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It’s Official: Fox Sports 1 Kills ‘The Speed Channel’, Plans On Being Most ‘Murican TV Network In Existence

Everybody! Put down your slurpies and round up your 12 children…there’s a new sports TV channel and it’s the tits! Seriously, though. Look at the lineup. After seeing Fox Sports 1′s debut schedule, we can confidently say that this experiment bleeds red, white, and blue. UFC, NASCAR, and NCAA Football? Damn, couldn’t find room for a live Kenny Chesney concert in there?

tv schedule

What’s weirder, is that this station will prominently feature soccer, as well. Like, the English Premier League will be one of it’s other primetime engagements. That’s right — Fox Sports 1 is the channel designed specifically for the Anglophile redneck audience. Check out their Tuesday lineup, for contrast.

What’s worse, is that in order to do this, they had to consume the former Miss America: The Speed Channel. That’s right, no más. It’ll now be a part of something much greater, much more ‘Murican. Watch the last few moments of the institution, and try to keep the tears away…

[Update: Please note that we are not responsible for this change in programming. Go here for more reactions to the death of Speed.]

  • 1951sms

    Don’t like it…Speed not another sports channel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  • Larry Hullinger

    whats going to happen to shows like Chop cut rebuild Stacy Davids gears and other such programs.are they being elimmenated from the lineup or will they still be on?

  • speed freak

    F fox we need our speed channel!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Hill

    all the great shows ushra gears chop cut rebuild and all the other great shows on that channel R.I.P speed

  • B Evans

    B.S. Back to surfing around for anything motorsports!!!!!!!! Velocity here I come FU Fox!!!!!!!!!! Stick it you ESPN wannabes……….

  • motorsports lover

    FS1 sucks! You can see football & all that other crap anywhere. Speed is the ONLY motorsports dedicated channel & it HAS TO COME BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Speed Freak II

    Anything with the name Fox is less than ideal programming, and this will be no different.

  • Pissed Off

    F Fox, what are us gear heads supposed to watch now? Screw Foxes T&A anchors, NASCAR sells out. Connect Fox Sports with Fox News and you get the loony tune. No chop and cut, No Stacey David, WTF This is sickening and I might as well go to Comcast basic since speed is all I ever needed in the upper channels.

  • donald

    I will never watch any fox sports channel again or any fox channel program or fox news again.kiss my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    This STINKS!! I have a 9 year old son that LOVES Speed. He is a MOTORHEAD – loves everything about cars and now this! Like my son needs to see all those commercials for that UFC. It’s not healthy – GEARZ, CHOP CUT was educational for kids! He loved it! We will not be watching now – you lost us! BRING BACK SPEED – kids who love motorsports NEED that!!!!

  • Don

    This suxs the only car dedicated programming for us gear heads and enthusiast has been overthrown with more mainstream hypnotic crap i hope horespower tv chop cut stacey power block etc maintain online atleast because i wont be watching this garbage

  • Beau

    This sucks, what rednecks like soccer? Surely I dont want to watch an english soccer game instead of Nascar RaceHub!! or any other show on speed!! F. U. Foxsports1 I am going to quit watching

  • Carlisle Hot Wheels Haven

    It wasn’t bad enough that these assholes killed the best network on television with FAKE “reality” shows and 24/7 NASCRAP, now these deluded fools think they can compete with ESPN and screw us motorsports fans too! I will enjoy watching these idiots crash and burn for what they’ve done – hope it kills their whole damn network.

  • Helen

    I HATE Fox Sports 1!!! They have taken All the Great Gear Head Shows Off and replaced Them with a bunch of No Talent Idiots, We don’t need another ESPN!! Hate Fox for doing this!!! Bring back OUR SPEED CHANNEL!!!!!

  • Helen

    By the Way… Who won the Truck Race???

  • 1946geezer

    There are enough channels to watch soccer, football, UFC and all that stuff. GIVE US GEARHEADS OUR SPEED CHANNEL! FOX, you really screwed this one up.

  • Racing Lady

    I agree with everyone here…this SUCKS big time. I love racing, cars, anything on wheels. I won’t watch this ESPN wannabe either

  • Anonymous

    If you love everything on wheels, then you’ll LOVE the Fox Right-Wing Propaganda Network and the Fox BidnessChannel, both of which constantly run commercials for ride-about wheelchairs you can get for no cost to you if you have Medicare or such as. Then they go back to tearing down the Federal Governemt at every turn

  • we want speed back now

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Bring back speed. If we wanted to watch football or UFC, soccer etc. we would tune in to those channels. Speed was awesome 24/7. IF IT’S NOT BROKE WHY TRY AND FIX IT- You will lose A LOT of viewers because of this

  • tbone

    U suck U just FU dip shits

  • Dean-o

    WOW !!!!!! I guess we should have seen this coming, when you guys lost F-1, or maybe just let it go, . Speed was the Chanel my TV was set to start up with. WOW, it feels like someone’s pulling on my heart. and Nascar is not what I tuned in for. WOW

  • Mark

    wow total bs.. bring back speed… where do automotive enthusiast go now? thanks for nothing fox

  • Charlie Meyers

    This is the PITS!!! FOX, YOU SUCK!!!! We need Speed & ALL the good shows that was on it!!! Don’t frickin Care about football, baseball, Or whatever. MOTOR SPORTS & RELATED STUFF ONLY!!! YA’LL really Screwed up on this!!! Had to pay Xtra for the next tier on Directv the get speed. Will be contacting them to cancel. As will everybody else I hope. They won’t like it either!!!

  • Linda Stevens Mussaw

    What a sad sad day; you’ve killed SPEED to look like a ESPN clone. You can bet your butt the only time I watch this is when NASCAR programming airs.

  • Unhappy with FauxSports1

    So, where can I get my Formula 1, Aussie Super Car, Rolex, ALMS and MONSTER TRUCK races?

  • dmz

    This is NUTS…Why is success always destroyed! Give us the Speed channel back

  • mad

    this sucks..they cutting raceday to one hour. why did they have to screw up a good thing? we already have to many espn channels. this is just one more.

  • CD

    FS1 if you dont give me my Rolex 24, or 24 hours of LeMans you’re a useless network. If you only give me stupid NASCAR, I damn near want to just boycott this network just to see it fade away.

  • Johnny Racer

    If I wanted to see sports that don’t I don’t care about I will watch another network. This SUCKS.
    I dont have a care about what player mugged his girlfriend or which one is on drugs. i guess this means we’re forced to drink the Koolaid. Good job fox ! you just lost an household of viewers

  • FS1SUX


  • FoxSports Sux

    Who is the dump nimpick that made this decision? No more Speed Ch.. just ripped right from us…. Fox programing that replaced it SUCKS !!!! I’ll never watch it..

  • Marriage = Man and Woman

    I plan on doing the exact same thing, this was the only channel that I wanted to watch for a gear head like my self, so I plan on dropping this pretty soon!

  • Marriage = Man and Woman

    I’m still dropping mine programming, I don’t need to pay extra money for a channel that I only watch 1 night a week!

  • Motor sports enthuses

    We don’t need another copycat ESPN channel that I didn’t watch. What are you idiots thinking, one of the only unique all gearhead channels out there and you kill it! For another copycat. Bring back OUR SPEED CHANNEL

  • Marriage = Man and Woman

    more than a household, I’m sure!

  • Thomas Shick

    Just show you how much NASCRAP cares for its fans.

  • Thomas Shick

    info@sportsgrid.com send messages and complaints to info@sportsgrid.com load their inbox up jam it
    They removed my post a few minutes ago about NASCRAP

  • Thomas Shick

    Just goes to show you how much NASCRAP cares about its fans

  • Jerry Baustian

    The Speed Channel used to be a very good channel, back around 10 years ago. But it went the way of so many good channels, like The History Channel, and Discovery, and Bravo, and AMC, and the list goes on. When it lost Formula One, there wasn’t anything left — no reason to watch it, no reason for cable systems to include it in any popular packages. There are so many excellent racing series around the world, but Speed never carried any of them.

    I am curious to see if any channel will broadcast the Dakar Rally, That was something else that disappeared from the Speed lineup.

    Good riddance

  • 83 Mafia

    What a fucking joke. I hate sports. I’m a car guy not some damn sport fan.

  • JSC

    This is TOTAL BS!!! The only reliable source for motor sports news, events and car guy shows!! Nice Move!!! No one cares about boxing, soccer, and your attempt to be all things to all people. All of that stuff is already available all over the cable and satellite systems. We will now turn off anything that has the FOX Sports logo. Done until you bring back a motor sports channel.



  • timmeh

    where are the races that were already scheduled for speed. I want speed channel back. have enough espn knock-off channels

  • Xn0r

    Just what we need! Another stick-n-ball sports channel! Not enough of them already. I knew it was bad news when Fox bought Speed.

  • Kim

    This is pure crap! I want my SPEED!

  • Mike

    Won’t be watching this channel. Now I have to find the old shows if they are ever on again!

  • SMCC


  • s whitaker

    fuck the fs 1 channel us gear heads what the speed channel & fuck that sports shit give us back nascar & off road racing & gears

  • speed fan

    Hey FOX, remember what happenned to Coke when they tried to shove “New Coke” on us? Speed is a proven product that has a huge following. It’s not like we can’t watch that MMA crap in five or six other places. Don’t be stupid. Put all of the racing and auto related shows where it belongs- on SPEED!!! Otherwise you will never have me as a customer again.

  • pyrojunky

    its a crock of shit fox…we don’t need another fight club, soccer channel or the mixed bs that’s in the new fs1 line up…give us car guys our programing in one location…now we gotta hunt for our car shows on other channels…i personally don’t care for all the other sports stuff and there’s plenty of places to find it…thanks….y’all suck!!!

  • mark

    worst channel ever

  • Alan

    Nice move Fox. That’s just what we need, four “broadcast journalists” bullsh*tting about a teenager who may have signed autographs for money. What about the world’s top motorsports programs?

  • mike

    You suck fox you take speed from us it my not have been the best channel for us motorheads but now we just one left and its not that great of one either so as of today I changed my channel line up I’ve got the outdoor channel now bye bye fox hi to the outdoor channel and ted nugent I will not watch any thing that has to with fox corp. Give us our speed tv back.

  • dave

    Who was the genius behind this BS decision? Fuck You Fox, and that goes for your news channel too!

  • pyrojunky

    i also pay premium to get speed…looks like i’ll be changing my programming…may just boycott the rest of the fox channels while i’m at it…

  • another speed fan

    Remember what happened to Paula Deen- one stupid mistake brought her down because she lost her advertisers. So the way to get SPEED back is to go to their advertisers- that’s where FOX gets the money. Cut off the money, get FOX’s attention. Call the sponsors and tell them that you will start buying their products again when SPEED is back on the air. CALL THE SPONSORS! CALL THE SPONSORS! CALL THE SPONSORS!!!!!

  • CarMan

    If I wanted to see something other than motor sports I would watch ESPN. I want my Speed Channel back!

  • jerryinfla

    Get football off and the rest of the crap! I watched speed for racing etc. Fox1 is bs.

  • Vdrop93

    Fox sucks. Come on guys who wants to watch NASCAR and UFC except friggin rednecks. No offense guys but not every one thinks NASCAR is the only form of racing. If I wanted to watch race cars turn left all the time I would think I would give up watching motorsports altogether. Bring back Speed and the Australian V8 Supercars. Know that’s real racing just ask Darrell Waltrip!



  • jjracingirl


  • bill

    well now i only watch bbca for top gear why fox sports

  • Jerry

    So far so bad,UFC on for four hours,no motorsports,I work shift so when I get home SPEED Channel would keep me informed of what happened with MOTORSPORTS, I guess now I have to get my info from this computer because I can’t get it from FOX SPORTS 1!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gearhead1

    it appears that they have gotten rid of all of the shows dealing with the working man such as gei will arz, chop, cut, rebuild. like every other ass hole corporate division, they have blinders on and can’t seem to care about the working man/woman. I would say that whoever came up with this is just a jackass, but, that wouldn’t be a fair assessment to the animal it portrays.
    for those involved, they have ruined my trust in fox and the network as a whole. I will be looking on line to see where my favorite gearhead shows go and once found, will drop fox completely.

  • gearhead1

    I meant to say gearz, don’t know why it came out like that. sorry. also, bring back the chopper series of motorcycle customizing as such. I suppose these people don’t get the input of the consumer any longer.

  • Fox Sucks

    Fox stands for “Full of ‘Xcrement” Takes no talent to create another wannabe ESPN!

  • otto maddox

    Unbelievable… once again the tunnel-vision morons in the top floor offices kill of something good and unique for the sake of pandering to the almighty bottom line and the lowest common denominator… That’s Fox for ya, always aiming low! I got cable for the Speed channel, and although I enjoy Discovery and the Military Channel, Speed was what I came for… Now that the idiots at Fox have once again proven their ineptness, I’ll be getting rid of cable, and keeping only my Hi-Speed internet, where I can stream racing events with better coverage, better announcers, and no commercials… Fxxk Fox!!

  • me

    Fox suck speed was #1.

  • Speed Channel Supporter

    Everyone, quit griping. The best thing you can do is support ESPN and NBC Sports. Fox just shot themselves in the foot by killing off the Speed Channel. Fox Sports 1 will die a natural death with bad ratings when many Speed supporters move to NBS Sports. Show your dissatisfaction by supporting the other sports networks. Fox will never listen to your complaints. Hit them hard where it hurts most. Their pockets.

  • po4speed

    It looks like many shows I like will be gone and replaced with many that I will not watch. It is bad news for me. Sorry Fox.

  • po4speed

    Helen; Looks like you have to wait till 6am the next day to see the trucks and see who won. Hope you have a loud alarm clock !!!

  • Jake B.

    I’m starting a petition to get SPEED channel back, who’s with me?

  • Jake B.


  • scott churchley

    what the hell is going to SUPERCROSS!!!! Can’t live without it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Figgy

    Fox sucks for taking Speed Channel off the air. The crap they are showing on FS1 is the same crap you can get on a bunch of other channels. BRING BACK SPEED CHANNEL!!!!!!

  • Alan

    Who is the wizard who came up with dumping Speed Channel? Some 24 year old green College graduate driving a Prius? Speed Channel was for the all around car enthusiast. One more American past time down the drain. Bring back Speed!!

  • Rich J.

    Mma crap is right. If I wanted to see dudes hugging I would watch pro football. Give me Racing and cars and SPEED!!

  • Dick

    I’M F….ING Pissed! I don’t like change and this was not for the better.

  • md

    Speed was “F’ed” as soon as fox bought it. Give the new FS1 a year and it will be noting but reality tv, just like speed.

  • Ray Walters

    Fox Sports 1 is no replacement for Speed. I am a gear head and watch all motor sports and not just NASCAR. The how to shows were the best. You have lost me as a viewer and I might as well cut my cable bill as it there is no Speed, basic cable is sufficient for me. Bad decision Fox

  • Anonymous

    So eager is our liberal turd writer to condemn Fox for(horror!)airing sports Americans like, that he then has to slam it in reverse and admit that they also will air a sport Americans don’t. Woops! There goes the antiAmerican dog whistles and screed all beat to hell! Question for you, douche, what should they show? Bobsledding? African tribal ritual dances? What exactly would they need to air to offset your liberal hatred-of-America-because-I-think-it-makes-me-cool meter?

  • Speed need

    I will switch to any other supplier who can give me the SPEED CHANNEL.
    I think I will block all FOX channels on my TV. Paying for over 300 channels
    and only watch maybe 10. I was forced to purchase the Sports package in order to get the Speed Channel. We sure are getting F—–!!!
    What do us Gear Heads , Street Rodders, Car nuts & Nascar News folks do now?????
    GOOD BYE FOXXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alan

    what station will be televising Rolex series and Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge races? Anybody know?

  • Kenny

    Isn’t there enough channels about Football, UFC etc. Speed Channel was motorsports related. Not that there was anything wrong with other sports Channels but Speed Channel was again Motor Sports We had 1 channel for it and now it’s gone, GONE. No more My Classic Car, Gears, Barrett-Jackson, Chop-Cut-Rebuild, Hot Rod TV. Was it too much for Us to have ONE Channel of our own. I liked watching those Sat. and Sun. Morning shows and the Rolex Series Racing 24hrs. at Daytona, GONE. I don’t watch FOOTBALL, BASEBALL, BASKETBALL, HOCKEY, GOLF ,SOCCER, RUGBY, TENNIS,CURLING, ETC. I WATCHED SPEED CHANNEL FOR M O T O R S P O R T S and Motor Sports related Shows, and now it’s all gone. Hey Fox, there is more to racing than just NASCAR.

  • Phil

    Welp, Fox screws up the news daily, now they’ve screwed up the only gear head channel we had… Thanks for nothing jerkwads…

  • Kenny

    I wonder if any of the sponsors will get involved in this.

  • Pissed off

    Just why,why did you hire the retarded FUCK that came up with this shit brained thought. If I wanted to watch a bunch of ass grabbing ball lickers chase after balls I would flip the channel. The words are YOUR FIRED use them for that asshole. Give us speed channel back.

  • Balls

    This Sucks!!!!!!!!! F@#K you FOX!!!!!!

  • vietnam jungle

    Damn Fox I want my Speed Channel back on Direct TV. What did obama make you do it or did the NSA

  • Mike

    Upset as everyone else about Speed going away! Bring back our motor sports as most of us who watch speed regularly could care less about stick and ball sports. Put the good stuff back on!!
    The only reason I subscribe to cable.

  • Ed

    Very sorry to see Speed Channel go.Lost a viewer I don’t watck soccer-fighting wrestling or hors races. So will not be supporting Fox or it’s advertisers

  • Differen T

    BOYCOTT ALL FOX CHANNELS, most likely they will not get the message, but YOU will know you are doing something that may get another network to create a new Speed Channel!

