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Mike Evans Finally Steals Spotlight From Johnny Manziel In Street Brawl Video

That escalated fast. Watch the Buccaneers rookie WR jump over the hood of a Porsche in the middle of a brawl outside a nightclub.


The NFL Network’s Broadcast Of The Eagles-Steelers Game Pissed Everybody Off

thusday night footballThe CBS broadcast of last night’s preseason NFL game was fine. The NFL Network’s? Not so much.

NFLSports & Religion

Westboro Baptist Church Blames Michael Sam For Ferguson Situation Because Of Course

Those kookie folks over at the Westboro Baptist Church are at it again. This time, they’re directing their efforts toward the death of unarmed black teen, Michael Brown, who was shot and killed because a guy barely on the Rams’ roster has a boyfriend. This science. No arguing.


Snoop Dogg Is Not A Fan Of Steelers’ OC Todd Haley

It’s the preseason dude, relax. Nobody’s getting canned this early, especially the guy who runs the entire offense. Sorry Snoop…


Slip Slidin’ Away: Levi’s Stadium To Be Re-Sodded

Great Goglie Moglie!

Last year the San Francisco 49ers went 12-4 during the regular season and missed the Super Bowl by a TD. So how do you reward the team? Move them out of the mess that is Candlestick Park and into a state of the art arena in Santa Clara. Levi’s Stadium has wi-fi for everyone, is FIFA approved, and will host Super Bowl 50 (that’s Super Bowl L for you Romans). In a more pedestrian role, it’s also the home playing field for the 49ers, but during practice Coach Jim Harbaugh took his team off the field because the grass was giving way and his players were slipping all over the place. That’s not what you want a Super Bowl contender to do before the season even starts.


Does Johnny Manziel Have The Maturity To Succeed?

johnny manziel

Does Johnny Manziel have the maturity, on or off the field, to be a starting quarterback in the NFL? Scott Engel, Corey Parson and Greg Sussman debate.


Sleepers Or Snoozers: Fantasy Football Breakout Candidates

rueben randleLet’s take a look at some of the names that are still in that pre-hype phase, flying under the radar providing major draft day value to see if we can determine who might be quality sleepers that may breakout, and allow their owners to rest easy week after week.


Jim Harbaugh Is Trying To Find That Picture Of The Time He Peed His Pants

A photo gallery of all the times Jim Harbaugh has peed his pants over the years without anyone noticing, inside…

NFLThey Said What?Video

Stephen A. Smith Goes Off On Steelers Running Backs For Their Weed Bust In Hilarious Fashion

smith on weedI mean, it’s not funny, per se, that the Steelers’ entire backfield got arrested yesterday for smoking weed — but it’s kind of funny. Stephen A. Smith makes it funnier.


TBT: That Time The Super Bowl Halftime Show Was A Magician

Though you might not lose sleep over the prospect of missing out on Coldplay or Katy Perry or Rihanna at Superbowl 49, the possibility that Elvis Presto makes an appearance should make you ill. See the worst halftime show in NFL history, inside…

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