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Karl Ravech Sums Up How We All Think Of Stephen A. Smith’s NBA Analysis

ESPN’s Nancy Grace says some pretty outlandish stuff, and that fact isn’t lost on his co-workers, who aren’t technically allowed to roll their eyes on live TV after he goes on a hyperbolic rant. Karl Ravech did the next best thing…

ESPNNCAA Basketball

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman Should Probably Slow Down With His ‘Reports’ On NBA Draft ‘Sources’

Jeff Goodman ESPN

Hey, ESPN: Why do you care so much about being “first” on “reports?” Nobody cares.


ESPN’s USMNT Promo Has Us Jacked The **** Up For The 2014 World Cup

“Every four years, the banner yet waves.” HELL YA — bring it on, group of death!

Animal shenanigansESPNVideo

Mike Greenberg Loses NCAA Tournament Bracket Bet, Is Forced To Milk Diarrhea Cow On Live TV

Not everyone can fill out a bracket like Jim O’Bright. So why punish the guy who gets a few extra games wrong with this terrible live TV stunt? Oh, wait — because it’s fun to watch Greenie get pooped on and freakout like a real housewife. Never mind.


Dikembe Mutombo Says ‘Who Wants To Sex Mutombo’ Never Happened

We have horrible news to report. Dikembe Mutombo claims that the legend about him asking, “Who wants to sex Mutombo?” at parties is a lie. Video, after the jump.

ESPNNCAA Basketball

ESPN’s Report On The UConn Riots Was Possibly Written By A Hilarious Robot

Would you like the UConn riots described to you by a robot? Here you go!


Now There’s A #CancellRovell Movement Because Darren Rovell Also Does Not Understand Satire

Ugh. There is so much wrong with this.


ESPN-PTSD: Dr. Colin Cowherd Armchair Diagnoses Johnny Manziel With ‘Narcissistic Personality Disorder’

Sure, the kid’s got some issues — but hold off on the psychological assessments until your PhD arrives in the mail, Colin.


During A Bender, David Wells Took A Break To Throw A Perfect Game, Immediately Returned To The Party

Dressed like the mayor of Milftown, Florida, Boomer details what he can remember about the epic nights partying with SNL and the 1998 Yankees before and after his perfect game.

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