  • woody sawyer

    if i can’t have the speed channel I plan on just having cable turned off. I would rather just read the newspaper. Speed was a good family channel. no violence. mostly. now its just a sports channel not every guy in this world want to watch sports 24/7. yes I am unique. I love motorsports only. I don’t do other sports. they don’t have internal combustion engines.
    so I will no longer watch this channel. it is sad. 12 year fan disappointed. by some lousy corparations looking at so number chart made by some guy that doesn’t like speed and wants to make another boring sports channel. cable has most sports channels than ppv and normal entertainment channels. thanks for nothing FOX!
    HEY FOX LISTEN! We are your customers!!!!!

  • pinto

    Bring speed back. We can watch that shit anywhere. F U fox suck my white ass

  • 1stcave

    Fox, You can shove fs1. I only hope that somone with a brain brings back speed.

  • CRNJ

    Speed had Rolex, Continental Tire Challenge and other programs, now you stick them on Fox2 and I have to pay to watch it? Screw you guys, I’m not watching your crappy channel!

  • Harry

    Bring back Speed. I pay extra to watch it. I will now get rid of the extra cost. We do not need another sports channel. So Comcast you will loose my extra money. Nice job.

  • Mike C.

    This is bullshit!

  • country gent

    bring back speed this sucks please tell who put there head up there ass to make fs1
    fox your playing with a very large fan base wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BEN

    YOU PEOPLE SUCK !!!!!!!!

  • Rob

    We all should call Fox and give them an ear full so they know how we feel, that way they will have to hear it instead of ignoring the all of our replies. I am going to try to find a number to get ahold of Fox. When or if I can find a number I will post it. I WANT SPEED CHANNEL….

  • KenKay

    I was watching “Pass Time”, one of my fave TV shows on my DVR this afternoon, being glad I’ve got over 25 episodes in the queue, and all of a sudden I got switched to some dumb MMA fight (sorry, no offense intended to those who love MMA), and couldn’t believe my eyes when all of a sudden I saw the Speed Channel was all of a sudden totally dumped, and up came Fox1 with the latest MMA fight.

    Later I decided to Google “WTF happened to the Speed Channel?” and up came this website, with a helluva lot of postings from people like me, ALL super PO’d like I am, wondering WTF happened?

    Fox1′s no different than when CocaCola wanted to ditch their “classic” recipe in the mid-80′s, and going with the “new” Coke. I was just coming back from an overseas assignment, and when I saw that written in the paper I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was downright UN-American, and thankfully the Coke folks listened, and basically said “oops — do-over!”. Same thing with Netflix a year or so back. Let’s hope whoever’s responsible for this incredibly stupid move see’s the f’ing light — WE DON’T WANT YOUR FOX1 LINEUP — GIVE US BACK THE SPEED CHANNEL! Admit you’re wrong, and quit being so incredibly stupid — you just took a serious piece of ‘Americana’ away from us good ol’ greasemonky-types. FOR GOD’S SAKE, PLEASE LISTEN TO ALL MY FELLOW BLOGGERS OUT THERE!

    This really pisses me off. How in the hell is a person going to feed their deep-down desire for SPEED?

    There has GOT to be a way around this BS. This is my very first post, and I’m going to go to every site I can find and post the same f’ing thing.

    IDIOTS & MONEYGRUBBERS, not giving a rat’s ass about what REAL American men and women (and children too) want!

    Change it back — DO IT NOW.

  • Denny McClelland

    of all the shows on tv , cooking diy , home repair, the ones I made special attention to be sure and watch were gears, nascar, chop cut my classic car. even on days when I had to work I got up early on sat or sun just for these shows. the ideas and how to tips has saved me money and helped me do things on my vehicles my self. with out them I don’t have much need for sat.tv. I also watched other fox shows like Hannity. but now no more . I just get my info on the net. the hell with you telling what I must watch. I aint going to happen. bye bye

  • William Battaglia

    I agree with everyone, but it’s not what we say it’s what we do thats important. Why was there no warnings or explanations from FOX or our local carriers. The big hitters in the racing industry need to do somethig and if they do I am shore they will get our support

  • DT

    Way to go FOX, I wake up this morning to watch my favorite, car shows, and all I see are FOX1 Sports Live,, rerun, rerun of last nights show,, just what we needed another ESPN want to be,,, Lost me!

  • Emily Jane

    Really Fox Network, do you think we need to have another channel like ESPN? Myself and my motorhead friends loved the programs on Speed; you had a special and unique blend of shows, which is now gone. I will not watch Fox Sports 1. Sorry, not my cup of tea.

  • Jimmy Williams

    For the love of God bring back speed or someone start up the old Speedvision.

  • Swervin-Erv

    This sucks—I watch speed channel because of what it is! It is a gearhead channel and I’m a gearhead. I specifically ordered the Dish network package JUST to get the speed channel. Now I’ve got Vanilla sports that I can get from anywhere. Goodbye SPEED.

  • Disgusted

    WHAT!!!!!!!!!! Who ever decided to do away with the programs like Gearz, Chop Cut Rebuild, etc and go with another (copycat) sports program is sorely mistaken. Will not be watching this channel anymore.

  • Mike

    WTF this sucks. I hate football and other sports I only like moter sports who ever did this I hope u get a big case of the hurps

  • bill

    I turned on Speed this morning and they where talking about Baseball. I dont watch football, baseball, basketball or soccer. Why would I want to watch a bunch of has been wantabes talking about those subjects. Goodby Speed and go to Hell Fox. I am putting block on your channel.

  • Sonny

    well now there is another channel NOT to watch, way to ruin something good, tried to watch it, but nothing there but…..well really nothing

  • Doug

    The exec who made this decision horrible decision def tucks his sack back

  • need for speed

    fox dumb ass

  • Sonny

    what we need is for everyone to watch this channel for a couple of days, write down EVERY advertiser and then stop using them, then email that advertiser and tell them what a crappy channel this is

  • bummer

    Agree….what a dumb decision to drop Speed.

  • Bruce

    The decision makers that took our SPEED channel are flawless morons.

  • Bruce

    The decision makers that took our SPEED channel are flawless morons.

  • FUX Hater

    This really is Booo Sh!t….If someone has the list of advertisers, please list them and I’ll be more than happy to pass along my hatred of losing all my favorite auto shows and motorcycle racing. Also, will not be watching any of FUX channels…. and the name implies exactly that.
    If I wanted to watch sports, I’d watch ESPN. There are already dedicated shows for many things, like golf, hunting, outdoors, football, now soccer…
    FUX, who are your viewers???? Obviously not this crowd. You really think you can compete with the other sports channels??? You have already pissed off all of the SPEED channel viewers, so, I will never watch your lame ass channels or any of your other stupid ass channels, especially the misinformed, FUX News (one sided-brain washing) channel.
    Your shit for brains, corporate, bean counting dickweeds need lynched. What we want and pay for doesn’t matter anymore, that’s what is wrong with America today. No, it is not supply and demand.
    Signed, Truly Pissed

  • ronnie

    now Spike is going to be more popular on Sunday mornings! Horsepower Tv, Trucks, Muscle Car

  • 503cid

    We want speed back new format SUCKS

  • David DeFelice

    Fox 1 sux. Give me back my Speed. I can get all the sports I want on ESPN. I want motorsports, and that was Speed. I’m heading to Velocity. Screw Fox 1.

  • chuckiemon

    SPEED CHANNEL was one of only 3 or 4 channels that kept me subscribed to COMCAST. I have a bundle deal for the cable TV, ISP, and the land line house phone. Sooo, let’s see, for $230 something a month I am getting a bunch of B.S. nonsense TV channels that nobody watches, MAYBE one or two movies a month, and a house phone that is never used except to receive a lot of annoying solicitation calls. Beyond that, is my internet service provider. So, basically I am paying $230+ a month for an ISP. Good-bye COMCAST. Good-bye FOX SPORTS CHANNEL and FOX NEWS. If I wanted to watch boring ass stick and ball games I don’t need ANY cable to do that.
    I think FOX has made the grave mistake of thinking that the only thing people watch on SPEED CHANNEL is NASCAR. WRONG!
    No more Saturday morning Formula 1, no more Barrett Jackson, no more Chop, Cut, Rebuild, no more Stacy Gearz, no more Two Guys Garage, no more My Classic Car with Dennis Gage, no more Pinks All Out, Australian Super cars, AMA Supercross, and the list goes on.
    Anybody know a good deal for an ISP?

  • Female Speed Fan

    I want my Speed, I could care less about the other sports. If I did I would watch it on the other channels. I won’t be turning FS1 on and I can’t even see FS2 so I missed seeing the Grand Am ingural race at Kansas Speedway

  • TVL 2

    what the !!!!!!!!!!!! do you call this its 98% of whats covered on all the other sports channels and the rest, if we are lucky, are about what we as motor sports viewers can enjoy what a bunch of crap BRING BACK SPEED !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hookedup

    What a bunch a crap. I guess its back to more wrenching on the weekends with no car related shows. At least there are a few left on spike.

  • Les

    NOT EVERYBODY LIKES NASCAR!! Hello!! WTF. Wheres my V8 Australian, F1, Monster Trucks,OFF road racing, Dacar…Really, so much for being the greatest channel in the sports..Fox doesnt care, no one does. Way to screw the auto fans.

  • Sue Kramer

    Boy is my husband pissed..the only channel he felt was worth paying for is gone. I’m not into all things cars but he is and Speed was the first channel he’d check out when he turned on the TV.. Barrett Jackson? My Classic Car? Who ever thought that killing Speed was a good idea is a complete and utter asshole. FS1? I join all of you in expressing my disgust and frustration with this moronic decision. I submit this on behalf of my husband Chevy39mann.

  • Fox sports1no name thanku

    I hate sports w/out motors!!!!!! But where there is a market there will be marketer! i’m shure there ar’e businessmen&wemon jumping out of there seats 2 find a channel that isnt in profit or maybe is in or near bankruptcy like opera’s channel own and they will power buy it fm. The big banks and put our line ups back on and rename it speeders or somthin just like fs1did 2 us they saw a channel and got it cheap trust me guys it is already happening. O and the funny thing is there be a bunch of women bitching about loosing there boohoo women shoes on a chat just like us sayin f cars i want my shows back … U remember this isnt the 1st. Time this has hapend to speed 12 13 years ago it was called speed channel maybe i got it backwards im not shure they went out of bussnes some one bought another channel and that is when became speed what it is now dont worry those are a lot of good shows a lot of cash to be made and all thees shows need a home all at once so they probly land on the same channel it might take a bit but i would be shocked it it doesn’t happen just give it time it i’ll probly happen very soon

  • alz

    We want speed back i hate other sports. I dnt wrestle, play soccer. Just cars

  • Truth

    Speed should be left as speed. UFC is cool but I don’t see the horsepower involved in that sport. Way to piss of motor heads fox sports 1

  • todd

    Any motorcycle show will do, there are over 70,000,000 motorcycles fans in the US.


    I think you guys really suck bad . What the hell no more MONSTER TRUCK , GEARS,CHOP CUT REBUILD come on guys bring back the real SPEED CHANNEL not wannabes sport . What your saying is that these top shows are not sports that blows ,VELOCITY ,MAV TV here I come

  • B D Reeves

    I’m not going to track down each and every race in the Conti Tire , Rolex, and other series that I’m addicted to. I’m not going to listen to a bunch of talking heads discussing football, baseball, soccer, or any other sport that’s not related to auto racing . Guess I’ll have more time to read. So long Speed!

  • tttrrem kuchc

    What a big mistake, I don’t know any gear heads that like football or soccer.

  • Andrew

    This is the worst loss in channel history. I loved every show on speed. Even the old re-runs of “Pimp My Ride” and “Unique Whips”. I don’t doubt the money is better with the new channel but what the heck am I supposed to watch now? Velocity is good but Speed was better.

  • Pissed Off

    FOX Sucks…should have never been allowed to buy Speed vision in the first place we had a channel that showed real motor sports with out hardly any mention of nascar and they screwed that up and made it the nascar channel with just a sprinkling of other forms of racing and now we get the big rod up the wazoo from FUX Networks …..You Suck Fox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • carlover

    I am angry as hell over Speed’s death! LISTEN FOX, WE DON’T NEED MORE FOOTBALL, UFC, SOCCER, TENNIS, EVEN NASCAR (sorry NASCAR fans), there more than enough channels that cover these and other none auto related sports! We like Rolex, Aussie Super Cars, the 12- 24 hour events that only speed would cover. Gearz, and other informative shows that was only on Speed.
    Note to other commentators: This is not the forum for political crap!

  • Bert

    Scrap the damn Fox Sports Channel. I want my Speed Channel back on Comcast Xfinity. I have been robbed. The No. 1 source for racing is gone. If Comcast doesn’t put Speed back in it’s place, I will soon be gone from them!

  • anonymous

    Don’t like slurpies, and I only have one kid btw. Please give us the speed channel back. This totally ruined my tv experience. Cancelling cable now for extra money for my rod. Screw you fox

  • Thomas Jackson

    I will not watch this mess. It is a cheep imitation of ESPN. Bring back Speed Network programming. NASCAR fans have been screwed by Fox Sports.

  • Trent

    I want speed back. F U Fox. You suck. I want chop cut rebuild, Gearz, Barrett Jackson, Car Crazy, My Classic Car, etc. Bring back Speed!!!

  • screwfoxsports1

    football baseball ufc that shit sucks i want to see racing

  • Trent

    Oh ya and pass time too!!

  • Matthew Platz

    Idiotic decision. Went looking for Nascar Raceday. Gone. Soccer blows. This channel blows.

  • Deano

    Not a good move! Soccer over American muscle cars? C’mon give us our speed back!

  • C4Vette95

    This sucks! No more SPEED Channel! FS1 sucks!

  • Zardos 325

    Where is speed channel?Thanks for nothing!Jerks!!!!!!!

  • Yolcuatmom

    Where are the programs that we do it yourself people watch. This is awful.

  • dirtfan

    its a shame we lost dirt shows now all the other racing

  • Miggy

    Fox is off my radar This is ridiculous. One more sports station is just what is needed. There are lots of car guys that will switch Fox off for this I am one and I was a loyal follower of Fox

  • Vette Mike

    I’ve looked at the “Fox Sports 1″ schedule and if it was toilet paper, I wouldn’t wipe my og’s ass with it!
    Speedvision defined the old saying that it takes “two balls” to play our sports!Fox in general has yet to find something that they can buy and NOT SCREW IT UP!
    I wouldn’t watch Fox Sports 1 if I was tied to a chair with my eyelids taped open, what CRAP!

  • slipstick

    It only takes one ball to play those team sports, but it takes two to race motorcycles, cars and boats. Bring back SPEED!

  • TOM.P


  • 900ss

    I have no interest in watching any ball sports. I watched speed for the motorsports. time to cancel that channel.

  • Greg Nichols

    I loved the Speed Channel. Where can I see Barrett Jackson, the Rolex sports car races, shows like Battle of the Super Cars, Behind the Headlights, etc? I will never watch Fox Sports 1, I promise. If I want that kind of show I have 3 ESPN channels and 2 NBC sports channels.

  • iamracerx

    Fox just jumped the shark. Just stupid.

  • DY

    If you want SPEED Channel / SPEEDVISION or you just love motorsports, join over 7,200 people at https://www.facebook.com/WeWantSPEED

  • Fred Knowlton

    If I wanted to watch , football, baseball, basketball (the worst) tennis, & all the other BS. I could watch ESPN 1 & ESPN 2. No more PassTime , Pinks All Out, & other car shows? I’m really disgusted. I hope all the people that had to pay extra $$$ to their cable providers will cancel, as will I.

  • Discusted “1″

    As sure as I live and breath, The Fox family of networks will rue the day they decided to “kill” the Speed channel. Vanity has no place in making a sound decision. The Fox family of networks could have included the one and only “motorsports” authority, but no; they have decided to slit their throats in a feeble attempt at out doing the other networks covering the same sports as their competitors. There is nothing that Fox can bring to the table that justifies bringing an end Speed. Fox, you really f—– up!

  • Speed_fan

    Bring back speed nobody cares about sports we want our channel back all fa1 talks about is sports nothing to replace speed. What is tv turning into?

  • twincam75

    Bad move, we want our SPEED and we want it now

  • Glenn D.

    Agree with you B Evans 100%

  • KEB

    I would echo everyone’s comment that this change SUCKS!! I want motor sports not cage fights or basketball on a channel. If I can find anyway to bypass Fox channels I will do so.

  • chris

    Fuk fox

  • Derrell

    I agree, this is bullshit. There are hundreds of places to watch football, baseball and UFC. Speed was dedicated to the car guys and focused on programming for the car guy. So F you Fox.

  • chris

    Fox sux cox

  • chris

    F@(k fox

  • chris

    Lame ass copy-cat format, y’all suck! Sux sports one,should be the new name.BS!

  • chris

    Fox sux one,great name!

  • chris

    Truth,its powerful.

  • chris

    Lame ass copycat format,fox are idiots. Bring back our programming you dumbasses!

  • chris


  • chris

    Fox,no good worthless garbage

  • chris

    Your promise is bogus we dont want to give up our channel or listen to your stupid bullshit.FoxSux 1

  • carsrfun2

    This is like losing a best friend. When in the garage working on the latest project you could always depend on SPEED to keep you on the right path. Something has to return. F1, Monster Jam, Supercross! WOW!

  • chris

    Y’all ain’t worth watching!Paid programming (info-mercials),are more informative and not to mention much more entertaining.

  • chris

    FoxSux1,all in the name!

  • chris


  • chris

    Copycat format, SPEED now that is original enjoyable programming!

  • pissed off gearhead

    WTF is this shit, were is my SPEEDTV. If I wanted to watch non automotive television, then I would watch ESPN. Fox has really f*chd up this time. GEARHEADS UNITE BOYCOT FOX NETWORKS UNTIL THEY BRING BACK SPEED !!!!!

  • Fat Dick

    I couldn’t give a shit less about all the stupid roundball games. I tuned in to SPEED for Motorsports. This was one of the 5 channels I watched on my $200 a month wasteland of cable TV. Without SPEED I doubt I will continue to subscribe to cable.

  • jvo

    What a giant corporate blunder. Another wantabe ESPN. Hope it tanks.

  • connar downes

    fuck you fox sports 1!!! I grew up watching the speed channel and now you cock suckers take away one of the best channels on cable why can’t you just make another channel or tv slot I loved the speed channel their was always something to watch now you cock suckers take the one channel I loved to watch when I come home from work bring back the speed channel!!!!!!

