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If You Lose Your Fantasy League, You Might Have To Make A Risqué Calendar Of Yourself

Finishing last is a punishment in its own right. This is something else. A full calendar of provocative photoshopped images of some half-naked fantasy loser (like a perfect replication of Prince Fielder’s “Body Issue” spread), after the jump…


Red Sox Fan Makes Two Barehanded Catches, Might Get MLB Deal (VIDEO)

Yesterday, a fan at Fenway Park showed off his cat-like reflexes and fielding ability as he snagged two foul balls bare-handed in the same game.


Rugby Fan Gives Unto The World The Greatest Impromptu* Michael Jackson Dance Rountine In Human History

*Turns out it was scripted — but the whole ripping-off-his-shirt-move came straight out of left field…or whatever the comparable term is in rugby. Out of northwesterly quadrangle or something. The point is a hairy dude just destroyed a crowd with his Michael Jackson impersonation.


VIDEO: Jack White Continues His MLB Stadium Tour, Actually Smiles For A Change

And I though he was a Cubs fan. Jack White has become the darling of Major League Baseball. We’ve reached a point where we need to see Jack White at a baseball game at least once a week.

FandomNFLPolice BlotterVideo

File This Video Of A Browns Fan Peeing On Art Modell’s Grave Under ‘Sports Aren’t That Important Dude’

Using something called “a Texas catheter,” a bitter Browns fan discretely excreted on the grave of another human being for something sports-related that happened 18 years ago.


6 Most Hated Owners That Were Once Beloved

Most Hated Owners That Were Once BelovedA video uploaded to YouTube last week showed a man peeing on Art Modell’s grave. That got us thinking about other sports team owners that once held a city’s hearts in his hands – before he crushed them, becoming a hated pariah forever more.


Niners Fan Eats It After Getting Juked By Seahawks Mascot

Blitz decides to go deep on some one-on-one coverage, effectively shaking his defender about five yards into his route as he falls and somehow bounces six inches off the pavement. No one helps him up. Seahawks win again.


Jack White Doing His Best To Look Miserable At The Cubs Game

Cubs fever! Catch it, literally!

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