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NFLSports & Politics

This ‘No Gays In The NFL’ Bill Is An Absolute Joke

jack burkmanSometimes you read something on the Internet and you think, “This has got to be from The Onion. This cannot be real. This is satire that makes me recognize the stupidity of certain aspects of modern society.” Or something like that. “The American Decency Act of 2014″ is one such example.

MLBSports & Politics

Budweiser Will Almost Definitely Get A Response From The White House About Its Opening Day Petition

budweiser map

There are many “sports holidays” which for some reason aren’t observed by the general public: the day after the Super Bowl; the first second round of March Madness; Opening Day of the MLB season. Usually there isn’t much we can do but whine and complain and go into work hungover or otherwise mentally occupied. Until now.

NFLSports & Politics

Michael Sam Is Going To Win All Of Us Over, One ‘Back To The Future’ Reference At A Time

michael sam nflIf you’re against Michael Sam playing in the NFL — you poor, bored, backwards bastard, you — ask yourself if you’re really so different from him. You both like that movie, don’t you? Of course you do. Everyone likes that movie.

Sports & Politics

Even Mitt Romney Thinks Arizona’s Governor Should Veto The Bill That Could Cost The State Super Bowl XLIX

mitt romneyThere’s a bill on the desk of Arizona governor Jan Brewer that will become law in five days if she does not veto it. Senate Bill 1062 would give religious people in Arizona the ability to refuse or restrict services to gay people based on their beliefs.

Olympic SportsSports & PoliticsVideo

GRAPHIC CONTENT: Pussy Riot Made The Official Unofficial 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Anthem

pussy riot sochi video

At least the mascots don’t carry whips. Just finger waging. “Naughty Pussy Riot! That’s a bad Pussy Riot!” Gruesome footage of protesters in dresses getting the crap kicked out of them — to #COOL music — after the jump…

Sports & PoliticsVideo Games

Watch As Russian Security Forces Whip, Beat, Kick And Assault Olympic Protesters

pussy riot attackedWe haven’t heard much in the way of disturbing overreach by the Russian authorities since the arrest of LGBTQ activists before the Olympic Games started in Sochi. But today, members of the infamous punk rock protest group Pussy Riot attempted to stage an impromptu demonstration, and within seconds were mercilessly beaten by Cossack militia acting as security forces.

Sports & PoliticsVideo

Jon Stewart Rips NFL Culture For Not Being Able To ‘Handle’ Michael Sam, Also Gets A Tebow Joke In

jon stewart michael samMichael Vick, cool. Michael Sam, not cool? Also, Tim Tebow sucks.

FashionSports & Politics

NBC Analyst Johnny Weir’s Outfits Are Doing All The (Political) Talking For Him

weir lipinskiSay something about Johnny Weir’s fabulous outfits, Russia. We dare you.

Controversy!Olympic SportsSlideshowSports & Politics

Germany Debuts Tongue-In-Cheek Rainbow Uniforms At Sochi Opening Ceremonies

Over 70 years ago, Germany invaded Russia in an unprecedented campaign of intolerance and hate. Today, they arrive under starkly different circumstances, with a very, very different message…

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