  • Ross Perchonok

    I’ll just say it….FUCK you FOX

  • Tom Roop

    Fox BRING the SPEED CHANEL PROGRAMING BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fox one is weak and a total RIP-OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • don

    fox sports 1 blows harder pam anderson give back speed

  • Rick T

    Completely devastated that Speed was killed! OMG now what 2 do? I guess i watch to much tv anyway..No reason to keep expensive dish service if they dont carry Speed anymore. What a crying shame,,Speed will be missed:( RIP SPEED :(

  • Rick T

    100% Agree!

  • cmw

    Need Speed back, to many damn sports channels already.

  • Rick T


  • Jason Lake

    I watched SPEED for the Racing Not just “NASCAR” but NHRA, Dirt Track Racing MotoCross and also the car shows aswell. That is why i liked it, It wasnt ESPN, it wasnt Fox Sports, because they dont cover all these auto/moto. It was Sweet while it lasted but i wont be watching Fox Sports One!!! I dont want to watch Football and Soccer They have Enough of those channels. Long Live Speed Television You will Greatly be Missed by Many!

  • speed fan

    All I can say what the f—!

  • Jason Lake

    I am thinking the same of going back to basic channels aswell. However, im waiting to see where the other shows go first. I know on Stacy David’s Facebook page he mentioned leaving Speed and going to another channel however he hasn’t said on which as of yet. He is also in the process of moving his garage to a Much Larger building.

    My guess, and its just a guess is they are going to Spike or CMT.

  • chris


  • Jerry U.

    I know it was (just a business decision). You ran Speed into the ground so you could
    start yet another show where you can babble on incessantly about nothing !

  • Jason Lake

    its not just comcast.. Dish has also lost the speed channel and im sure direct has aswell.

  • Jeffrey Scoynes

    FS1 sucks, who cares about football and all the other crap. RIP speed Nascar sold us gearheads out.

  • racefan1

    New school from and old dude: OMG and W*#????? Thanks for hanging ups
    gearheads out to dry…I shall retire to my garage, work on cars, smash the remote and feel sorry for others watching the blond announcer and the endless ball sports babble….because racing takes 2 balls

  • ninesix

    I dont like it either but the only way to do something about it is to Email, phone or petition some one or the advertisers to get it changed, bitc****n about it wil do nothing. I hope some one can set up a link or put up some phone numbers so the power of the people can be heard..

  • chris


  • chris

    Yes they do

  • Jon

    Fox F’d this one up for sure if they were planning on taking it over they should have just left everything alone. They would have added a great network to there company. Just another example of some dumb F’s who think “O” I went to collage I’m so smart. Well collage doesn’t teach common sense!

  • Don

    I agree with all of the negative comments about loosing the only motorsports channel we had. Thee dumb a corporate empires never ask the average people who pay their wages what we think. The dollar rules again and common sense is lost. I hope nobody watches any fox station.

  • CarGuy

    To FS1: Here’s hoping you spend each second, minute and hour of every day on air, with your ego maniacs entertaining one another talking about how great you are with absolutely no viewers. Just another idiotic idea of what is American but in reality ignoring what is American and trying to force your own redefinition so people have to take what you will offer and not what they want. I remember a spokesman commenting on the design of the last Pontiac GTO when customers criticized them for not going “retro”. He said something to the effect of they were creating art and as such it was their own vision they were interested in and not what people were asking for. May FS1 enjoy the same success of the short sided and sadly missed Pontiac division of GM!

  • Turner Performance Automotive

    Being in the grass roots automotive performance business it saddens me to see another sports channel covering ballgames, especially at the expense of an automotive centered network. Many of the programs on the former Speed TV brought my type of lifestyle and that of many others to light. Yeah, NASCAR is ok but what about the home grown drag racers focused on in the hit shows like Pinks and Pass Time, and the information packed how to shows such as Chop, Cut, Rebuild and Stacy David’s Gearz. And all of us core hot rodders will miss Hot Rod TV as well as our favorite winter fix, the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auctions! There are a very large number of us gearheads spending huge amounts of cash on our cars which makes sponsers giddy! The
    last thing us car guys want to see is another damn ballgame, there is way too much coverage of games the way it is and it really pisses me off the things I and so many like myself are interested in gets axed!

  • Turner Performance Automotive

    Being in the grass roots automotive performance business it saddens me to see another sports channel covering ballgames, especially at the expense of an automotive centered network. Many of the programs on the former Speed TV brought my type of lifestyle and that of many others to light. Yeah, NASCAR is ok but what about the home grown drag racers focused on in the hit shows like Pinks and Pass Time, and the information packed how to shows such as Chop, Cut, Rebuild and Stacy David’s Gearz. And all of us core hot rodders will miss Hot Rod TV as well as our favorite winter fix, the Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auctions! There are a very large number of us gearheads spending huge amounts of cash on our cars which makes sponsers giddy! The
    last thing us car guys want to see is another damn ballgame, there is way too much coverage of games the way it is and it really pisses me off the things I and so many like myself are interested in gets axed!

  • Roycepanhead@hotmail.com

    kill speed channel ? Fox thinks it knows what everyone wants or do they just not give a SH@#$T ? How many ESPUCKN Channels do we need ? Wake up people!! Want speed back. Already sad to have to pay for 300 channels with 7min of program to 4min of commercials. Time for alternative in viewing tv ! Not so much idea of losing the programs as it is having it stuffed down your throat . STUPID SH@#$T Time to jump ship

  • DeeCee

    We don’t need another sports channel. We need an automotive channel .I cant believe you took the only gearhead channel of the air!! what are WE going to watch? I guess you just don’t care.

  • Jinx

    Fox Sports Has KILLED the greatest motorsport channel ever. Speedvision started out as a true racers channel which covered every type of performance and racing. I don’t watch stick and ball sports, only motorsport based programming. In spite of the stupid and foolish programming decisions make by Fox executives, I will no longer watch their channel. Many others agree and are now tuning to Velocity and other motorsport channels. Good Luck Fox Sports… You are going to need it.

  • Steve

    This absolutely sucks. Don’t want just another sports channel. Want Speed back not UFC. Gears, chop cut rebuild, pass time etc….. That is what car guy’s and gal’s want.

  • Ray Barbour

    FX! really sucks. What was Fox thinking? Hope Fox goes down for this move. I’ll never watch Fox again. They have their head up their ass!!!

  • missellie is pissed!

    This old-aged couple are just furious about losing the Speed Channel. Grave Digger, where are u now???? We loved Stacy David’s show and others like it!
    This does really suck!
    When missellie is pissed nobodys happy!

  • Chris

    This channel SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want speed back!

  • BB

    Bull/this sucks/ Speed was all we had. Now what? FS1 is terrible.Do we really need another copy of ESPN? Where do car guys go? There has to be a market for this type of Motorsports channel. Speed had certainly changed over the years to focus mostly on NASCAR and I could deal with that as long as they provide sports-car racing and other programming.There is no reason to pay for higher price for cable-time to drop and go with basic or dish. Who made such a bull s decision?

  • Ed

    I agree with all. Bring back Speed channel with all the good gearhead programming.

  • psychostick

    The best part is that Dish Network charges me more to have speed. Now its gone! Wtf!!!! I want car shows. Not college football and soccer. Epic fail FOX!

  • LUO

    Fox sports 1 SUCKS!!!!!!!! Bring back Speed CH

  • bob

    We got enough god dam sports channels talk about fucking up a good thing you guys are assholes

  • Sam

    With all the channels there are out there …they had to kill one of the best channels on TV…FOR WHAT!!!! More football…Soccer!!! REALLY!!! Are you people insane!!! Who makes these decisions??? I was a fan of Fox…but no more!! Bring back Speed and do it now!!!!

  • dedicated racer

    we agree 100% too! bring back Speed!

  • dedicated racer

    my sentiments, exactly! when I find out who offers Speed, then, I’m going with them!

  • speed was the pinnacle racing.

    This new business model will fail, I have already tuned out. Very disappointed!

  • Not Happy!

    Will be cutting this channel from my cable lineup.

  • Jacob Fields

    I was a regular watcher of race hub every single day at 6:00 and many other times knowing it was a station just for us race fans!!!!!!!!!! I go to watch my regular show today, expecting to find the same show on 219, not only is race hub not on, but it is everything football, UFC and other for the entire night, RU KIDDING ME, Fox is a detriment to the sport of racing for the demise of speed channel. If they knew what was good for them, they would find a way to bring a dedicated race channel to the people who support one of the most popular entertainment out there today.

  • Jacob Fields

    Screw FOX, we need a racing station and that is what speed was, I like other sports plenty but racing is what my passion is, screw this.

  • Jacob Fields

    My kids just asked me if they were still going to be able to watch pass time, when my only answer is no, guess not, kids are not to happy. When you have upset all age brackets with what Fox has done, you have pretty well screwed the pooch!

  • Donna

    BAD DECISION FOX!!! My husband is a huge motorhead, and watched Fox Speed channel just about constantly! That’s the thanks he gets…..Please reconsider and bring Speed back NOW!

  • Pamb

    Bring back speed and make this 56 yr old female happy again



  • Mike

    STUPID, STUPID, STUPID, just plain dumb..Speed has the expertise to do all things motorsports, nascar, nhra, F!…Fox sports not. Bring back speed, we do not need another football channel and I could care less if there is one, I watch Motor Sports not Fox1.

  • randy

    this shit sucks if you wanted to start a new channel and talk your sports bullshit don’t take away the best channel on tv SPEED I will pass over all the fox channels from now I will not forget this fox. idont need you but I need speed

  • Rick

    Guys! There is a petition to bring back to speed channel here —> http://www.bringbackspeed.com/ Please sign, so we can get our motorsports back!

  • diamond dan

    what a big mistake there are alot of gear heads and we need speed channel what about pass time i am a old drag racer and this is my only channel will drop extra cable and go back to basic you suck fox !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope you fail

  • Rick WV Redneck

    Fox Fuck Up ido not care about pro sports. They are full of divas and drug addicts. Nascar and other mortorsports are the only pure sports.

  • mike

    BRING BACK SPEED CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    Fox, What the hell happened to Speed Channel !!!!

  • Pd

    Well when I come home from work the first thing I do was turn on the speed Chanel . Drag race fans do not count anymore I race NHRA don’t do the. Roundy rounds


    why racing, because baseball, football, soccer, golf, only require 1 ball, sports suck, if its not fast get rid of it, so long fox sucks 1

  • RM

    This sucks. I’m interested in cars and racing, not another sports show.

  • b1980

    I’ll be removing the channel fro my tv memory so I don’t accidently stop on fs1. F#@K YOU FOX!!!!!. BRING BACK SPEED.

  • Mike

    Total freakin’ BS. One of the reasons I get cable was because of the SPEED CHANNEL. Now we just have another ball and stick sports channel! I barely watch ESPN unless a race is on. Pull your corporate heads out of your butt’s and put Speed Channel back on. I feel totally ripped off!!!!!!

  • k8t

    So sorry to see speed go off the air………

  • Eng CSM

    This sucks, I always upgrade to the next cable package so I can get speed, now I guess I can save money! This is a stupid move!!!

  • Speed Racer

    Great job FOX .. Maybe you can enlist A-Rod as your cover boy. One thing is for sure, Future Nascar broadcasts on FOX are in serious trouble, less viewers, less revenue from sponsors. WTG FOX .. you belong right in the same anals of History with the Edsel.

  • sodbuster

    My son comes home from school and we all watch monster jam. Then me and the wife watch race hub at dinner. On weekend, sense noone plays fishing shows anymore, we watch gear head shows and raceing. Guess them days are over. I’ve heard about speed 2, but still haven’t seen it offered. Good bye fox sports.

  • B Russ

    We want Speed Channel back!!!! Don’t need another SPORTS channel for football, baseball, etc. Motorsports are just an important to millions of people as hand sports. GIVE US BACK “SPEED”!!!!!!!

  • Dragracer

    It reads Boooooooooooooo. Two thumbs down.
    Nothing for drag racing fans or car enthusiast. I want my Pass Time and Pinks. If it isn’t about cars or drag racing i am not interested.

    Just going to block the channel.

  • Anonymous

    LMFAO I love old people on the internet!

  • Drag Racing Chick

    Agreed. Dropping it now too. I can use the extra money to my drag racing fund.
    My husband and I loved Pass Time and other shows on Speed. It was our favorite channel.
    RIP Speed, we love you!!

  • Drag Racing Chick

    Lost our household and a lot of my drag racing friends. That is all we are talking about or complaining about.

  • Drag Racing Chick

    Yes, Direct as well. Speed has been killed.

  • RacerPatti

    So disappointed to have lost the Speed Channel- loved coming home and watching Race Hub each night and now have to hunt for it to see where it might be each day of the week- different every day!!! Watched that channel many times throughout the night and weekends! Hate that you have destroyed the only channel dedicated to racing- I agree about the soccer- who cares!!!!!! Give us back Speed!!!!

  • matt

    yea me too I need speed channel

  • Dragracer

    We need to complain to fox.


  • George A Blanks

    Fox Sports 1 is very diluted compared to any sports network. Their NASCAR pre-race show was a DNQ or DNF ! Fox Sports 1 is YARD SALE STUFF ! Give it a glance and keep on driving !

  • Robert White

    So FS1 is supposed to “replace” the SPEED Channel. Well so far FS1 has as much in common witht the SPEED channel as an elephant has in common with a fish. Nothing!

    I mean I haven’t seen anything having to do with a unicycle let alone a 4 wheel vehicle on this channel yet. Take last night for example, not one program dedicated to anything having to do with motor sports at all. And this is the channel that is replacing SPEED? Did I miss something here? Who’s emial inbox do we have to flood with our dissatisfaction to have a chance of fixing this enormously gross error?

  • Thomas Shick

    Keep on laughing your fat ass off

  • Thomas Shick

    LMFAO I assume that stands for LAUGHING MY FAT ASS OFF, especially in your case

  • Anonymous

    You’re really good old man! Keep ‘em coming!

    I’m 24 and I’d still gladly knock your teeth out.

    Go find the cheapest sod to lay under, I’m sure your family doesn’t want to spend much when the time comes for you to be 6 feet under.

  • Pissed Off

    Has Fox gone nuts……………like the other regular channels,,,,,,,,,,,,,What happened to The car Chasers………….Wrecked????????????? so we can see more sports…………//next well be seeing Big shit fishing in the sea……………..or tedlewinks finals from Iran…………………Fox has 3/4 sports networks…………get us our shows bank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thomas Shick

    Wow I bet you and your fat ass impress a lot of people with talk like that.

  • rich

    looks like you pissed a few people off fox, theres lots of sports channels, but there was only i dedicated automotive channel, and you ended it.i will not be renewing my dish when it expires.the bean counters think we werent paying any attention.

  • Tgriff110

    Need my gears Stacy David. And all the others too!!!! Where we going to get are fix??

  • Anthony Paris

    This is ridiculous! Who cares about European League Soccer? Go buy a sports channel if you want to watch that crap I already paid extra money to get SPEED channel, not another sports channel. And why is there 2 channels if they play the same thing at the same time?

  • Speed#1

    That’s the biggest mistake Fox can do. Bring back SPEED channel!!!! Boycott Fox Sports 1!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Dude, I’m not a representative of Fox. Take your tin foil hat off.

    I don’t give a shit about either channel, I’m sorry you lost your auto channel since you obviously enjoyed it. I’ll never watch this new channel if that makes you happy.

  • Anonymous

    You know it.

    Eat dirt, Shick.

  • Steve

    Please bring back the SPEED channel. I miss Pass Time, Gears, Chop and rebuild, Drag Race High. Come on Fox give us back our shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ResidentExpert

    I HATE you Fox1 SPEED Channel killer! YOU SUCK!!!!!

  • Mikeey

    I tried to watch fs1 & couldn’t stand it, its not anything like Speed its just another random sports channel except with to much soccer, Not the Motor Sports that Speed Channel is, I will never watch fs1 again, hopefully when there ratings are “0″ they’ll switch back to what people want to watch

  • David Reynolds

    This is beyond dissappointing for me as Speed is by far my favorite channel. I am a 70 year old man that has seen all of the Sports Channel Programming that I can stand. Motor sports is the passion for millions of Americans and I can say that this listening audience is what any advertiser would want.

  • Mustlovemotorsports

    Fox sports 1 you have really messed up now. I strongly advise you to add the motor sports back to the line up. As you can see 270 people have chimed in and I would look for more complaints. That number maybe small now but with some sheer determination by those loyal motorsports fans this could result in a boycott of all fox channels. Do not under estimate us. We will seek out motor sports and you WILL lose viewers. As it has been pointed out we can find football anywhere. Do not think buy squeezing in NASCAR AKA the don’t run off and leave danica show is going to replace Stacy David, Pass Time or Monster Trucks you sorely mistaken. So again unless you want to see the viewers start switching channels add back the motor sports…and fast we are after all gear heads you know!

  • Andy K

    I just switched from Dish to Directv to get Speed in the choice package! This totally BLOWS!!! Where can I watch Moto GP and World Superbike racing? Screw you Fox!!!!

  • lane

    I want speed back. Fox sucks

  • anascarfan

    Fox Sports 1 blows!!! it is NOT the Speed Channel and there will be less Nascar and racing news now not matter how they try and spin it!!! I’m not happy!!

  • bgaron1

    fox 1 sports ” SUCKS” never will watch again.

  • Barb

    We own a bar and the Speed Channel was always on at least one if not all of our TV’s. There are plenty of channels out there why couldn’t FS1 to to one of those? Why do away with a channel that people actually watch? Crazy and we got no warning – makes us look unprofessional which is what this whole thing is = very unprofessional!

  • Sad in Wichita

    wow fox I hope you get the message this is not what we want another one of . You had it right before. This thing is just sad. Sighing off your channel hope to be back when you get your heads on straight and bring us SPEED back.

  • ozwalker

    What idiot came up with this idea?

    I just deleted Fox S1 from my remote settings.


