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ESPN’s SportsNation Moved To LA For Charissa Thompson, But Now She’s (Reportedly) Moving To Fox Sports

Jason McIntyre of The Big Lead is reporting that Charissa Thompson, the host of ESPN’s SportsNation is leaving for Fox Sports.

After two years at ESPN, Thompson is returning to Fox, where she worked earlier in her career, at one point co-hosting “The Best Damn Sports Show Period.” When reached by phone this morning, Fox PR rep Dan Bell had no comment. ESPN also had no comment. It’s unclear what Thompson would do at Fox – the Regis Philbin show has been auditioning talent for months but nothing is firm – but the easy guess is she’d host a show like Jay Glazer is getting.

ESPN is still ESPN, but when they do stupid things and have talent poached, they take a bit of a “chink” in their Tebow-bicep-strength armor. Every little bit helps, and increased competition for ESPN hopefully means improved products all around.

And with NBC and Fox trying to compete with ESPN, the easy move is to pluck its high profile talent. This backs ESPN into a corner: Does it try and match the rumored offers – I’ve heard anywhere from $600k a year to $800k for Andrews, Beadle and Nichols – to retain talent, or let them walk and find the next rising star? I think it’s clear from these four departures that ESPN has made a decision.

We’ll see how it works out.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with SportsNation, which was moved to LA because Thompson is based there.

Awkward. Never uproot your life and move somewhere for a single person, no matter how much you enjoy his or her Charissa charisma.

[The Big Lead]

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  • Chaz

    She was awfully annoying on SN

  • bad

    so hot

  • E smith

    HOTTEST sports anchor alive hope 2 see her on FOX

  • jay

    Nice to look at but she was awful on sn

  • rickyISking

    She was hot and also annoying

  • john

    move back to conneticut so collin cowherd could go back on

  • Michael Phillips

    She is so fly… I will miss her.

  • jslgiant

    Loved watching her on Sportsnation w/ Marcellus Wiley. He was a little awkward at first but has grown on me in his time there. Now Charissa is leaving? What a shame! ESPN is my favorite network but they’re starting to get annoying with their lack of commitment to keep the talented tv personalities they discover. ESPN needs to start thinking about the fans and keeping them happy. Plus’ other networks are gaining momentum in the popularity race with the “Worldwide Leader in Sports”, and it has a lot to do with some fans who follow their favorite personalities to these other networks. Most still watch ESPN, I think, but time watching their favorite hosts is time taken away from those fans watching ESPN and it’s ever growing family of networks. ESPN should really start to figure out how to keep the gems they discovered or “stole” away from the other networks who are now taking this talent pool from them.

  • jeff

    she has nice feet

  • chip

    easy on the eyes she made the show fun to watch!

  • Anonymous

    She is a blonde thats why people are upset but lets be honest they could replace her in a heart beat.

  • Anonymous

    You really need to expand your mind if your life revolves around watching bad tv shows simply because they throw a pretty face ot two at you. That kind of thinking was okay when you were 14, but it’s embarrassing now.

  • Kahuna

    ESPN needs to remember that beautiful women are like buses… another one comes along every 15 minutes. She was hot.. but everyone thought Beadle was too cool for school until she was no longer on ESPN.. Plenty hot blondes ready to take her job.. but now they got Max “its all about me” Kellerman. Wiley is bummed.. he played well off the blond bombshell in short red skirt… she was just yummmmy and only reason to watch that show..

  • Anonymous

    SportsNation died when Michelle Beadle left.

  • tonyZ

    Jesus she made my little guy stand at attention the day she wore the black leather outfit.

  • Christopher Runyan

    your crazy!! Charrisa and Collin were the best together!!

  • Seen better


  • Seen better

    She was kind of boring. Nowhere near as awesome as Beadle.

  • Joe Berrios


  • Curtis Cooper

    She was the best thing on Sportsnation. Really, the only reason I watched it. She knew her sports and very easy on the eyes. The short skirts she wore ohh my!!! ESPN needs to stop losing talented people to other networks. Just like Michelle beadle. Well, good luck to CT.

  • Anonymous

    You are out of your mind, there was nothing boring about that woman. I am a fan of both, but she has much more personality than Beadle.

  • eric peterson

    Very stupid to let her go that was the one Espn show I could watch with my g/f. Cjarissa is awesome, she knows her stuff, very attractive, entertaining. Way to go Espn you just lost a whole demographic of 20 something women that tollerate sports but actually enjoy commentary and clips. Now sn is just like all the other highlight shows

  • David

    SN never recovered after Beadle left. I stopped watching.

  • D

    Yeah it is much more fun to watch clueless Wiley and Yankee homer Kellerman, Show will be gone before too long

  • Shanna L Bruce-Dietz

    I preferred Michelle Beadle on SN. She knew how to keep Colin under control yet still be super funny. Her quirky podcast on ESPN was always a good listen, unless she went too far off on wrestling. Don’t bother her during Monday Night Raw.. :)

  • Sports fan

    I dont know about her but Wiley is awful for this type show..he belongs on the radio .

  • Javier Brion

    She was the only reason I watched that show! She is smokin hot! Hope she does well at Fox!

  • Tony

    About time she was terrible after beadle left the show turned to garbage, she was the only big loss espn had.

  • Ricky

    The original was definitely the best. Beadle and Colin

  • Yavas Williams

    Very true.

  • Andrew LeBlanc

    I will say that the new guy is mildly entertaining but I would take charissa over him any day of the week not only does she have interesting things to say but she is of course a bombshell

  • Uncle Slappy

    Michelle Beadle and Colin Cowherd were the best

  • Curt

    I miss beadle and colin .. They were easily the best duo on sportsnation.

  • Jay

    the best had to be michelle beadle and Colin Cowherd
    Don’t Know About Max and Marcellus

  • Louis Chapman

    Marcellus does seem to be fakin the fun since she left. He had her cute self to look at everyday, now he working wit corny ass Max

  • Eric Bischoff

    i would bang her..even over hogan

  • Bear Fan

    I couldn’t stand her. Beadle was the best.

  • petey

    Marcellus always gettin at max u can c how depressed he is every time he looks at him like fuck wer charissa at lol. She is so hot dis show gets worse n worse every yr wuz great wit colin n beadle and den charissa now its wack ass max.charrissa had a great personality n can not b replaced by anyone

  • Reb

    SportsNation died when Michelle Beadle left and then was reborn with Charissa Thompson. Now it will go to its demise again . Shame…

  • jose lozano

    I think you mean Michelle beadle

  • jose lozano

    Michelle and Collin best random end of discussion

  • jose lozano

    Hell no beadle rocks

  • no one special

    She was terribly annoying, and it’s good that she is gone….but then again, max is equally as terrible.

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