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Police Blotter

FandomNFLPolice BlotterVideo

File This Video Of A Browns Fan Peeing On Art Modell’s Grave Under ‘Sports Aren’t That Important Dude’

Using something called “a Texas catheter,” a bitter Browns fan discretely excreted on the grave of another human being for something sports-related that happened 18 years ago.

MMA/BoxingPolice BlotterVideo

MMA Fighter/Gas Station Clerk Rains Punches On Would-Be Robbers (VIDEO)

These robbers didn’t know who Mayura Dissanayake was. We didn’t either, but we’ll never forget him after this.

MMA/BoxingPolice BlotterPro Wrestling

YES!!!: WWE Star Daniel Bryan Chases Down Burglar And Foils Robbery

This isn’t a WWE storyline. This is something that actually happened in real life. We wish there was video proof.

BaseballPolice Blotter

E-4: Once Again, Chuck Knoblauch Makes Errant Throw

Knoblauch Mugshot

Which Chuck Knoblauch do you remember? The Twins’ second baseman nicknamed “Fundamentally Sound” by ESPN, who was the 1991 Rookie of the Year, four-time All Star, two-time Silver Slugger, Gold Glover, and World Champion? Or perhaps the Yankees’ infielder who worked his way into the outfield by contracting “Steve Sax Disease,” throwing the ball past his first baseman and one night into the head of Keith Olbermann’s mom? Maybe the Royals’ outfielder whose got cut before the end of the season and then was named an HGH user in the Mitchell Report (which he later admitted to)?

ESPNNFLPolice Blotter

Darren Rovell Really Gets To The Core Of Ray Rice’s Suspension: He Lost $500K

Sometimes we wonder if Darren Rovell is a Sacha Baron Cohen character the way he actively exhibits such an incredibly weak understanding of what human beings are or how they work. See how he missed the point this time.

Complete IdiotsFootballNFLPolice Blotter

Report: Pouncey Brothers Assault Man In Nightclub, Are Still Idiots

We found out last summer just how stupid Mike and Maurkice Pouncey are when they donned “Free Hernandez” hats at a nightclub in support of friend and (alleged) murderer Aaron Hernandez. We found out that they’re even dumber than originally thought when a report surfaced that a man has accused the dynamic duo of assaulting him at the very same club!

Police Blotter

Aaron Hernandez Is In Court Today To Set A Trial Date, Ask To Move To Another Prison: Watch Here

aaron hernandez courtThe former Patriots tight end is also due in court on Wednesday. Fun.

Complete IdiotsFootballNFLPolice BlotterThey Said What?

Giants’ Will Hill Totally Tested Positive From Secondhand Weed Smoke… Totally

New York Giants safety Will Hill is in hot (bong) water after reportedly testing positive for marijuana. But according to a report from NJ.com, Hill is claiming that the positive test stemmed from secondhand exposure to weed smoke, insinuating that he was in a club where others were partaking in the devil’s lettuce but he declined.

NFLPolice Blotter

Pranky McPrankerson Nailed For Concocting Johnny Manziel Faux Lawsuit

So it turns out that Johnny Manziel’s penis does not give anyone nightmares. That we know of at least…

NFLPolice BlotterVideo

RAVENS PRESS CONFERENCE: Ray Rice Apologizes For KO’ing Wife, Wife Apologizes For Getting KO’d

Doesn’t apologize to wife. You mean to tell us you brought the woman, whom you cold cocked, to a mea culpa press conference AND YOU DON’T SAY I’M SORRY BUT SHE DOES?!?!?! Wow.

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