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SHOTS FIRED: Mike Francesa’s YES Network Simulcast Is Being Replaced By Michael Kay’s ESPN Radio Program

ESPN and the “New Yawk Yankees” are teaming up to simulcast Michael Kay’s radio program in the slot Francesa has had for 10 years. Why? Probably because Kay is younger, hipper, already affiliated with YES, funnier, more awake, less Diet Cokey, and smarter. Plus, he doesn’t absolutely despise the internet.

[NY Daily News] The 10-year+ simulcast relationship between WFAN’s Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa and the YES Network will be over by the end of January, the Daily News has learned. YES will replace Francesa’s afternoon drive show with ESPN-98.7’s “The Michael Kay Show.”

Also, Francesa’s little A-Rod ass-kissing stunt undoubtedly pissed off some higher ups at the YES Network — which may very well have influenced the change.

[NY Daily News] Behind the scenes there has been speculation Francesa giving Alex Rodriguez an exclusive platform on his show may have rankled YES and Yankee brass, thus speeding up The Pope’s departure.

Ya, as a general rule, when your employer is feuding with someone, don’t take their side (though an exec claims the change was already in the works before the A-Rod stuff happened).

But the real story here is that Kay and Francesa have always had an icy relationship — which is pretty much par for the course with Francesa, who is universally disliked by his colleagues in the industry. We’re sure they’ll both be cordial about the whole change, but the undertones will be apparent when they finally address the move.

Francesa will act as if the change doesn’t matter (which will be hard to do if his show doesn’t get picked up for simulcasting by another network).

Kay will secretly be pumping his fist in celebration (and so will we).

H/T NY Daily News

  • Patrick Knuth

    I would rather listen to @kars4kids commercials on repeat from 1-6:30pm than watch @RealMichaelKay. #SaveMikeZaun

  • Frank

    Kay’s show sucks.

  • Roley

    Kays show is awful only show worse is Steven A. I agree I would rather listen to 24 hours of kars4kids commercials than 5 minutes of Kays obnoxious self righteous elitist opinions. Ratings will plummet awful decision YES

  • John Ogg

    You like the Michael Kay Show? Get Lawst YES, Mike Francesa is wayyyyyy better. I still think Francesa is a jerk a lot of the time, but his show is way more entertaining. That is atrocious, atrocious, dat is atrocious.

  • Greg Gutlessfeld

    Kay is God awful. He’s the epitome of a jock sniffer. I applaud the former players who announce with him for not beating his brains in in mid telecast. Francesa can be arrogant, sometimes poorly versed on the facts and seldom admits when he’s wrong. That said, Kay can’t hold hi jock, as much as he likely wants to.

  • Jake O’Donnell

    Creepiest commercial ever?

  • Jeremy

    Michale Kay sucks ass.

  • mr mike

    francesa is a fat arrogant jerk. he’s always right. the callers are always wrong. I’m looking forward to this change. congrats mr. kay! oh, and francesa… “see ya!”

  • mike

    Kay show is garbage

  • richard

    I agree with Patrick.The Yankees have been pissing me off since George died.
    Maybe I should replace them

  • Mr. Right

    He called Francesa’s stunt with A-Rod ass kissing. I’m curious what he’d call this article where he does nothing but praise Kay.

  • skofield

    Mike F is a loud mouth jerk who never admits he is ever wrong about anything. every time i listen to his show i have to hear his brain dead guido goomba wannabe tough guys call in with their fake new york/new jersey accents

  • wasikta

    michael kay is a tool. This was hard to listen to.

  • gems3799

    You have to be a complete moron or idiot to like that jackass Kay!! He is a clueless ass who knows nothing about sports and is a horrible announcer that is why I mute yankee games when he is announcing them!! As any REAL or TRUE yankee fan would!!

  • Numbah one

    This is Michael Kay overload on YES, just way too much of this guy. Swapping out the sports pope for him is going to cost them a lot of viewers, there is a reason francesa dominates Kay in the ratings

  • JD

    what did you expect, francesa double crossed the empire

  • mayimbe81

    OMG this cannot be real! The Michael Kay show is a snoozer a fact that is (And has always been) clearly reflected in the ratings. History says wherever Francesa goes the network he works for will have an overwhelming majority watching the program due to the fact that its context is much more knowledgeable and and entertaining.

  • E Rubin

    The only time I ever tune into the Yes network is to watch the Yankee games and the Mike Francesca show. Now I will only be watching The Yankee games.

  • tony

    mike francesa is an ass, but michael kay is god awful. lets be real

  • mercfan

    Kay feels like he got one on Francesa, but Kay already has a relationship with YES as the Yankee announcer and host of Center stage. And WFAN is a CBS radio network. It would make sense if Francesa moves to CBS SportsNet and Kay move his show to YES. However, it was a real d*ck move taking the diet coke and tossing in the garbage when he started his first show on YES. I guess he can forget any Coke sponsorship for his show. YES, that’s a really good move on your part.

  • Anonymous

    I’d pick Francesca over Kay any. Day. Of. The. Week.

    At least Mike F. is a real human: Kay is nothing but a obedient lapdog from the YESPN bullsh*it machine.

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