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They Said What?

NBAThey Said What?

Blake Griffin Explains His Creationist Views: ‘Ninety Percent Of Oklahoma, They’d Agree’

blake griffin

It’s not news that Blake Griffin believes in creationism “for sure,” and that humans were put on Earth by God about 6,000 years ago, more or less, because he doesn’t want to “do the math.” Care to hear him go deeper on this topic?

FootballHigh SchoolThey Said What?Video

Dear God This Kid Was Really Excited To Give A Post-Game Interview

Woah, dude, we get it — you’re riding high after your come-from-behind victory. Relax.

NFLThey Said What?Video

Roger Goodell Offers A Ton Of Non-Answers To Tough Domestic Violence Questions

roger goodellWe’re going to compile some of our favorite non-answers that Roger Goodell gave to tough (and some weak) questions on domestic violence, the Ray Rice scandal, how the NFL will handle these issues going forward and more.

Sports & BusinessThey Said What?

Peyton Manning Says That Colorado’s New Weed Laws Have Been Good For His Pizza Business

peyton manning papa johnUsually when weed and football collide, you get nonsensical suspensions that keep some of the NFL’s best players off the field. But we’ve finally found a good story about a football player who is cool with weed — probably because he doesn’t use it to get high, but instead to fatten his pockets.

NFLThey Said What?Video

Here’s Video Of Colin Kaepernick Saying… Something To Lamarr Houston

colin kaepernickConsidering it’s going to cost $11,025, whatever Colin Kaepernick said during the Sunday night game must have been pretty terrible, right?

NFLThey Said What?

Ann-Coulter-In-Training Calls Ray Rice A ‘Victim’

People fucking suck. There, we said it. If Ray Rice is a victim, we’re all victims — of having to share the planet with Sean Hannity’s radio guest A.J. Delgado, who is a industry-grade wrongmachine.

NBANFLSocial MediaThey Said What?Video

Paul George Running His Mouth On Twitter (In The Wrong Direction), Apologizes

For crying out loud, please stop legitimizing what Ray Rice did. It’s wrong. Their is no nuance. Just say “bad” and carry on. Please. Please please please.

They Said What?Video

Mike Francesca Caller Has Dumb Hypothetical Question For You: What If Michael Sam Hit His Boyfriend?

mike francescaAmazingly, shockingly, incredibly, Mike Francesca had a semi-reasonable response to this question, because the answer is clear: It’s not remotely the same thing.

They Said What?Video

Oh No Mike Tyson Just Went Nuts On TV After Being Asked A Very Awkward Question

Mike Tyson endorses Rob Ford, TV host asks Tyson about rape conviction, shit hits fan. That dude is lucky that was all that was hit. Watch the tirade, inside…

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