Forget A Controller, This Guy Uses A Dance Mat To Play Bloodborne

  • Matt Best

We’ve all seen it before. You walk into an arcade and there’s usually one of two things happening at the DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) machine. Either there’s someone on the machine who has two left feet or there’s someone on the machine dancing away, blowing your mind with their moves.

The DDR mat has also found its way into homes over the last decade, you know; so you can embarrass yourself on your own accord.

Forget dancing. The DDR mat has found a new purpose in the hands (or feet) of ATwerkingYoshi.

Bloodborne. A game coveted as one of the hardest RPG’s in recent time is difficult enough to beat with a controller. For ATwerkingYoshi, who admitted he has never beat the game with a controller, decided to up the ante and attempt to beat the game with the dance mat.

As you can see, it takes some pretty nimble feet to navigate yourself around the game and time attacks.

For ATwerkingYoshi, using unorthodox methods to play games is old news. If you scroll through his YouTube page, you’ll see that he’s no stranger to controller challenges. He’s played Dark Souls 3 with a fishing rod and a banana, Overwatch with a trampoline, and he’s even cracked out the dance pad before for Super Smash Brothers.

You can check out the videos of ATwerkingYoshi beating the game on Twitch here!

H/T – Kotaku