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ESPN Broadcasts Pre-Teens Grabbing Their Junk

The Huntington Beach, California Little League All-Stars are headed to the U.S. Championship in South Williamsport, but their pre-game junk-grabbing ritual — and, especially, its broadcast by ESPN — we could’ve done without.

In a week when ESPN’s own columnists are criticizing the exploitation of elite child athletes, now’s probably not the best time for ESPN to show a group of child athletes do a Michael Jackson spin move/crotch grab on TV. Actually, there is never a good time for that.

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  • Joe

    I caught that too on ESPN. My first thought is that the coaches should have pre-warned these boys when they were in the tournament weeks ago that TV cameras will around and that they are NOT to do any sort of inappropriate behavior. Second, Little League International should punish the players for their irresponsible and inappropriate behavior. It gives a black eye to their local league as well as Little League as a whole. Third, after what happened a few years ago when a player or coach (I can’t remember which) was caught on microphone swearing in the dugout, (Actually, Little League International should have punished the responsible person for that too, but they didn’t), the editors need to be a little bit quicker on the button in the 7 second delay to avoid such embarrassment.  There is blame to go around, but it’s not just with ESPN.

  • Redzfan5

    Get completely over it folks!!!  It’s nothing.  You jerks who thought something was wrong with those kids don’t have much about which  to complain.  Shut up about it!  It did nothing to tarnish or give a black eye to little league baseball.  It was harmless playing around.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KPSLSF5GXZVLUCGWG2RIOJCRXA Jus sayin

    This has been in the making for quite awhile> “ROLE MODELS” WHO ARE MOSTLY BLACKS. and they are awer of this and are laughing their ass off  clear to the bank!!!! It seems the parents don’t care!!!!

  • Stella

    Go play with your peter you ignorant jerk.  The kids didn’t do anything bad.

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