  • Shawn Spohn

    I can’t believe it! SPEED is gone??????? There has to be a billionaire somewhere out there who collects cars (c’mon all you high roller barrett Jackson bidders) who can sell the SPEED concept to a new network. 90% team sports, 10% racing/car content won’t cut it! Who will be the savior of this format that worked pretty well for 18 years???

  • neil

    My husband watched SPEED every night, he is so upset he has decided to cancel cable all together.

  • Pissed

    No speed channel, suck my ass fox!

  • Mrs 4X4

    Alright folks lets get this ball rolling. Go to Fox.com and look for the “contact us” at the very bottom of the page and submit a complaint. I have now each and everyone of you need to do the same. Lets try asking them to add our beloved shows back to the line up. Lets show Fox we really do care and are willing to fight for the motor sports.

  • FOXsuks

    Thanks FOX taking away my favorite channel to replace it with more boring soccer, moron on football, every sport i don’t watch. If i want to watch sports i will watch ESPN. You jackholes!

  • SpeedJunky

    What was the point FOX????? you have other places to take over with your other sports other than the shows regularly broadcast on speed. You have distroyed a great channel. Other than the Nascar races, I turning you OUT.

  • PissedOffInOhio

    WTF ARE YOU THINKING? 95% of my TV time was Speed and a temporary “Test Channel” on 5710 that was almost all car related. Might as well save $120 a month and go back to Free To Air TV. You all screwed up this time.

  • MorrisTheCat

    There are already about 500 freaking SPORTS CHANNELS on cable that cover everything that does NOT involve auto racing or auto enthusiasts programming !!! What the ??? Speed was the 1 channel for automotive people !!! There are a BILLION channels for cooking people, golf people, reruns of old hockey games people, game show people, science people, arts people, history people, NASA people, ghost hunting people, etc etc etc and channels for EVERY POSSIBLE hobby and lifestyle…YET, these Fox geniuses have to take away the 1, and ONLY, channel for car guys. YOUUUUUUU BAAAASSTARDSSS !!!!!!
    Car guys are the most passionate enthusiasts of all, and you have the nerve to stick it to us. We should pick a date and all converge on Fox headquarter, egg the place royally, then stage a demolition derby in their parking lot, and just leave all the wrecked jalopies there for them to clean up. There is some stupid soccer game from East Bumhickey on my former Speed Channel right now, and in the stands there are about 8 people. Good LORD what kind of morons are making the decisions at Fox ? Never watch a fox program again. Thanks for alienating every car guy in the universe, you rotten money grubbing creeps.

  • Dianne

    My husband is a very unhappy camper about not having SPEED. He said “go get on the computer and cuss somebody out for taking off SPEED” …. so, xhfucytmeshtoetobhe to whoever took away SPEED.

  • mvshelby

    Now I really hate Fox. They drop Speed but keep Hannity, Palin and O’Reilly.

  • Jason

    This sucks where’s all my car shows , another channel with over paid team sports,

  • tnunamaker

    nope its not the same!! the speed channel is far better than fox 1 !!!!! Bring Speed

  • Speed Freak

    Fox made a huge mistake by getting rid of the Speed Channel. This will cause a huge loss for some networks. My husband would rather rent a movie now than watch tv. His channel was SPEED! Bring it back!!!!

  • Hate Fox1

    Will be looking for a company that will still have the good car shows of Speed. It’s a shame we can’t even watch what we want in America anymore. Money takes over all. We work all day, to come home and watch the shows we love on SPEED. If I want to watch what Fox1 is offering, then I’d watch ESPN. It’s pathetic!!

  • Ray Spon

    What jerk figured this one out, take off speed and put on more of the same B.S. The Jerk on the top floor might start looking for a new job. Your news sucks along with rest of your programs. Just canceled cable, Speed was the only reason I had it. Way to go


    All I can say is unbelievable !!! Who wants to watch Football or fighting ??? I just don’t get it, all I watch is Speed. Speed is a Motorsports channel if I wanted to watch football I would watch some other channel. I live on a golf course and people think I’m crazy for not golfing, I’m more into laying on my back under one of my Hot Rods then playing golf or watching football or the fights on TV. Someone needs to pull there head out of there shorts and start this thing back up, I guarantee you FoxS1 will be vacant because all of us will be back at Speed. Stacy David, Pass Time !!!, Hot Rod TV, Chop Cut Rebuild, Barrett Jackson, Two Guys Garage, My Classic Car, Moto Cross Races all gone !!! REALLY !!!

  • Daniel

    Speed the only Motorsports channel. No more. Now we get another cookie cutter channel. The lineup they are showing to be so proud of proves that. No more SCCA Nascar Sport Bike racing. Watch out everyone we have another channel with NFL and UFC. I hear tennis is pretty popular maybe they could add that as well.

  • dave in vb

    FS1 has already shown that it cannot stand up to the quality of ESPN. It seems amateurish at best. Motorsports enthusiasts lose big on this. I don’t want to see people beating each other up – I want to see daredevils flying at high speed on the ground.

  • Connecticut viewer

    Corporate stupidity- they killed a great market and channel. My only power is to turn the TV and not buy anything that Fox promotes.


    FOX SUCKS SOOOOOO BAD! More football. Really! Gives us back our speed!

  • Anonymous

    So he is one of those NASCAR hilljacks…… Nascar ratings are dying! I’m glad…

  • fs1 sucks

    BS I want speed channel back f*** soccer

  • towbar

    You FOX idiots don’t have a clue!! The true gear heads that watch speed could give a crap less about your stick and ball sports. There was 1 channel dedicated to the love of motorsports of all types….SPEED!!. The engine, the fuel and the wheel is what gets us going, the love of the automobile and the motorcycle that fires our passion. We could care less about who makes a gizillion bucks because they shoot up on steroids, wear their nappy dread’s and pat each other on the A$$. Day after day I watch the news and see these football and baseball jokers who act unprofessional, like they are above the law and everyone else….why would i want to watch more of that??
    Give me a racer anyday!!
    RIP speed
    F U FOX

  • Mary Retter

    Made me mad –had to look here to find out what in the heck was going on.Direct Tv did not specify that speed was going and Fox 1 and 2 were taking over!! I have TiVo and missed many Nascar events ..I thought this was the age of electronics talking to each other.. Guess not.. I would think a nice email or text should have been submitted to all customers.. I am sure that dish and the rest fell short in notifying us. bad PR . I read my sports news.. But somehow missed it too.. I think that it would of been headline news.. what ever??

  • Mary Retter

    you got that right.. B evans

  • Mary Retter

    where do we go to let them know — that they pissed off the Nascar People– one of the fastest rising sports since baseball.. It has become a family tradition.. Motorsports gives our heroes again.. I now what other motorsports -K&n ect because of speed. — where will are dessert racers go.. I am so mad… 58 year granny p.o at Fox..- and plus maybe they should have check with there audience before booting speed.. Crazy Mary from Iowa.

  • Bill

    No more Speed, no more Dish TV for me. Good buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Motörhead

    Like there’s not enough sports stations what about us gear heads fuck fox sports 1

  • Only speed

    Fox you have done it again to piss people off the speed Chanel was the only channel that had all motorhead stuff on it not even velocity does America needs there speed channel back

  • Anonymous

    Fox Sports 1 is better than Speed Channel and that is 100% fact. Motorsports sucks going around in circles is boring and Fox did the right thing by making it ball & stick network. Fox Sports Live is better than SC and is brining the funny back in the sports highlights with Dan & Jay what SC was like 20 years ago. I only watched Speed a few times with there Hooters specials on the network which was better than 99% of the crap that Speed had which is 100% fact. Motorsports fans can suck it since I’m always right.

  • DICK


  • sickened gearhead

    This sickens me!!! The SHEEPLE have another BALL SPORT channel!!! F#@k YOU FOX!!!

  • Larry Hatthorn

    Larry H.
    I still want my speed channel / especially POWER BLOCK every Saturday & Sunday AM .May drop speed if cant get my shows ! Not a nascar supporter either, if that’s the only auto coverage on speed!, don’t need the channel.
    Larry Hatthorn

  • John Goddard

    speed went to crap with this nascar car /unique whips/monster jam… ect./// if they just show more touring car/rally/F1/dirt bike(in and out doors) or even my hobby r/c racing is fun to what just look up (RC Racing TV)off-road i like the most on youtube its some of the best racing…ect /not just news on that crap but real racing they still have a show.

  • Steven McKee

    I won’t even watch a good show here just on principal!

  • Bobby Adams

    This sucks, I need my racing !!!!!! Monster trucks !!!!!! Motorcycles !!!!!!!! And all the shows that speed produced. The speed channel was the last part of true AMERICAN ENTERTAINMENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • patmanrwd

    well I guess I can stop paying for cable since the shows I watch are on the speed channel. thanks fox now there will be a blank space on my wall with no cable I wont need a tv. whos the jerk off that made this decision

  • dena

    My boyfriend and I agree…we loved watching all the shows together!

  • Sick of Fox

    More of the same old ESPN crap, we don’t need another channel of that.
    More stories of who is making the millions yet can’t even spell or say their own name.

  • Jimbob

    This is a travesty. I am going to leave all of this and do my best to get my motor. Moto and UFC on one and get an hd antenna. Soccer and coledge ball is the farthest thing thing that I would ever watch. Hey throw some little league ball in there. Dopes I was a staunch Fox News guy too channel 360 on direct tv. I will not touch those buttons again. Dopey dopes

  • Brian

    FS1 new format doesn’t share my passion ! (as stated in the video !) .. It is not the Game that I want.. it is SPEED that I am looking for.. Bad move and poorly though out.

    I hate live talk show with two guys or two guys and a pretty face trying to prove to the views that they know more about Ball Sports and/or Games plans better that the two sitting next to him or her. They can waste a whole hour for one game !… What a waste of time.

    There are way many of them shows.. I don’t ever watch them…!

    Bring back my DIY Car Show. Auto and Moto Racing, Nascar, Indy, NHRA, Lucas, Monster Trucks, Barrett Jackson auctions. etc…

    After watching the FS1 for a few days now..(or trying to watch something that appealed to me) I finally saw on Race Hub show once… all of the other time I flipped to another channel.. right way !… Had to check the TV listing on ESPN, Velocity, Spike, Discovery and History or any other channel…for Automotive shows..
    Bet the rating will be poor !..





  • DK

    Fox bring back speed channel. This new format is terrible. You can say goodby to the motorsports enthusiasts. You killed a one of a kind to replace it with ESPN want a be. I’m not going to watch your new channel, good luck and thanks for.killing my favorite channel.

  • Contusion

    Wow. Velocity, take over. I will never watch Fox Sports1. Absolutely stupid, more “‘merican” crap. Watching Wheeler Dealers right now….

  • Badyellow55

    Hey Guy’s, just what orifice do you have your heads in these days? This has got to be the most assanine stunt any network has pulled to date. Well good luck guys, just what we need, another TALK sports channel with a bunch of washed up overpaid ball players that if not for you these guys would have to get a real job. Your success will not be aided by my support. You new program “SUCK’S”

  • Joe Brewer

    What a tragedy to all Speed Channel lovers. The new Fox Sports 1 leaves a lot to be desired… if you are a motorsports fan you are left with nothing to watch. What about all those gear head shows? What a waste of air time this new Fox Sports is. Like all good things in life, someone has to come along and @#$# it up!

  • 1946 nomore

    It sucks. Just wat we need more retired socalled experts jawjacking at one another.

  • lb3184

    fuck fox……….

  • Larry Fisher

    You really messed up my television life taking the speed channel away. That was the most important programming for my viewing. Very sad and disappointed in Fox. We don’t need more sports programming. We need the Speed channel.



  • tjl

    what idiot dreamed up this plan purely doesn’t know about the American public. Americans love there cars and just about everything that has to do with them!

  • foxiscrap

    bringbackspeed .com sign the petition and get fox out!!! we want speed back

  • jackie

    Speed channel was awesome everything to do with speed not boxing not baseball not football. This new channel really sucks . Miss pass time miss raceday . please bring back the speed channel!!!!!!!

  • Disqussucks

    I hope the retard that came up with getting rid of SpeedTV gets run over by a freight train and not killed, but rather mangled horribly so that he can suffer for years and years. I don ‘t want yet another ESPN wannabe channel. I wsant a dedicated motorsports channel. In other words, I want SpeedTV back!!!

  • BringSpeedBack

    Another Sports channel to watch what UFC sweaty men groping each other saying one is stronger then the other yaaayyyyyy

  • mike

    THIS IS NOT A MOTOR SPORTS CHANNEL; IT JUST another espn. If I want baseball, football, basket ball, I go to those channels, if I want to watch racing I went to speed, now I see the same sports news cast as espn (that repeats every half hour) on the former speed channel.
    Nascar is done…. over cause of money makers. I liked it when I was a kid and got to see it on the world wide of sports, I guess I got spoiled with cable, and nascar and fox got to big, I used to come home on Thursday and Friday after work and watch practice and qualifying , today I got soccer, this sucks. I’m canceling my network, going back to free tv and nascar can go to hell for selling out to fox, they started it years ago when they split the coverage to tbs and fox and drop the big 3.. speed made motorsports available to everybody, I had 3 soccer channels now I got 4,, its Bristol weekend and don’t know whats going on. thanks fox , speed and nascar

  • Odie

    Just browsed thru the schedule…. all my fave SPEED shows are gone! Just to see the same FOX sports news over and over and over and over… some lame A$$WHOLE on the 30th floor in some building who probably doesn’t even own a car, let alone watch the SPEED channel decided we don’t need it anymore….screw you FOX, Racers – check out MAVTV…. way more auto racing, cool grass roots racing, and great lineup. Boycott FOX now!!!! Really… no race day before the NASCAR races – no qualifying! WTF Fox….

  • KJ Spara

    This really pissed me off! am considering just getting the basic channels.

  • Perry

    I will NEVER watch it

  • Perry


  • Gearhead100000000

    WTF!!!! Why would you take Speed off the air? It’s kind of like removing seats from Daytona. Are there getting to be too many Nascar fans….

  • dick

    Your channel sux. I want speed back now!


    Fox sports sucks, espn 1 and 2 are for sports not speed, this was the one channel I came home from working all day to watch and relax. I loved watching Stacy David, chop cut rebuild, truck u, etc….. now I am faced with nothing but mindless twittering tv. When I can find who will be reviving and bringing back the SPEED CHANNEL I will be switching to them.

  • tkm

    Lost my speed channel to see F..in soccer and more no it alls talking sports, Thanks FOX!!! BAD MOVE ON YOUR PART!! Lost me as a viewer

  • RedCarl

    Amen to that!!!!

  • Ken Motorhead

    This is horrible. That was one of 5 or 6 channels i watched out of the 100′s available. There are already way to many conventional sports channels, filled with overpaid, under-educated, wanna-be thugs. Bye for the second time Stacey David, you taught me most of what I know. F!<k you fox.

  • Brad

    This is such such BS!!!!!!!! I lived on Speed. Pass Time etc. We only had ONE frickin channel dedicated to gear heads of all facets and fox strips it for ANOTHER might as well be ESPN… SHOVE IT UP YOUR *** FOX !!!!! You need to seriously consider bringing speed back for all gear heads! I won’t be watching your crappy a** new little sport channel!

  • Mad Fan

    This whole thing sucks. Any network can talk about A-rod,but only speed could report about throwing a rod. I just heard some british anchor say “The racing circle at Bristol looks small how do they avoid bumping into each other”

  • HurryinHoosier

    It looks like Gearz will be around somewhere this Fall. Yes! This is from Stacey David’s website, “August 15th will be the final day that you will able to see GearZ on
    SPEED. We will be making an announcement this fall, on where you will be
    able to see the new season. Until then, you can see all our previous
    episodes HERE. You can also get all the latest info, and behind the scenes news on our Facebook Page.”

  • Bitemefox

    Well, it’s Friday after work and when I tune to the speed channel I get a bunch of @#$% football. Thanks Fox – I’ll never watch this POS channel again.

  • tom buckley

    where can i go to find all the speed tv shows. saturday morning was for grown kids. you do know there are men who dont like sports that dont include wheels and an engine . bad decision ,espicially for me!

  • Anonymous

    Another format that in a year will be dead.

  • mark

    I want my speed channel back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • zyme1062

    really another channel on tv that has stick and ball sports. the four hundred channels that are already on aren’t enough. while fans of motorsports have one from two down to one because an asshole said let’s come up with another sports channel. hey fox fuck you

  • your secret admirer

    Did i mention fox can shove it in there ass, well i agree with everyone else I’m dropping cable, they only had twenty other channels dedicated to frickin ball sports. WE only had ONE God damn hardcore motorsport channel wtf. Make room my ass!!!!!!!! Lol communists, obama must of had something to do with this!

  • josh

    Fs1 blows!!!!!! speed is one of the best channels there was put it back on the air

  • Gary Hinson

    Awful decision Fox. Calling to cancel channel on Comcast now. Won’t pay for another stupid football channel. It’s not the same thing. Get Speed back-really dumb move Fox. Just what we need, a dumb jock channel….
    NEEDFor Speed

  • slyhog022056

    This really sucks, i pay for channels like speed, velocity and spike for their saturday and sunday morning shows and we all get dumped on by fox. WTF???? not everyone out there likes the stupid programming they have put on this new fox sports 1. football already has 22 channels on directv, and who knows what UEFA even is??
    I may as well go back to standard cable shows.

  • Guido

    what a complete joke. these pre madonnas what do they know about Motosports they fricken ruined racing. I just might cancel direct tv. I lived for my racing. now UFC takes place of American lemans series. Give me a break. Chime in please. If you feel the same.

  • Guido

    charlie im right there with you. i have had direct tv 11 yrs for this sole purpose motorsports. im pissed. im gonna cancel direct tv and get free air antenna. this absolutely sucks

  • megadad6

    Really!!!! Not to sure why ANOTHER sports channel!!!! What to watch on Saturday Morning now!!!! Surely not sports highlights!!!! There is not a sports announcer pretty enough to replace Stacey David , but I am truly let down…

  • Guest

    My husband is having a fit! He said that he can guarantee there won’t be chop and rebuild , and other classic car shows! Ready to downgrade our dish service!

