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An NCAA Runner Lost A Year Of Eligibility For Participating In This Race

Well not this race exactly, but one just as absurd — some of the other competitors included a guy in a gorilla costume, a chicken costume, and another in a tuxedo.

It was a Fun Run for coaches, athletes and their families; a bit of whimsy in which most participants dress in costumes, children and grandparents are allowed to enter, and many don’t even run. But Jared Ward, a returned missionary at BYU and a four-time cross country and track All-American, listed the event on the usual NCAA compliance forms, and was later informed that he would lose a year of eligibility because he broke the rules.

Such BS.

According to NCAA rules, athletes who are a year removed from high school are not allowed to compete in organized competitions that will give them a competitive advantage. It is designed to prevent athletes from participating in competitive leagues that would give them an advantage before beginning college.

“Jared noted that he had run in the coaches race,” says BYU coach Ed Eyestone. “He felt it was innocuous enough that it would be ignored. Yes, the race was timed and it was organized, but there certainly was no advantage gained by it. He was just there to support his brother and decided to run in the race.”

The NCAA not only ruled that Ward would lose an entire season of cross country for one 16-minute effort, it intimated that he was lucky the penalty wasn’t more severe. BYU appealed twice and was denied twice.

Irony? Yep. If Ward had returned two weeks earlier from his mission, he would have been able to train with his team, and would not have gone to see his brother’s race, where the Fun Run took place.

Meanwhile, Johnny Manziel is accused of selling autographs for thousands of dollars — a real NCAA violation — and his penalty was to sit out one half of a football game. Does that seem consistent or fair?

So if you’re in a fun run and notice a guy in a chicken costume watching you, it’s most likely an NCAA official.

  • Anonymous

    I lost my last year of eligibility for participating in a three legged race at a church social.

  • John Xreomenos

    Meanwhile the schools & coaches are raking in the TV $$ billion$ industry.

  • ksmike

    Common sense isn’t common.

  • Anonymous

    I need to review my plans to sign my son up for U-6 soccer next year. I’d hate to cost him a year of eligibility while he gains an unfair advantage over the future competition.

  • PhilMcGroin

    OK dumba$$…since when does simply being “accused” of supposed NCAA wrongdoings warrant any punishment at all, even a VOLUNTARY one-half game self suspension?? The NCAA found ZERO evidence of wrongdoing on Manziel’s part but he & the school opted to sit him for a half because “he should’ve known” that his autograph would be sold for profit by the a-hole that asked him to sign some merchandise. On the other hand this kid knew the rules, broke them anyway, then ADMITTED it on an official NCAA form! Soooo…where’s this inconsistency you speak of? I mean, as an (allegedly) unbiased sports writer, you aren’t actually deciding to pick & choose who YOU think the rules apply to on a whim of favoritism are you? Because that would make you a hypocrite, wouldn’t it? Is this ruling on Ward dumb? Well yeah, of course it is…almost as dumb as your Manziel statement. But this was dumb on BOTH parts. Maybe college will actually teach people a thing or two about rules, eh?

  • SUNYbuffalobill

    Manziel is just one example, of course he knew what he was doing hey Phil you ever hear the term where there is smoke there is fire…the NCAA was not interested in seeking real justice, they never are. Just look at the whole Auburn and Cam Newton. Can I roll my eyes any harder. If that same stuff took place at Tulsa or Houston or BYU they would throw the book at them. The NCAA is all about protecting its interests and the big name big money schools in the big sports get away with murder. How about the Tennessee football player who got recruited out of a house with a dirt floor and 2 1/2 years later was wearing a rolex??? Doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out. But lets take a year away from the BYU runner for goofing off, and being honest enough to report it.

  • jimbo

    This may be one of the stupidest comments I have ever read. Maybe you ARE Manziel

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