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HockeySports & PoliticsVideo

Guess How Long It Took Vladmir Putin To Score A Goal During A Russian Hockey Festival Game?

A) Quickly
B) Very quickly
C) If you already know the correct answer, you know too much and must be eliminated.

NBASports & PoliticsSports & Religion

While We’re On The Subject, The Orlando Magic’s Owner Is Vehemently Opposed To Gay Rights…

If the league wants to avoid Donald Sterling-type incidents going forward, they need to better vet potential owners for hardline views that propagate discriminatory practices.

Excessive CelebrationFandomNBASports & Politics

Good News Toronto: Rob Ford Is On His Way To Nets-Raptors As We Speak (With Updates)

Rob Ford in his red Raptors jacket, headin’ to the Air Canada Centre. I see no possible way this can end in controversy.

NFLSports & Politics

This ‘No Gays In The NFL’ Bill Is An Absolute Joke

jack burkmanSometimes you read something on the Internet and you think, “This has got to be from The Onion. This cannot be real. This is satire that makes me recognize the stupidity of certain aspects of modern society.” Or something like that. “The American Decency Act of 2014″ is one such example.

MLBSports & Politics

Budweiser Will Almost Definitely Get A Response From The White House About Its Opening Day Petition

budweiser map

There are many “sports holidays” which for some reason aren’t observed by the general public: the day after the Super Bowl; the first second round of March Madness; Opening Day of the MLB season. Usually there isn’t much we can do but whine and complain and go into work hungover or otherwise mentally occupied. Until now.

NFLSports & Politics

Michael Sam Is Going To Win All Of Us Over, One ‘Back To The Future’ Reference At A Time

michael sam nflIf you’re against Michael Sam playing in the NFL — you poor, bored, backwards bastard, you — ask yourself if you’re really so different from him. You both like that movie, don’t you? Of course you do. Everyone likes that movie.

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