  • Roxane Weaver

    My husband is having a fit, we chose the Dish package for the Speed Channel alone! He said he bets that Fox Sports won’t have his favs like Chopped, rebuild, and other classic car shows! How can they do this??? So unfair apparently FOX didn’t do their research, unfair to car guys everywhere!

  • Jt100

    How many more channels do we need to tell us about what trouble one of
    the tug football or baseball players got into this
    week…..steroids…who shot who…if Tiger has picked up another girl
    at the waffle house? The sport really is give someone that can’t spell
    their name 40 million a year and see how many lives they can screw up.
    More mindless Bull Shit!

  • Jt100

    How many more channels do we need to tell us about what trouble one of
    the tug football or baseball players got into this
    week…..steroids…who shot who…if Tiger has picked up another girl
    at the waffle house? The sport really is give someone that can’t spell
    their name 40 million a year and see how many lives they can screw up.
    More mindless Bull Shit!

  • Charlie Meyers

    Doesn’t have anything to do with Directv or any other provider. It’s a Fox thing. Speed was owned by Fox. Speed is gone! PERIOD!!!

  • Carl

    I have nothing against soccer, football, basketweaving, etc., however I am an avid motorsports/automotive related programs and am very disappointed that the Speed Channel is no more. Guess I’ll be watching more of the Velocity Channel.

  • Jefe

    Bring Speed back and all of the show they carried!

  • screwed viewer

    FOX SPORTS 1 SUCKS, or is it just ESPN all over again. Fox does not give a crap about the viewers they just wanted to compete with espn for market share (the money). I have no use for FOX on any channel. And no its not the speed channel only better, its not the speed channel in anyway. As long as they can find advertisers to fill 80% of there airtime they would never bring back SPEED. What an opportunity for someone else to come in and start another car channel, lets hope and prey.
    FOX SPORTS 1 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!………

  • Car Nut

    Fox Sports you can take your new channel and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Philo

    This was a discussion about the demise of Speed and you have
    to bust in with your Leftist rant. Do you really believe that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, etc. don’t promote a political viewpoint? Wake up and smell your liberty being pissed away.

    The hope is that someone else will recognize the opportunity
    for some dedicated motorsports programming and fill the need.

  • Whitney

    This is stupid. My family likes cars we don’t care about other sports you ruined our family time together!


    F*** this BS FS1 channel! I, too, will be reducing my television package to basic service! I hope this channel crashes and burns with all of the idiots from that network on board!! POUND SALT FOX!!


    I watch ESPN for one thing…….NHRA. Then I go back to SPEED!!!!

  • Terry Gray

    The Death of Speed. This change in programming was a blind side. The T&A anchors you have selected for the various sports programming are more show and not qualified. FOX seems to cater to folks I consider ‘red neck”, severely opinionated, and just plain stupid. As soon as some other network restores “SPEED”, FOX will be history in this home. Further, Brighthouse (Time Warner) is ripping-off us faithful customers … failure to negotiate with CBS … and now allowing SPEED’s demise. The available programming, in general, has declined while pricing has increased. Brighthouse and FOX are about to be history.

  • kilroy

    First you drop F1 and now all the rest of the auto related stuff. Fox has made a bad, bad choice. I hope your sponsors dump you like I am dumping you.

  • Speed

    Fox Sports 1 sU–s. Period!

  • Anonymous

    Check your channel lineup to see if they carry Discovery Velocity TV. They MAY have some auto racing and likely those commercials for guvvmint subsidized wheelchairs. They’re ubiquitous.

  • lovespeed

    We need a strictly automotive / motorcycle motorsports channel isolated from any other sports…. not mixed with UFC or Football !!!!

  • Nancy Faherty

    Fox Sports 1 did its homework and it shows. I’m offended by ‘Murican, especially on this 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington! Play fair, America!

  • Dedidcated race fan

    Unbelievably stupid move!! Wont take long for FS1 to go down the tube, last thing we need is another espn, especially one that wants to be the premier soccer channel. WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU IDIOTS THINKING? HOPEFULLY VELOCITY WILL KILL YOU!

  • Dan

    Fox1 is just another crummy cable sports channel that will have crummy commentators cover more crummy pro stick-and-ball spoiled ungrateful athletes in crummy games in crummy places. Just what the world of entertainment needs.

  • retlaw9000411@yahoo.com

    We need to find someway to get someone to start a channel just for auto racing fans

    Fox has screwed up another channel

  • No.9

    Many of us are still paying a premium to our satellite provider to get the SPEED channel….which we no longer receive. Call them and demand a refund or drop the channel package in which The Speed Channel was a part of. I think the tail needs to wag the dog for a while!

  • Old angry white guy

    Well looks like more control from a big turd. what happened to “give the people what they want” ? Was that socialist moron Obama in on the decision to do away with Speed TV? Sure seems like it. Motor sport is part of being an American and I sure don’t like having my rights taken away. Go to hell Fox and take that stupid son of a bitch Obama with you. I know stupid didn’t have anything to do with Speed TV’s demise but it just feels good rip on an un-American like that stupid bastard that lives in the White House and Fox at the same time. I guess we’ve all known that TV is controlled by big money and us drones can’t do shit about it other than complain. I can find ball sports any time any where but it’s very difficult to find Motorsports without a dedicated channel. There has got to be big money in it for someone – right?
    Bring back 24/7 Motorsports TV.

  • Jt100

    Just what we need is another channel to see what bozo is taking steroids or who has shot someone at the night club or if Tiger Woods has picked up another girl at waffle house. People need another sports channel to watch guys that can’t spell their name making 40 million a year…. they make great roll models for kids.

  • Bdukes

    Motorsports fans just got screwed. Now instead of a good shows like my classic car or monster jam we have soccer. That’s bulls$&#!!!!

  • ronm4265

    Time to go back to basic cable and save $100 a month.Tried to watch that FoxSports1 but it is so boring I could only manage about 10 minutes of the talking heads. Now if it were 4 or 5 good looking young women in bathing suits talking sports and play volleyball maybe it would hold mens interests longer than this group they have now. I plan on removing the channel from my on screen channel guide.


    just canceled fox sports channel from Direct TV programing, I WANT SPEED CHANNEL

  • swr1956

    THANKS FOX FOR RUINING THE BEST CHANNEL ON THE AIR!!!! I’m a gearhead. Maybe you guys don’t get that but there are a lot of us out here. We have a lot of money to spend on everything from new trucks to bottles of car wax. We also spent that money on TV programing, one way or another. Since FOXSPORTS1 isn’t SPEED, there’s no point in paying for the extra programing any more. Since FOX has taken SPEED off the air, I guess no more FOX either. If I wanted to watch football, baseball, basketball, and all that other crap, there are plenty of channels with all that crap already on all the time. Just what we needed, another bullsh*t sports channel. Thanks for nothing!

  • Dianne


  • GM

    No SPEED, NO fox sports 1

  • 49Mopar

    We want Our Speed channel back!
    Why on Earth did you take away a cable tv icon?!?!? Whenever I have moved or changed cable providers, my first question is, which package has Speed???? There are MANY of folks out here that feel the same.
    To me, Fox has Always had the Very best NASCAR coverage, bar none, and that was fine by me, but losing Speed? It is just wrong.
    I seriously doubt Fox Sports 1 will last near as long or have the audience as Speed…such a shame

  • chase sponsel

    How the hell could this crap happen is there not enough sports scrap out there

  • Joe Sixpak

    Bad enough that Obama has f’d up America into something unrecognizable, now FOX comes along and kills the SPEED Channel…

  • Joey


  • Joey

    I can only hope someone like Jay Leno will start a motorhead network and bring back all the shows I enjoy watching,

  • C Ungaro

    fox sports 1 SUCKS!!!!! WE NEED SPEED CHANNEL BACK!!!!!

  • rejected

    Fox is nuts to take away speed channel.I guess I am not going to watch any Fox programing for a very long time.

  • Don

    Bring back SPEED

  • William Burke Jr

    This is plain rotten. Speed was the only real motorsports channel available to us car
    guys. We don’t like football! Speed had not just the Nascar qualifying and news but shows like Pass Time, Pinks All Out, and the Barrett-Jackson auto auctions and Rolex and Formula 1 races, I can go on and on. I think Fox just likes to bully people to make them accept whatever they want to put on. I guess they’re all NFL nuts. Screw Fox.

  • Amy Grogan

    Hopefully this forces them to make more Speed content like arenacross live, instead of live to tape.

  • D Heafner

    Shame on fox for taking away Speed…….in our house WE WILL NOT WATCH ANYTHING RELATED TO FOX……….bring back Speed!!!!!

  • Butch Mckirch

    To whom it may concearn at FOX! You all are a bunch of Dipshits!! Who was the freakin brainchild in this. Why do you think everybody watched the SPEED CHANNEL!!…..for Football, Baseball !! ……… NOT !! You all are a bunch of idiots !!
    Bring it back !!

  • Ann Seibert

    I agree, PUT SPEED BACK!

  • E O D

    Sickening! Another LAME ball sports network with a hint of our NASCAR.I want Race Hub, and not at midnight ,noon, or on an obscure channnel.Down with FS1 !!!

  • robbie

    im not happy with dish i turn on my tv and find out i no longer have speed i dont want another sports center and i find out cloo is no longer and i m a vet and i liked watching mil and i was shocked when i see fugitive was playing

  • Charlie Meyers

    Already posted my thoughts. Yeah, da Brilliant MOFOS at FOX needs to to pull their heads outta their Asses & see da lite! See that they have totally FU*KED UP!Still have some racing on FS1. Still not wven close to Speed. I miss the car shows like everybody else. Hopefully they will resurface on other channels that give a Rats ASS! The only alternative I’ve found that the VELOCITY channel has some good car type shows. In da Meantime, we’re FU*KED!!! Thanx FOX for Nuttin!!!

  • Chuck W

    Folks talk is cheap, you must do something to get Speed or a similar channel back. I have changed my Dish programming and told the representative I’m dropping altogether if a replacement doesn’t come soon. Couldn’t stand Fox programs before, now they are totally off my TV. Sponsors do listen, we need an organized web site.

  • Charlie Meyers

    A FU*KIN MEN!!! WELL SAID!!!!FOX will get the message. AIN’T NOBODY HAPPY About this!!!!

  • dog5235

    Bring back Speed TV!!!! Fox Sports 1 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1954speed

    I agree. I don’t like it either. We won’t watch this new channel. Want out Speed channel back!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie Meyers


  • LF



  • LF



  • Ron

    Hate fox sports for replacing Speed. There are enough football analysis shows and sports recap shows without Fox sports. I want to see rally racing, monster trucks, demolition derbys…HATE fox sports for ruining this channel.

  • Randy Allan

    You at fox1 suck!!!

  • c-racing

    this sucks, why take away speed, its the only channel all about motor sports and other such things that are awesome. My heart sank when I saw this fox sports 1 bullshit. Fuck you fox, im not supporting any of your channels any more and im going to tell everyone I know about this nonsense.

  • Doug

    Just what we need, another crappy “sports opinion” show i won’t be watching for sure. Now i have three of the same thing right in a row on my channels. I will miss my motorsports, thanks Fox

  • Mike K

    Well we have killed a good network and have a bunch of overhyped athletes and immature jounalist wannabe’s trying to emulate the idiots at ESPN. It’s just a shame and I will not watch this idiocy. Just to note I am a football fan but know where to get my info.

  • GG1

    We have enough football,baseball,soccer,and all the other crappy sports on tv. I didn’t care for the fact that speed started putting on reality? shows when there is so much racing in the world,but it was still the only game in town. The big wigs at Fox must be the same idiots at ESPN that dropped Thursday Night Thunder and other race coverage in favor of the World series of Poker and childrens spelling bees(which by the way aren’t sports).

  • Alan Vangilder

    Speed channel MUST come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • skita

    Our house MISSES the nascar cooverage. And in between the breaks on the race some biimbo comes on and talks about football. Please! I’d watch the other 20 channels that cover football if I wanted to know about it.

  • Cory Johnson

    no no no RIP, i want my speed back.

  • Cory Johnson

    you go granny, give m hell

  • FRED


  • FRED


  • Woody Woodward

    GREAT JOB You had a line up that would teach you and are youth something and replace it with a line up that teaches how to be a obese lazy boy want a be jock!!!!!
    keep up the good work

  • Dave Reifschneider

    Done with FOX. Want anything FOX off my program package.

  • William Ball

    Fox has Fxxxed up the speed channel with another sports program. Just what we needed another bunch of idiots interupting each other and dressed like used car salesmen

  • mapsz7@aol.com

    What Bullshit !! First when Romney lost the election our only progressive talk radio station KPOJ in Portland Oregon, controlled by Bain Capitol switched off our favorite programs, and became a Fox Sports station, now we lose Speed for yet another Sports channel?? WTF I want my Speed channel back !! This is an outrage!!

  • Wingheadz@gmail.com

    What about ”On The Edge” , MonsterJam etc. Us racers and gear heads had 1 channel that we could rely on to keep us informed. I guess we just took a step back 30 yrs. to when you could only get anything race related on TNN. Bring back TNN!! I would like to shove that stupid Fox1 up someones asshole!! Another freakin sports talk show. Just what we needed. NOT!!!!!

  • Bow tie Man

    Thank god we still have Velocity and Spike.

  • someone who cares

    screw fox sports 1. what happens to Monster Jam that kids and adults all love.put it back on. MONSTER JAM ROCKS/////////

  • monsterjam fan

    “F” fox sports, we need speed channel, that channel is the best with the best coverage and shows, especially Monster Jam. I watched that show since I was 3. PLEASE cancel fox, bring back speed.

  • k stamey

    Bring back Speed and Fuel

  • Old fart

    NO, NO, NO! The only channel worth turning the TV on for is gone! If I wanted to watch what your showing on FS1, I’d watch ESPN. Thanks for nothing. Put SPEED back on the air!!!

  • theresa

    we will boycott all fox channels cancel our channels if we must we want speed channel back why would you take a channel off that has so many fans we watch car shows and want them back

  • len

    To whoever thought another sport channel was a good idea, think again. As a classic car owner this channel was not only entertaining but educational. I can’t imagine not being able to watch Barrett-Jackson or any of the other great shows. Please bring it back.

  • stanley earl braddock

    The Fox Network are idiots! Speed Channel was too hotrods like CMT is to country music! I hope fox sports 1 flops so bad that they go broke!

  • gofastdad

    FS1 sucks!!! I was one of the original SPEED TV supporters. I’m off to NBCSN because they have at least SOME motor sport coverage.

  • gofastdad

    Need a channel with SCCA runoffs, F2000, Kart racing, hill climb, figure 8, GP3, Loretta Lynn, Pikes peak, et. al. ESPN made NASCAR, The video is cheap. Let’s quit bitching and find a venture capitalist to build a newer, better, more diverse motorsporttv channel. Who’s with me????

  • asjklflk;a

    Where is our SPEED channel…BOO will not watch much of the new one. Don’t n

  • gofastdad

    What about Pass Time! Pinks All out! Who’s gonna shine a light on the “shade-tree” racers? I want my kids working on cars! Not looking up to Steroid-filled UFC fighters!

  • gofastdad

    Dave Despain ROCKS ! FS1 SUCKS!

  • gofastdad

    Agree 100 percent B Evans! FU fox sports #1. I think you smell like #2!

  • rpackmanus

    this commentary is retarded. cars, not guys playing with their balls.

  • rpackmanus

    r u faster than a red neck? sure r dumber, i had to google Murican . wtf?

  • Mysterious

    Fuckkkk this gotta be the end of the world. They take away the only true motorsport channel away. This sucks ass im mever gon watch no punk ass fox sports

  • Stanley Braddock

    Fox Sports 1 SUX!!!!!!!

  • cppottspittsburgh

    very sad to lose the SPEED channel!

  • Charlie Meyers

    That is definitely what we need!
    Like one guy said. Somebody like Jay Leno!!!

  • Bob

    Racing fans, and auto enthusiasts in general, basically had one choice, and that’s gone now. Yes, FS1 still has some racing on–for now–if you like NASCAR. I’m sure NASCAR will dominate what’s left of the racing-related programming on FS1, just like it did on Speed for the last few years, at least for as long as Fox has a relationship with that series. However, there are so many other racing series, and so many other programs, that were a part of Speed, that are apparently either DOA or headed that way. Motorcycle racing of all kinds, from MotoGP to World Superbike to AMA Pro Racing to Supercross and Motocross. Sports car racing from all over the globe, from IMSA and the Continental Tires series to Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans, the DTM, Australian V8 Supercars, etc. Vintage racing from the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Motor Racing Circuit, and the Monterey Historic Races. Other specialty events like the Optima Batteries Ultimate Street Car Challenge and the Barrett-Jackson auctions. Extensive enthusiast programming like Gearz, Pinks, My Classic Car, Car Crazy, and many, many others. These were all things we could only find in one place, and they are apparently either gone or mostly gone. Tell Fox what you think–go to their comment page and submit a complaint, folks.


    WANT SPEED BACK, who was the brain that decided to pull Speed/Race Hub , and then hide it at 4:30 and only give it 30 minutes. Took me 20 minutes to find out where it was!!! You people have just ditched all of Nascar Nation (mmmmmmm one of the largest sports followers). I for one think whoever made that decision is an idiot!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously, you don’t care about the consumer, won’t be watching anything Fox1, BRING BACK SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111

  • hammerjack

    stupid stupid stupid, you had something that worked, something no one else had ,and you threw it away ,you pissed off every man in the country with a tv in his garage,no one who loved speed is going to watch your stupid new full of shi! tv channel no one!! so bring back or someone else will

  • Genny F

    YOU GUYS SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put the speed channel back on.

  • missing speed

    fox sports one is terrible!!!. the speed channel was all about motor sports. If i wanted college ball I would have been watching espn. Bring back speed channel.

  • gofastdad

    GREAT idea!! The dudes retiring and has alove of cars and a boat-load o cash! Do you have his number or do you want me to call him? lol

  • gofastdad

    Had the upgraded cable package so I could receive SPEED. No reason to keep it now. Droppin the upgrade, Faux sports and faux news suck big time!!


