupFandomSoccerVideo


The best part of the whole video is when Lionel Messi stops speaking Spanish and just looks at this guys back and remarks, “Incredible.”


THIS MIGHT GET LOUD: Watch Buenos Aires React To Decisive Argentina Penalty Kick

When your team advances to the World Cup final on a Wednesday night at 8 p.m., you’re pretty much guaranteed a shitty Thursday morning — unless you’re still out, of course. We imagine a few Argentines might have opted for the all-nighter route given the circumstances. Watch them go berserk, after the jump…

2014 World CupFandomSoccer

Brazilians Take Their Rage To The Streets Following Elimination

Already in Sao Paulo – home of tomorrow’s semifinal clash between Argentina and Netherlands – buses are being set on fire by enraged fans.


Marlins Dancing Kid Returns, This Time With Dancing Old-Timer That Loves Keys

Dancing Marlins KidWhen the crazy Marlins dancing kid gets on the fan cam at a Marlins game and something good happens, you know things are about to get awesome. He’s back!

2014 World CupFandomSoccerVideo

You Will Not Believe How That Guy Got On The Field During The USA-Belgium Game

Best worst person ever, or worst best person ever? Either way, there are other methods spreading your #SaveFavelaChildren message. Ya know, like actually using the hashtag.

2014 World CupFandomSoccerVideo

NO ERA PENAL: Crying Mexico Fan Is A Peek Into The Sorrow Of A Country Wrongly Dealt A Penalty Kick

It’s hard not to laugh at how upset this dude is, but we can’t blame him for being pissed about the way Mexico-Netherlands ended up.

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