Today’s Coolest Thing: Los Angeles Will Shine The Bat Signal Tonight In Tribute To Adam West

  • Rick Chandler


Tonight, the Bat Signal will shine one last time.

There have been more depictions of Batman in movies and television than one can shake the Penguin’s umbrella at — among them possibly one of the worst films of all time (George Clooney: Batman and Robin) and one of the best (Christian Bale: Batman Begins). But to Baby Boomers and many others who followed, there is really only one Caped Crusader — Adam West.

Tributes to West, who died on Saturday at age 88, have been pouring in at an epic rate. He only played Batman on the iconic TV series from 1966-68, but it defined his career (for better or worse) and had an enormous impact on generations of fans.

And tonight, Los Angeles will shine the Bat Signal in tribute. Police Commissioner Gordon, played by LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, and Mayor Linseed, played by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti, will do the honors, a 9 p.m. PST. Hopefully clouds will be in the forecast. We know that danger is.