    That’s some B.S. Fox should not even begin to fathom the idea about going head to head with ESPN. They can’t compare. Bring back my Speed tv. If I wanted to watch some Dumbass random sports crap, I’d watch ESPN. I want my many different types of automobile racing BACK. BOYCOTT. THATS IT FOX, IM DONE WITH YOU.

  • Charlie Meyers

    Go to http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/ At make your statement. He was always on My Classic Car. So he might be our savior!

  • Charlie Meyers

    Everybody go to http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/ & leave a statement. Maybe he can revive our passion for everything cars. He was on a lot of Speed shows. Could be our savior!!! Every body on this site is totally PISSED At FOX!!! GO FOR IT!!! Got nuttin to lose!!! Right?

  • Michael E. Finley

    FOX SPORTS 1, Is not the Speed we all want. If we wanted to watch ESPN we would have turned the channel to ESPN. NO go away Fox Sport 1 !!!


    This is about the most ridiculous move I’ve seen in a loooong time, really? Another SPORT (GAME) show?,,,,geeeee how original. We who watched SPEEDTV liked it and appreciated just the way it was. Why don’t you all at FOX SPORT 1 get a clown car and climb in,,,,,, we may actually watch that,,,,, DUMBASSES

  • Motorhead

    Fox Sports 1 is just another ESPN, 2,3,4 or whatever. Silly shows trying to be cute and sexy. Just destroyed an excellent Speed channel. Now there is nowhere to go for motorsports. I hate Fox and refuse to watch it. Also will give up FX and Fox cable.
    Signed a disgruntled fan.

  • 1212

    i spent 20 minutes tonight trying to find the speed channel….before i was like shit its gone. BULLSHIT FS1 sucks

  • Randy Hochstein

    Thank you so much Fox, You managed to destroy the only motorsports and automobile related channel on television and turn it into just another stick and ball oriented piece of crap, ESPN clone. Just what we all needed was another bullshit sports channel. You should be ashamed of your bouncing baby turd. FS1 SUCKS!

  • John

    Bring back Speed

  • TiredOfBadDecisions

    This SUCKS! It’s not SPEED. No Barret Jackson, no Bronx Auto Parts, no Chop, none of the custom and/or rebuild shows are anywhere to be found… not to mention all of the other SPEED-style programming.

    I already have PLENTY of sports channels to watch… why the hell would I want yet another to go with what I already have?

    Speed wasn’t a “Sports” channel… it WAS the SPEED CHANNEL!

    Hey, clueless programming director… SPEED isn’t boxing, SPEED isn’t the beat-each-other-to-bloody-pulps, channel, SPEED has nothing to do with football, SPEED isn’t “Fight Night”, yada-yada-yada-yada-yada… SPEED IS CARS AND AUTO-RELATED PROGRAMMING…. DOH!!

    I have DirecTV, and what was once SPEED CHANNEL is now off of the Quick Guide on my favorites channel menu. I’m going to ask for a $5.00 per month rebate off of my bill for losing one of the reasons I’ve had cable/satellite, programming for so many years now. I know… good luck on that one… but I’ll try even if it’s just to make a point.

    Fox… I don’t give a rat’s behind what you call it or want to call it… just give me back my SPEED Channel PROGRAMMING.

    BTW, for me, UFC SUCKS! I mean, what do you say about a bunch of misfits who want to half kill each other in order to gain some kind of emotional security in their lives? Life must suck if you need to feel like you’re that “BAD”, or you have that kind of need to attract attention to yourself for personal security and/or self-worth. Beating the hell out of another human being is gratifying? And no, I’m not some liberal (emotional cripple) nut-bag either.

    Whatever, bottom line? Give me back my SPEED programming, I won’t be watching until then.

  • eclipse2001gt

    Dish is no longer worth having with out the speed channel. FU Fox sports. Worse thing that ever happened to dish and all other company’s out there. I rather watch speed then some one kicking a fucking ball around. Who gives a shit about watching sports when there was speed you got to see how things were done and not seeing some dumb ass kicking a fucking ball or watching a foot ball game.

  • Fs!hater

    Yep screw fox and their big wigs. Speed is awesome. I paid extra on directv for 12 years just to keep speed. Fs1 how lame!!!!!


    REALLY! !!! Another generic sports channel. I have 200 channels many showing the same thing and you chose to kill SPEED. The great thing about cable is you could have a channel dedicated to motorsports and many other channels that covered what fs1 will now duplicate. Sad days for anyone who wants to see more than cars turning left.

  • Injundaddy

    What the eff !!!! The only freakin reason i put up with cable was for the speed channel. This is bull shit. Guess the fox nimrods think all of america watches ball sports.. Duh, hit ball, run fast duh.this sucks ass

  • race48pa

    what a stupid F’n mistake for all race fans, what are you A’HOLES THINKING? bring back speed and all commentators



  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.kline.98871 Richard Kline

    BOTH WERE & ARE ” BRAIN DEAD IDEA’S ” ! ! ! ! !

  • Adios cable subscription

    Just watched FS1′s “promise” in the above video link. What a crock of crap. Fox, we didn’t need or WANT Fox Sports One! What genius decided it was a good move? Who among the millions of automotive enthusiasts did you ask? Did you talk to anyone who doesn’t think that automotive programming begins and ends with NASCAR? Obviously not. You have made a huge, huge mistake, and the millions of TVs switching off, and people cancelling all or part of their cable/satellite subscriptions, will attest to it. You suck!

  • Philly Phenatic


  • Philly Phenatic

    Who the hell does your viewer surveys? This is the most ridiculous move ESPN and FOX has ever done. Another talking head sports show just like the other cookie cutter ones. SPEED was a dedicated project for the Motorsports sport. Just another reason to boycott FOX and ESPN who too many times think they can dictate to their customers (Former Customers)… LISTEN TO US! Bring the SPEED channel back !!!

  • Kenneth Beeson

    I have watched FS1 and HATE it. It is worse than ESPN Sports Center. I want my SPEED Channel Back!!!

  • Philly Phenatic

    You guys are going to go the way of CNN…… Lowest viewership !

  • VIC




  • Mike

    Just watching Fox Sports when I couldn’t find the Speed Channel. What the hell does Bill Cosby and Regis Philmin no about sports???????? God, give me back the speed channel! Amen
    What the hell is wrong with Comcast. As soon as I find another provider, Comcast is gone!

  • Mark Bair

    We want Speed back! As everyone else is saying, if we want to watch football or any other sports there are plenty of other channels to do so. This is the only channel that covers racing. Where are all of our shows now????

  • Mike

    Give us back Speed!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t need to watch Regis Philmin and Bill Cosby talk about crap that they don’t even know what they are saying. What a waste!

  • Amanda Buck

    Bring speed back. There is plenty of other sports channels. For the money I pay to have directv we should have 3 speed channels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Disappointed Dad

    This is a bad idea. Speed was a good place that motorhead dads could bond with their children and you took that away for another typical sports channel. Totally disgusted with this decision!

  • mike b.

    i will watch velocity t.v.and boycott all fox channel’s.

  • Vicky

    My husband is so pissed!!! We all watched pass time every night and now…nothing!!!
    Why would you just arbitrarily take away a channel that so many motor heads and their families loved?

  • mike b.

    watch velocity t.v.cool car show’s including all girl’s garage.

  • Jatecardan2

    How many more “Sports” channels can they add to the already “GAZILLION”, channels there are on our TV sets! They say “out with the old, in with the new”! What’s so new about another channel that shows the exact same thing as 95% of other sport channels!? Put The Speed Network back in it’s place on the cable programming. Get real people. Another sport network we don’t need! Pass, Overhaulin, Pinks All Out, and all the other great shows we do need. If you take that away from us, what’s left? Why not take a poll and find out just how many viewers would prefer the Speed Network over another Sports Network? Afraid of what you’ll find out? Do it! soon!

  • Speed Freak

    Retards what a stupid idea

  • joe dirt

    ru f–king out of your ever freaking mind we have enough sports channels speed was unique pass time,pinks,etc… fox1 get a clue

  • 67 Camaro

    are they out of their mind. I can’t live with out SPEED. bring it back. just like Comcast to expect you to pay $5.00 more for the good channels. FOX SUCKS

  • Michael Haakinson


  • foxsucks

    f you fox i dont care about football bring back speed you terd

  • Roger

    Without SPEED how are we going to get the news and need for speed????? We need the Motorsports channel back!!!! Why do the ball sports people screw with the Motorsports? I say put it back!!!! Without the Speed channel how are we going to get the young people interested in Motorsports

  • Phil

    What a bunch of crap. You’ve taken our only channel! You can kill FS1 by not watching it–boycott FS1!!! If you’re on Facebook, “Like” the We Want Speed Channel page and join almost 20,000 other people in protesting this.

  • you don not care

    fox you fucking suck will never watch” fuck s 1 “ever your all dick heads

  • aggravated

    I do NOT watch sports. After this maneuver I many never watch FOX news again. You have DESTROYED some extremely good programming. Everyone in the world is not a jock and could care less. I hope you go broke on this one! Next thing you know you will be endorsing some Liberal Agenda.

  • jessj

    I cant believe that they got rid of it!!!! Where can we watch PINKS and shows like that???? NOT HAPPY>>>>

  • Dan

    I have no need to pay for a channel that has nothing but CRAP! FOX sucks!!! BRING BACK SPEED!!!

  • mike b.

    ed delaney of fox sport’s should be fired.

  • JRB

    I signed up for a more expensive package because of Speed. With it gone, I have no reason to pay for a raft of channels I never will watch . . . including Fox Spurts 1.

  • JRB

    I signed up for a more expensive package because of Speed. With it gone, I have no reason to pay for a raft of channels I never will watch . . . including Fox Spurts 1.



  • 56 F100

    Great just great way to go fox, flops or is that fix… Saturday’s and Sunday mornings I always watched all of the car shows even repeats.
    There is already enough channels with overpaid a-holes playing games!!!
    I have always been a gearhead and proud of it I erased your crap channel off of my lineup.
    I only basically watched three channels and Speed was the only one I watched on the weekends.
    Its pretty bad when the Simpsons is the only thing you have left holding flops together.

  • Cindy

    No more motorsports on Fox Sports 1. Speed was dedicated to the car enthusiasts. I cancelled by subscription to Fox Sports 1 because I do not need another ball N stick program! Bring back what we motorsports fans want is Pinks, 2 Guys garage, NHRA today. Someone please start up a channel dedicated to motorsports as Speed was!!!

  • pissedOFFspeedFan

    AAARRRGGGGGHH!!!!!! FS1 is nothing more than ESPN in blue, and I can’t stand ESPN!!!!! (insert expletives here) I don’t give a royal rats ass about soccer, baseball, NFL or the rest, I just want my racing and my cars! What bonehead thought creating another ESPN, dressing it up in blue and labeling it “fox” was a good idea??!! Did you really think it would be warmly and widely accepted because you put the “fox” name on it??!! BRING BACK SPEED!!!!!!!!

  • Vikingjane74

    Seriously. This is nothing like SPEED. This new station (FS1) is crap. If I wanted to watch Football I would watch a sports channel. Bring back SPEED and its programming. There is nothing else like SPEED so why would you drop something that was unlike anything else on TV. This has caused a giant uproar at our house. My husband is ready to take out all the TVs in the house. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back the harmony in our family and bring back SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bring Back Speed

    Go here, “Like” this page, pass it along to anyone you know who feels the same, bring back Speed!


    FS1 sucks with a pasion!!!!!!!! why is it that everything that Fox touches it turns to crap!!! nascar is not enough to justify a race fan oriented channel!! like fs1 claims to be plus integrating other sports that we dont care or like….also we are FORCED to watch it because the NCCA franchise is being broadcasted there rather than ESPN this SUCKS I HOPE THEY REALIZE WHAT A BIG MISTAKE THIS WAS!!!!

  • JC3

    I left speed playing 24-7 in my garage whilst I worked….. Sad….

  • Michael Elsasser

    im like every 1 else. bring back NASGAR on speed. fox s 1 is scewing us. I WONT MY NASCAR AZZ HOLEZZZZZ

  • Michael Elsasser


  • Mike

    I like ALL things racing and NO other sports. Speed Channel was great. Fox1 sucks!! I have tried to watch it on several occasions, but never make it more than a few minutes without turning it off. Even when a racing program is on, they are constantly trying to cram a bunch of other garbage down our throats! I would rather watch a bad show about racing than anything they could ever put on about the thugs and dope heads that make up other sports.

  • fan of speed

    Fox what the HELL is wrong with you JERKS! Speed rocks FOX1 sucks. You may think its better but ask the fans (we are the ones that pay your bills) we will tell you what we want. I will never be a fan of F*^%$ O*^&%$ X*&^&^%

  • Sam

    I want my motorsports back! There are lots of other channels for everything else. Hate it!!

  • 1967hhm

    What on God’s green earth happened to SPEED Channel??
    FS1 you really stepped in it this time.
    Give us back our SPEED Channel or suffer a total loss of viewership and related$.
    I turned on FS1, saw Regis and a bunch of actor caricatures and almost puked.

  • Tom Nascar Fan

    Fox …I don’t follow one ball sports…Thanks for nothing

  • Dan

    I don’t care about some blonde sluts and steroid induced knuckle heads! I want the shows like Gearz, truck U!, extreme 4×4 and chop cut rebuild! I rarely watch tv but when I do I rock the shit out of speed channel. Kiss my ass fox sports!

  • Tim Winningham

    Speed is a Motorhead Channel. I was not looking for one ball games. There was Plenty of that already. Bring back SPEED!!!

  • F FSN1


  • Wannagofast

    This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not another sports channel. I want speed back. Where am I gonna watch my car shows now……

  • 1967xr7

    We don’t need another sports channel. I do not care about football, baseball, ufc fights, golf or volley ball. Speed and Velocity were the only motorsports channels and one of the reasons I got Dish for. I wish I could just drop espn, fox sports channels and PAY LESS MONEY for dish network. I guess I’ll have more time out in the garage now.


    FOX can kiss my “you know what”. If I wanted to watch Football
    or Basketball or any other lame sport I have all kinds of options. SPEED
    was for us Gear Heads and they took it away. I’m not happy. I
    believe that if any network dedicated Friday through Sunday to the Gear Heads
    they would have a large following. I’d be there!!!!! This is
    definitely going to be very detrimental to Auto Racing as a whole. If I were
    sponsoring a car or truck I would really be upset with the sudden loss of air time. We’re talking millions of viewers that probably aren’t
    going to be watching any more. NASCAR thought getting sponsors was hard
    before. Wait until next year. Sponsors rely on airtime. No air time no money!!!

  • Traveler1411

    Great…already missing autosports. Just what we need, another ESPN Knockoff. Coverage is terrible (who wants UFW?!). Thank God for Velocity Channel, at least some of the auto shows are there

  • Kim

    It stinks that the speed channel has been removed from dish, this channel was one of the most channels watched in our household. We learned a lot from the show gearz and all the other shows that had anything to do with fixing or building an engine,
    The shows pinks, monster jams overhauling, etc. were some of the best shows.
    We do not need any more channels that have football, baseball etc. there are to many channels with these shows.
    We do not have any channels that have what speed used to have,this channel needs to be about monster jam Mro,edge etc.

  • Pissed Off

    I freaking hate this change. They took every show that I liked and watched religiously and ripped them from my sight. As soon as I can I’m getting rid of Direct Tv for something that at least supports what I watch. Screw all those sports they replaced my hot rod shows with. Direct TV programmers most be a bunch of left hand smoking wussies. I truly hate this company now.

  • STWilson74

    This definitely sucks, Fox I don’t see a single reason for you to exist at this point, bring Speed back or get off my TV! I posted a complaint through Fox’s contact us link.

  • Old Auto Hobby

    FS1 Sucks.

    What were they thinking. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. What was wrong with SPEED. If they want to start a new network. I don’t care. But why throw away something great. All the garage shows have encouraged me to continue to DIY all my car repair and modifications. I guess I will just have to read my Hot Rod Magazine over and over again. Since there are not Hot Rod related shows on SPEED.
    I would cancel cable altogether. But I get no signal at all where I live. The radio is not that bad I guess.

  • frogbern

    Put the speed channel back!

  • DirkB

    Yet another channel for the sports chuckle-heads? Sheesh I think we have 40+ sports channels on our cable. Ridiculous. Kill your TV.

  • Pat

    This channel sucks now, I wanna watch racing not a bunch of other bullshit, the whole reason I upgraded my tv package was to get more NASCAR stuff . This sucks

  • Wesley

    I want my speed channel back!!!!!

  • Junkiestone

    I usually have Speed Channel on while I’m working in the garage. I don’t watch Football, Baseball etc. We already have ESPN for that…
    I just looked at Fox Sports West and they are showing High School Football!
    Who watches HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL anyway!?!?!!! Seriously?
    Screw you FOX! Bring back Speed!

  • needspeed

    The people responsible for the replacing Speed with FS1 need to have their heads examed. They are missing some gears. Bring back Speed.

  • caracer24

    my / is WHY this part of the racing family there was no waning you just took it off nothing said. I have been watching speed sence the it started put it back on I dont see Fox Sport 1 having the same coverage as speed did. the local channels dont have the coverage of racing like speed did as a race to the FOX managent from a big racing fan PLEASE PUT SPEED BACK ON for the all racing fans.

  • Gene

    Fox sports is not telling nothing but football like espn, that’s a bunch of crap bring back speed we need nascar!





  • Dave

    Damn, you guys sure did kill a good channel (SPEED) just to bring one more channel of stick and ball sports! Tried to watch FS1 a bit, but where the heck did you dig up the dummies you have for announcers, and Regis on a Sports Network?

  • Nobody

    First of all, I grew up as a “motor head” with fast cars. I can care less about stupid ass football, basketball, or whatever other “over-paid” sports there are tossing a ball around. My advice to you, stop screwing around around with channels. Bottom line is you really don’t have a clue what people what to watch.

    Thanks for nothin!

  • mike b.

    bring back speed channel & lost drive-in with bruce dern.

  • speedy

    FS1 should have followed Speed’s program format, now this little coverage of nascar and if you want to see Nationwide or the truck practice if you have TWC you are going to have to pay for FS2. What a ripoff, I no longer watch FS1

  • Bill Lyons Sr.

    it will only cost me $8.95 – NOT!

  • rick

    watching sprint cup practice now on fox1 not in HD when I had speed it was and I pay extra for that.PISSES ME OFF when I pay for it to be in HD I want it in HD FOX SUCKS thanks from all us motorheads .I hope your channels bomb.

  • Mad_Motorhead

    A copy of ESPN or Fox sports. Great just what we need. Bring back speed. I am canceling my sports package with my provider. Thanks Fox, you suck!!

  • fuels94

    Fox needs to get there head out of there a$$. Speed was for all the motor, gear heads that wanted to watch car stuff. So we can enjoy working on our own things. There are so many other sport channels why we need another football, baseball crap? I’m sticking to Spike TV on the weekends since they have excellent car programs… FS1 needs too hear the feedback or they will loose a lot of business.

  • GearHead101

    Total BS! Us gearheads need to call Fox and make a verbal complaint! The last thing we need is yet another sports channel. WE WANT OUR SPEED TV! NOWWWWW!!!

  • Al

    Fox tv sucks… Take over the world and ruin all that we love.

  • Roughneck

    I have been trying to watch FS it not what I want. It is just like every other sports channels including ESPN. Why can’t I get what I want? I’m paying for it. I want my Speed Channel back!!!!


    Auto racing and auto minded Americans are just that,…Americans and all over this country. I went to the track at Islip Speedway, Long Island every weekend with my Dad and Uncle when I was a kid. I later to moved to Oklahoma and while here got season tickets to Texas Motor Speedway that holds 250,000 people! Tennessee, California, Kansas, Pennsylvania, etc…. This is an American sport and WE ALL WATCHED ONE CHANNEL…SPEED!! You FOX Executives need to figure it out and realize that you DID SCREW UP! If we want to watch football, baseball, soccer, etc…we can go to a plethora of other channels. THIS ONE WAS OURS. GIVE IT BACK!!!!

  • Jose Martinez

    you guys suck eggs. change it back or get sprayed by a skunk, how you like that for ” ‘Murican channel” buttholes.

  • Baja Bob

    one more to agree with B. Evans fox 1 sucks


    i have the need for speed!!




    There are enough sports channels, this is, at the very least, BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!!!!


    TOTAL BOYCOTT – I AM DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I can’t express how disappointed I am. I know this thread is old but after seeing what FS1 has done I just had to say, FS1 you ruined what use to be a great channel for those of us who love all things “NASCAR”. I sure hope someone see’s that this was a huge mistake & brings back another “Speed” like channel & every single “Speed” program that’s now dead in the water.

  • Rusty

    Don’t like it! My dish bill will be less time to down grade the dish package.

  • champcar crew chief

    25 year veteran of professional motorsport nothing will be like Speed Channel you made a big mistake. no matter how you try it’s junk. Everyone I know in the industry is freaked out. Fox Is BUNK. every mechanic every PR person every professional crew member and Drivers are very disappointed. So what you going to do?

  • Bill

    The only true sports channel for cars is gone. What the hell are they thinking. Probably some young guy gets in there and doesn’t like Nascar

  • Ras

    I can not for the life of me figure out what the hell are you guys thinking? If i wanted to whatch foot ball , or base ball. I could just turn to another sport channel . There are alot of them. Only one raceing channel. What the hell are you guys thinking.I love Nascar and Speed channel. Now you guys lost a viewer.Fox 1 stinks!!!!!!!!! Thanks for nothing

  • dave

    Turned on this new channel and must say I feel like I’m watching espn. If I wanted another espn I would ask for it.Whoever is in charge of getting rid of speed should be fired and never be able to work in the entertainment industry PERIOD….Not even as a clown at a childs birthday party….Very pissed motorsports fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Be Good

    Do you have any idea how hard it is to clown at a child’s birthday party? Don’t post about clowns unless you tried it. Ignorant non-clown.

  • thebreeze

    Yeah Fox, what are you thinking? Another sports channel in an over crowded market in the cable industry, Did it ac cur to you that you have pissed off sports lovers that enjoy the speed channel? The only difference between you & your competition is that you added some tits. That makes it a non family network. Put Speed back!

  • hate fox

    u suck speed was the only channel u ruined it motor heads don’t care about stick and ball sports .guese ill get my info elsewhere f u !

  • hate fox

    hope u crumble I sure wont support u

  • Scott MacGyverjonez Evans

    Fox sports can go to hell!!! I hardly watch tv, but when I do it’s usually speed channel. Fox, please kindly take a long walk down a short pier.

  • joe smoe

    So this channel is great, fine put it on for the people who want it, BUT why can the speed channel, if there a problem with having BOTH, or is that to hard for your corporate mind to figure out..STUPIDDDDDD

  • kawasakiracer

    Give us back the Speed Channel. I could really give a rats butt about another station showing football, soccer, rodeo, or anything else other than motorsports. I stopped watching Fox 5 NYC over a decade ago, and refuse to watch any kind of Fox sports other than the Speed channel. Give us back Speed, or I will denounce Fox every chance I get.

  • ParisTNDude

    Sorriest news in television. Speed was always my first place to go when I turned on the TV. When they continued to show never ending episodes of Chop Cut Rebuild and others, I knew something was up. I’ve removed the channel from my favorites and wouldn’t watch their sport channel for any reason. Shame on you, Fox.

  • Don

    I loved speed great shows for anyone who liked cars and racing. fox sports 1 is nothing but a another espn. 30 minutes of Nascar and you never no when. The dumbest thing you ever did. I don’t even watch it anymore. Fox, you suck, screwed up a really good show.

  • Dorothea

    This sux….. You do NOT share my passion FOR THE SPEED….. I may like English Premiere soccer…. but, NASCAR Anglophiles are few in number…. Bring back the car auctions, wind tunnel, qualifying….. I do NOT need another football channel


    In the need for some speed!!

  • MHO350SS

    This new channel sucks!!! We want SPEED back!!! I can watch the other sports on any channel. We did not need another one. BOOOOO to FS1!!!!

  • pajeffro

    Thanks for creating yet another channel that I will never watch. RIP Speed Channel… you will be missed.

  • Anonymous

    This really sucks… Just ask Jimmy Johnson.. He can’t play baseball, or football.. He only knows how to drive a racecar… That is all he ever trained to do. .. Like Jimmy, I don’t either. I don’t give a damn about football, tennis, hockey, baseball… I like cars, airplanes, boats, and motorcyles… Speed was about the only reason I had a TV other than Fox news…

  • pissedoffspeedfan

    Fox is a bunch of shit, their all pieces of shit.

  • P.Hasty

    It appears that the assholes running the Fox Channels especially Fox Sports1 are the presidents of the more money than brains club being that they took it upon themselves to completely destroy the Speed channel and put on a bunch of stupid crap that all the viewers that were watching the speed channel don’t care about. They cannot understand that they cannot force feed all this sports crap to viewers that are interested in automotive shows so what happens when their viewership goes down the toilet and they can’t get viewers to come back once they have left their shows?

  • 6Speed


  • Disappointed Nascar Speed Fan

    Tired of fighting for Nascar…. you lose…..I will not pay for more…..so cable out and I guess if its not online will have to listen to radio….tired of paying 80 dollars a month just to get nascar and now you want me to pay more….no not this time….you lose…I lose…….time to draw the line……as if we need more football comentary, who really listens to them except other sportscasters….

  • rob

    Bring speed back! You can’t show soccer and nascar on the same channel! Where are our car shows? Fs1 sucks!!!!!

  • Jeff

    FS 1 SUCKS that is for sure …

  • Shawn Ross

    FS1 sucks! Why did they feel the need to add another sports news channel! I loved watching speed and all the programs were entertaining and educational for people who love anything to do with motorsports! Boycott all Fox channels and see just how long this switch will last!

  • Dirtbiking

    Where’s the monster trucks, the rock crawlers and the mud racers? keep your soccer and football on ESPN, ESPN2 and all the other stations…..this sucks… I hope someone fills the void and you lose viewers. if it wasn’t for animation sunday I’d say F%*k FOX

  • We Want Speed

    Go here, Like this page, send to all of your FB gearhead friends to do the same: https://www.facebook.com/WeWantSPEED

  • webguydave

    F*** you, FOX!!!! How dare you just throw away Speed!! Tell the ‘suits’ I’ll never watch any FOX programming again! Soccer?? Give me a break!! Give me back Speed and all the the good gearhead programming!!!!

  • Leftist Motorsports Fan

    From the network that brought you InsHannity and Limpballs….

  • wcb39

    I plan on making sure I don’t watch any Fox channels. This is insane. Bring Speed back…..please!!!!!

  • crankgrinder

    Someone PLEASE! Pickup Gearz, Two Guys Garage, Chop Cut Rebuild, Truck U. I’m going to sell my TV if all I can watch is Amish Mafia or other harbor the fugitive shows

  • mr_mumbles

    What tbe heck some of us like speed channel im a musclehead and love my pinks all out pass time ect.. tottally ruined a pefectly good channel line up.. Tottally outraged in colorado!!!

  • mr_mumbles

    DITTO !!!!!

  • Kathy Thomas

    My husband needs the speed channel back. I love and want him happy. So where can I find Pass Time, Pinks and Barrett Jackson…

  • Watching Morons being Morons

    what moron thought this one up? Y a know, Speed was the best channel available and I wouldn’t have chosen my carrier if they did not have it. My family and I are motorsport fans and we had many Saturday Motocross Races and Nascar in the eve. I hope you realize that you have made millions unhappy and given a chance we will retaliate!

  • madmacdad

    Give me speed! I’m very unhappy , to say the least , with Fox and Charter Cable for letting this happen! I’m no longer getting what I was paying for. Another sports channel except with no targeted audience, IDIOTS! It will crash and burn and I’ll love it. LISTEN UP FOX …. WE NEED OR SPEED BACK!

  • madmacdad

    Give me speed! I’m very unhappy , to say the least , with Fox and Charter Cable for letting this happen! I’m no longer getting what I was paying for. Another sports channel except with no targeted audience, IDIOTS! It will crash and burn and I’ll love it. LISTEN UP FOX …. WE NEED OR SPEED BACK!

  • Phil

    BRING BACK SPEED CHANNEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BUGMAN 426


  • Edward

    This sucks. I loved Speed TV! Not going to watch FS1

  • Interceptor

    So, what do I need to do to watch MotoGP ,World Superbike and AMA racing…move to Europe?!

  • Dodge Boy

    it goes to show how far these network idiots have their heads up their “asses”!

  • gmw

    So I flip on the channel expecting to find speed and what’s there But Fox1. Ohh boy!!! what could be better than more high school football and 8 straight hours of Mark Cuban interviews? That sucks, I can’t believe I’m spending that much money for this junk.


    WTF ??? How could they get rid of the best network for car enthusiast? BS! What about Pinks All Out, Gears, Chop Cut Rebuild, Pass Times, Horse Power TV!!?!?!?!?!? IM SO OUTRAGED. HOW COULD FOX DO THIS. Better yet, HOW COULD SPEED ALLOW SUCH ACQUISITION?

  • guest

    I loved Speed Channel and Hate the New Channel


    This was the single most stupid move ever…. Dumber that shit on a stick. Seems to me… it was too white for TV…LOL… I was told it was a mostly white audience and they didnt want that going into the next 20 years where the USA changes into … well… let’s see if we are even her in 20 years… We have lost our minds. But we sure do need more fat linemen yapping about football… LOL. WOW

  • Bill

    I wonder if any of those over paid Talking Heads will read this. On Friday night my family would sit down and have dinner and watch what ever motor sports was on. Not Soccer. We have decided to turn off the Boob tube. I would watch Fox news in the morning not any more. If I wanted to watch any of the Stick and ball sports, I think We had ESPN. Not any more

  • darkermilky

    What a bunch of crap. This new channel sucks.

  • Pissed off Gear Head

    Monster Jam! Pinks! On the Edge! What now. Replace a great channel with the same bullshit! My 3 year old son and I are gear heads and Speed Channel was our favorite. Fox starts another channel like the other 50 bullshit sports channels. Gear heads boycott all Fox channels. How dare they call FS1 “Merican”. What a joke.

  • Quietmasses

    Can’t believe a good channel got replaced by a copycat poser channel for the intelligently challenged. Shows the direction of the country.

  • bkbellmore

    Bring back Speed, Leave the rest to ESPN…..


    Fuck You Fox!!!!
    UFC FIGHT NIGHT???????

  • bevvolee

    I miss Victory Lane and all the other NASCAR shows. I think FOX screwed up BIG TIME!!

  • bevvolee

    I wonder if we all go to Fox Sports and voice our complaint directly if it would help. I’m going to their FB page to voice my distaste on dropping SPEED – alot more people will read it there!!

  • Keith Thomas

    With the passing of SpeedChannel Fox has once again proven that they’re trying to reach audiences with no real interest in cars, racing, or anything mechanical in nature. Fox has once again created “pablum” tv for people with no real interest in motorsports. Thanks but NO Thanks….FOXSUX

  • bronco7883

    freeking bs for all of us gearheads take away the best channel on tv then replace it with just another sports channel like I don’t have 10 already whoever made that decision should be fired nothing for us gearheads now thanks for nothing no more pinks, pastime, muscle car, trucks, hotrod, we all loved them. Fox sports get bent a holes

  • Richard Head

    Fs1 NOT ON MY TV’s Garbaaaaaage


    There,s already a lot of Football,Baseball, Soccer, etc channels we really didn,t need another one. As far as Nascar there coverage it is weak. A lot of us Car Guys what car shows. Bring them back It is not only good entertainment ,it is good for the aftermarket industry,tool industry etc. BRING BACT THE SPEED CHANNEL THERE,S A NEED FOR SPEED

  • hotrod todd

    Out of the many channels that are offered, Speed was the only one I found worth watching. I suppose I’ll get more reading done now and save money by cancelling my cable TV.

  • energy88

    Whoever is responsible for this insane business decision should lose their bonus and job as well as the next 2 levels of management they report to.

  • need for speed

    Really, another sports channel?. The speed channel was the only reason I get cable TV. I will never see any fox channel on my live. Shame on you.

  • Guest

    Really…..like there needs to be another sports channel!

  • ironbutt bubba

    FS1 sucks BIGTIME,, FU fox, now we can watch more of the same crap stick&ball BS as all the other so called “sports networks”

  • Desert viewers

    PLEASE bring back the Speed channel format. We pay for it, we want it back.
    Our cable bill hasn’t been reduced. What’s up?…..

  • Tom Kelly Jr.

    This channel sucks, we already have enough sports channels, bring back the speed channel..!!!

  • gearhead

    really?! another sports network…..give speed channel back, I can catch sports on 200 other stations. I hope FS1′s rating fall off the chart to never been seen again. idiot’s !

  • Jessica Grove

    The changes that Fox has made to the Speed Channel is beyond the pale. I would make it analogous to Fox taking over HGTV and making only 20% of the content about homes and gardening. We miss Race Hub every night at the same time, NASCAR practice and qualifying, Wind Tunnel, sports car racing, special car programming, etc. Now Fox is just like NBC and ABC…another channel that has nothing special to offer car lovers and race car followers. Fox should be ashamed of itself.

  • AnimalJim Feurer

    Where the hell is Pass Time? What happened to all the Speed programs? DTV 214 and 219 suck! I see Brett Wagner is going to be on Sam Auxier’s on line radio show again. Monday night 7-9 EST. Perhaps Brett can shed some light. I love Pass Time. Last time Brett was Sam’s guest , I was on right after. This time Brett will share the 2 hours with John Force and Dina Parise. I hope I am not too busy to listen in.
    According to Phil Burgess, Force is to make some announcement this week end.

  • AnimalJim Feurer

    I hope Pass Time comes back.

  • rpmlube

    Fox sports channel sucks , what happen to all the good car shows. I to what my Speed channel back.

  • rpmlube

    I agree with you gofastdad

  • rpmlube

    Yeah bring Speed Chanel back

  • Wendell Cheek

    Oh well motor heads and race fans, Fox was kind enough to leave us a few crumbs; we can enjoy those race cars that turn left. Yeah………… after all, NASCAR is the only motorsport those BALLERS and their die hard disciples know of. remember the fat head commercials? A NASCAR pin-up along with wide receiver’s, quarterback’s, NBA players.

    All about the benjamins, All……….about………….the benjamins…………

  • mak

    Just what we need — another Fox Sports network where all the guys do is yell out stats. How lucky can we be.

  • Gerald

    FS1 sucks! There are too many sports networks now! We sure as hell don’t need another one! Who’s the genius that thought this was a good idea! As Trump says, you’re fired!

  • Allison Hall

    We like football but don’t want to watch it on our race channel. And we absolutely hate boxing. The coverage of the race is not up to our usual expectations, leaving out some of the most critical parts of the race. Please put the SPEED Channel back as it was.

  • Allison Hall

    We like football but don’t want to watch it on our race channel. And we absolutely hate boxing. The coverage of the race is not up to our usual expectations, leaving out some of the most critical parts of the race. Please put the SPEED Channel back as it was.

  • m warner

    FOX , do you have any idea how many motor racing fans are out there and are not interested in watching news about football, baseball, soccer, hockey on their auto channel?. There are hundreds of thousands of us. You know how many people are in the stands every week at a race (at least 100,000) more than ten times of that watching from home. what are you going to do about The internationally known huge and famous auto auctions from vegas, palm beach etc? You will find this to be a huge mistake.

  • moose

    I keep reading these PR articles that say that we will be getting motorsports coverage on fs1 so i just checked their lineup for this afternoon while there is a lot of motorsports action going on and fs1 is showing two hours of policemen and firemen playing football. Somebody please fill the void for motorsports and gearhead programming.

  • dlmiller

    SPEED Channel fans are not going to follow you and pay extra to see NASCAR events since you will also be showing football, baseball, and probably ping pong and beach badmitten or some such thing. Advertisers should also be extremely upset by this change. If we don’t pay, we don’t see their ads and then we don’t buy their products. Whoever made the decision to do away with SPEED and try to pick our pockets even further if we want to watch NASCAR has made an extremely grave error. I used to watch FOX for some shows . . . no longer! Goodbye FOX, hope you wise up and see what a bad decision you have made.

  • Porschelover928

    Great they killed everything automotive on TV except NASCAR, now what channel do I watch with cars that turn right? Bring speed back!

  • Fred Cox

    I am a little late but I don’t care for Fox Sports 1. I do not watch football, baseball, soccer, golf, basketball. Only car racing, etc. I will be waiting for the speed channel to return when Fox Sports 1 fails.

  • PappyBear

    I am so irritated that Speed Channel was removed and replaced by F1. I looked forward to seeing the per race show and all of the other shows Speed offered for motor sports fans. Bring back Speed and drop F1 which sucks any way.

  • AnimalJim Feurer

    ESPN2 Z-Max qualifying at 3 AM. Half hour late–and it was only a condensed hour. Never showed all the Pro Stocks–or Bikes at all. NASCAR is fixed—and locally—The Late Model and Modified Championships at Peoria Speedway–we planned to go to today-well after a long drought–it is f–ing raining here. Peoria Speedway got rained out 12 weeks in a row this spring. It also messed up our early events at our new SandTrap Dirt Motor Sports facility here in Lacon, IL.
    Even our annual Car Show–that we held at the new Marshall County Sandtrap and even had Don Garlits there-it poured at 11.05 Right after Don shut off his cackle fest Swamp Rat. The huge crowd around Don had to run for cover as Don and his crew scurried to batten down the hatches. I had 3 damn cars of my own sitting in the rain.
    Two of my old race cars, Zeke and The Big Animal and my immaculate 64 Galaxie orig R code. What a mess!
    I think I am going to go back to watching football on TV! LOL!

  • WillieK

    Speed was my favorite channel!!! Like the other posts said, you can watch all the other sports on numerous channels. I want my speed channel back!!!

  • unhappy

    i am truly disappointed at the loss of speed my husband and i love that channel fs1 does not dedicated itself to the nascar familys or any other racing familys it is dishearting to know that they can just toss away a channel that was promised to us in our comcast package the least you could have done was find a new channel for your fs1 and left speed alone…. i hope fs1 sinks and i hope espn kicks your butt…

  • blstevahn

    At the end of the NASCAR 2013, And with out the Speed channel. I will stop paying for sports channels that I have never turn to in more than fox one ways. Yes its small caps! The NEED FOR SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fox you lost.

  • Robb

    Same here Charliee, I had to go to the next tir with Dish, I am cancelling now to go with cable, I will not grace Fox by even watching FS1, not even for qualifying, I will find all of that online and just watch the race. TruckU is now on GAC and dish want to charge me to get the channel added. Bunch of BS just to watch all of the shows that we could get in one place.

  • Madat fox1

    We miss the Motorcross sports and the different shows on SPEED, everyone does the other sports, baseball, football etc, but what about the MotorCross Sports lovers???

  • Meris
  • Meris

    We didn’t need another sports channel, we’re race fans. If Fox won’t get their heads out of their A#@ hopefully someone else will start another racing channel. I paid additional to have Speed cause it wasn’t available on basic and would do so again!

  • RedGoat

    FS1–watered down sports! Way to diversified–this channel is like kiss’n your sister–it’s just doesn’t work. It sure missed up my early morning TV and wake up coffee. Thanks FS1—NOT!

  • a1942

    I think that these people don’t know how many people they pissed off by doing away with speed chanel they had of other kinds of programs on it that I liked I don’t care about football or baseball because they are all over paid and just don’t watch i’m going to go lower since they did away with it that was one reason we left direct was because they did away with speed but I guess they have it back i’m going to check and if they do I might change

  • proginator

    ..so no more motogp broadcasts?..can’t believe it!..those braindead redneck nascar-loving losers appear to have killed mainstream north-American coverage of one of the most advanced/exciting motorsports ever developed..maybe it is EOD afterall!!

  • FoxSucks

    Like we didn’t have enough F###ing ball sport stations already?

  • Jim



    Bring back speed channel. Fox sports one sucks.That was the only channel i could escape to when unwatchable basketball and soccer and every other boring ass sport is being aired.THANKS FOR DESTROYING A GREAT STATION TO TRY AND BEAT ESPN, MORONS

  • Jeff Nicodemus

    Forrest Gump said it best…Stupid is as stupid does….Fox Sports 1 stinks…I sure hope Speed comes back somewhere else…it was “the only reason” I paid for upgraded digital TV. Come back SPEED!

  • Georg

    Put Speed back Or I will cancel my direct tv

  • Vic

    I am from the UK and look forward to the SPEED channel every six months when I visit the US only to find FS1… instead? In my opinion, FS1 is another run of the mill boring sports channels, and there was me thinking AMERICA did it better !! Well done to all that made the decision to scrap the SPEED channel… you’ve now joined the rest of the cloned world.

  • Spike

    This sucks ….like we need another football channel.



  • Robinmemaw

    Missing the Speed Channel

  • Lisa Tinney

    This is ridiculous! I watched the speed channel for the Nascar stuff. Now I have to go to the internet for it? What about those like my mother who don’t have internet. She liked to switch to Speed for updates on Nascar, now she cannot do that! Take FS1 off the air and give us back our Speed!

  • gofastdad

    Follow me to Velocity! F.U. Fox!! They had the chance to take something and make it better. Instead they chose to try to clone a powerhouse like Sportcenter with Regis Philbin???I will make it a point not to watch!

  • HG

    THIS SUCKS!!!!! I want cars, not more Fuckin’ footballl !!!!!!!!!!!! BRING BACK SPEED !!!!!!

  • marga

    NO red blooded AMERICAN cares about British soccer!!! Fox you screwed up

  • Bahku

    Terrible, terrible decision, and I am now not going to watch any other channel that is connected to FOX Sports network … you should be ashamed!!

  • Michelle

    This is so stupid by Fox. Myself and my husband loved the Speed Channel. We are not into football, golf and other stuff like on the new Fox 1 channel. I miss Stacy Davis and chop cut and rebuild. Im into cars not Nascar’s but truely Street Rods. Really Fox get the Speed channel back. Must be dum football jocks running the network or some stupid old cheerleaders who love football and golf.

  • MG

    I will never watch FS1!!! No matter what is on, I will boycott!!!

  • mike b.

    thank god for velocity t.v.

  • cary morris

    bring back SPEED channel way to many stupid stick and ball sports channels

  • Irate you 0

    Really Fox? Are you betting on a wining outcome with the likes of a perennial loser like McNabb? I’m a lifelong Eagles fan, and he didn’t hold my interest when he was an Eagle. I’m blaming the loss last week on Andy Reed and D. M., just because they were both in the stadium. What makes you think race fans would prefer to hear him talk? More blah, blah, blah. Dumb move! We want Speed!

  • Phillip

    Leave it too FOX to screw things up.. SPEED Was the best Car Enthusiast Channel .. Gave the Best inside coverage of NASCAR.. FOX SPORTS 1 Is the lowest Crap now Fox has done !!!!!!

  • gbenson3

    F1 gone. V8 supercars gone. FIA endurance gone. FIA world rally gone.
    Complain all you want and it sucks but Fox does not care. Fox sports is only interested in making $$ It will be Euro Soccer, MMA, Baseball and Football.
    Forget about anything international.
    It wont work – it has been tried before. Fox only uses sports as a platform to advertise its other programming anyway.

    Best to hope is that CBS or NBC pick up whatever you want to see and it aint gonna be on FS1, 2, 3 or 4.

    I should know. I work there.

  • Letha Keene

    AMERICA WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T WATCH THIS CHANNEL. Don’t watch what they want you to watch and they just may bring back what you want to watch!

  • Wayne Newman

    The absolute worse!!!! Sporadic HD coverage and just what we needed, more talking bobble heads spouting their opinions.



  • Jay Wilson

    The new channel to put it mildly.. it just SUCKS!!! Bring back the Speed Channel!

  • machinegun

    put speed as we knew-it and loved-it back where it belongs . ” Change doesn’t always make for better” M.G.P.

  • nodough

    I get up on the weekends,Grab my coffee and the boy and I head for the speed network.
    Fox and their Money has succeded in eliminating a visual learning time with my boy before our Garage time starts. His referrals to I saw This on gearz was always a good referral point.
    F U fox sports

  • Weneedspeed

    Jake O’ whoever you are, you’re a condescending asshole. Not everyone that watches racing is a stupid redneck with 12 kids. It’s obvious by your column you’re being paid to defend Fox. Do they realize you’re insulting the very people you’re trying to persuade? Do you think we’re so stupid that we won’t sense your sarcasm? Fox replaced good ‘ole racing and everything else automotive with soccer? How could that possibly attract the same crowd? Now on Sunday morning instead of an interview with a modest champion like Matt Kenseth, I’m expected to watch a diamond clad, fur wearing, full-of-himself Randy Moss tell me why he’s better than any of today’s receivers? The last thing I need is another panel of former criminals turned NFL players telling me what to watch for in today’s games. Those arrogant assholes are the reason I don’t even acknowledge football season until the Sprint Cup has been awarded.

  • apintonut .

    who do we complain to? maybe if they get to many emails they will give back the speed tv

  • JaketheSnake

    Why not voice your opinion with money… FS1 must have sponsors… just don’t buy from them and let the sponsors know why. We want our car stuff back!!!!

  • Debra Gardner

    i do not like fox sports one or two.There is enough football on the other sports channels.The speed channel was fine the way it was.A lot of nascar fans can not get fox sports two.Nascar has really screwed there nascar fans .Fox sports sucks!

  • Rodney Sterling

    Fox Sports 1 will never be SPEED Channel. FS1 sucks, and will never replace SPEED. Quit thinking you are bigger than your fans and bring SPEED back. I will never watch FS1. You just lost a fan,

  • HANS

    FOX you have succeded now there is less soccer less motorsport, remind you soccer is the worlds by far biggest sport, but no you in your none democratic way shopped us down to size calling us rednecks. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.
    Last Friday we had WM qualifier soccer and USA won their match, you did not eve mention that.
    You are a sorry bunch!

  • chevyman87

    FS1 SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! put speed back on. i love all the show that was there. i dont even like FS1 they are trying to take over all the good tv channels.

  • 75NOVA

    I cant belive this. I loved the SPEED channel. As a die hard car guy that is mostly the only channel I watched beside Velocity. I would wake up early every weekend morning for POWERBLOCK TV. What happend to this were can I watch HOTROD TV now. I don’t want to sit and watch a bunch of retarded washed up football players talk about how many yards some player got and if this guy is using steroids. SPEED was an educational channel there isn’t anything like it on now. We have enough stupid sports channel already did we really need the people who brought us American Idol trying to tell us about NASCAR. Since SPEED has gone I have cancled my cable subscription.

  • cjtpa

    Absolute crap. Want speed! Too many sports channels! Fox u suck!

  • Lisa paboojian

    So many people have loved and watched the speed channel, including myself.
    Speed had to do with NASCAR- fox 1 doesn’t even compare . Us who watched Speed enjoyed the all the Speed shows. Verizon still has the Speed channel!
    why dont all these fans know the true petty reason why there is no more Speed on certain cable companies.
    All due to a disagreement over the contract!!! I myself thing verizon and speed should come to some type of agreement before you lose customers over this!!!

  • very upset in michigan

    if you guys at fox needed another frickin sports channel for football and basketball,then you should have created one. not take our racing and our hotrods away.

  • JoeBaum

    Boycott FS1. Petition ABC to pick up all the “cast-off” Speed programming and put it on ESPN3.

  • MissingSpeedChannel

    Come on… why in the world did you get rid of the Speed Network? There are too many general sports channels on now. Bring it back!

  • mike b.

    shows now on mav-tv channel 214 on direct tv

  • PS

    I can’t believe Passtime will never be available to me again. That finished my winter depression off nicely! SHEESH! Ken what have you and Brett done to make the tv people angry with you?

  • 007scallywag .

    There are way too many channels covering all the other xcrapx.

  • 007scallywag .


  • 007scallywag .


  • Raymond Borgman

    This pisses me off the more time goes by.

  • charles

    this is BS, i don’t know what the f is happing in racing any more without a speed channel. I know stick and ball fans that miss the speed channel.
    When the fuck was nascar awards show was on?
    and racehub on fox 1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What The Fuck Time dose it com,e on? 9am, 130pm 4pm 2 am 1202pm WHEN?
    who are the over thinkers that got rid of speed…..
    if i am goig to watch stick and ball news its going to be on ESPN, because fox SUCKS.
    at lease espn channels are all grouped together…..

  • Tech Dad

    My Question is: How can people get paid as much as they do to make programing decisions, and not have a bit of common sense. How did they put it again? Oh yes, “…and lots of racing!” That’s what they said? Just in case the only person at the board meeting that understands this was too afraid to say something (people like to stay employed), I will say it. There is a BIG difference between “a show about cars” and coverage of a race.
    OK. Lets put it in football terms. There are people that like to go to a football game, watch it on TV or BBQ in the parking lot. Yes, we call them spectators (consumers of sports). People who watch. Few of them play. On the other hand there are people that go to the gym, work out, practice and watch programs about PLAYING the game. Whatever sport it might be. They do not just watch it. They live it and want programs about other people like them that do it too or give you advice on your own game or sport.
    Some people like to watch racing. Some people LOVE CARS. Do I really have to explain any more to people who should have enough education, experience and focus groups, to know this. Your grandmother knows better. It is very unlikely that people that watch racing will ever own a racing team. However, most people that watch programing ABOUT cars most likely DO get under the hood with their son or daughter, build a 4×4, have a family team that races quarter midgets or at the local drag racing track.
    They own a beat up stock car. And the name of the business their grandparents started is painted on the side. When you visit their store, you see the car on the trailer out back and on the wall next to dad’s office is a photo of that car and all the trophies they won. When you go to the local car stereo shop, you meet people that are there buying products they saw advertised on SPEED and they are about halfway into a custom build of an old Vista Cruiser that now has the powertrain from a Toronado visible in the back glass.
    A SPEED viewer might be the guy down the street that has two lawn mowers. One for cutting the grass and the other one that he races a couple of times each month. The kid that works for him just purchased 22′s for his baby and his best friend is into rock crawling. A SPEED viewer is more likely to be the guy, who next April, will be celebrating the 50th anniversary with his Mustang. And the car still looks as good to him as his wife. What about the woman who never cared about cars until she just had to have that little convertible Karmann Ghia. Now she is a car girl.
    The people who were fans of SPEED CHANNEL are people that do not just watch the programs, they go to the car shows, they build the rods and they BUY the products the sponsors advertised on those programs. Because what you see on SPEED TV, you can do, or buy or restore or build or show or race. And you can share it with everyone else that has the same fire for things with 2 wheels or 4 wheels or tracks or props or spinners or chrome. That is the difference between a viewer and a doer. The doer is a buyer and a lover of the stuff.
    We live it. FS1 killed it. I have always liked everything about FOX. Until now. Bad move. For a lot of us. I hope we can find all those programs on internet TV.
    Tech Dad

  • Hansen

    I always started Saturday morning with Gears, Chop, Cut ,Rebuild, Hot Rod Magazine and Two Guys Garage. Why? Because these shows actually taught you something about mechanics. Another sports channel is just more a-muse-ment. Do you know what that word means? To muse means to think. A-muse is to not think. So an a-muse-ment park is a place to go in order to stop thinking. I would much rather have these car building shows which cause me to think.
    I addition ,although I am originally from the west coast, I have been on the east coast for the past 40 years. Shows like Chop, Cut, Rebuild and Hot Rod Magazine remind me of my SoCal days. call it comfort television.
    Think hard about bringing back this line up of shows because the rally racing on Velocity just doesn’t cut it for a SoCal hot rodder. And another general sports channel is like another silver, Honda Accord. Yawn.

  • utah

    Fox Sports 1 & 2 + motororsports + soccer and MLB? =who thought this up÷ need to upgrade tv paackage to see= ill check race results online.

  • guest

    there needs to be a dedicated motorsports network,, that was speed,, another watered down multisports network is just that, same ol same ol. Bring back motorsports and all it includes.. Speed vision and Speed network filled the demand… fox… we will not watch your new programing unless its a game not offered elsewhere… We would watch Speed though.

  • Nick Chicone

    What happen to past time I left my cable company to go Directv and made sure they offer it So I change and Now This happen…I don’t watch Basketball..What a Shame

  • Nick Chicone

    What happen to past time I left my cable company to go Directv and made sure they offer it So I change and Now This happen…I don’t watch Basketball..What a Shame

  • John

    bring the Speed channel back

  • Cat

    Miss the Speed Channel and yes I am a girl but watched this channel a ton more than even major broadcasting. I looked forward to Car Crazy, My Classic Car, Chop Cut Rebuild, Pinks All Out and the ton of other shows that were not just Nascar racing. I keep hoping someone with brains will bring it back bigger and better than ever. It is a cruel and hateful thing you did taking over the network and killing it in the end. Thankfully there are other network who know what the gear head populations wants and have added shows that we have enjoyed and they are not on your network! You don’t have our backs that is plain to see and you definitely don’t know the meaning of Speed. If I was Nascar I would not even allow you to broadcast another race from this point on!

  • the dogman

    Fox can go to h___!!!

  • Fred Krueger

    what about the nascar activity that was on speed it`s not on fox sport 1 or 2, automotive related channel being replaced with curling and basketball,doesn`t really turn my crank,I don`t know about any other car guys but fox sports sucks

  • E. Greenrock

    Well Nascar has been back now 1 1/2 months and my husband is still furious about not having the speed channel coverage. Before after and during is terrible they go as quickly as they can after the race is over to another event. What coverage they have is minimal and for fans who have had the Speed Channel coverage are very angry about it all the programs if they even exist now are nowhere to be found. And race coverage of the weeks events are scattered here there and everywhere and then it is rush, rush get this over because we have something more important to get too. He is mad all the time and is boycotting Fox Channels. I certainly hope there is another option to pursue because Speed fans are not happy

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