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Here’s An Eagles’ Fan Spitting In The Face Of A Saints’ Fan On Saturday

I suppose this Saints’ fan should count himself fortunate that the Philly fan didn’t intentionally vomit on him.

If an aggressive race of alien beings ever land on this planet to check out real estate, I hope their first stop is Philadelphia. “Back in the ship, Doris. Suddenly Venus’ 740-degree atmosphere with clouds of sulfuric acid are looking pretty good.”

So it’s the aftermath of the Saints’ 26-24 NFC Wild Card Playoff win over the Eagles on Saturday, and a New Orleans fan is whooping it up and talking about his team’s trip to Seattle. Cue passing Philly fan, who spits in the guy’s face.

But at least he announced his intentions.

Remember those kids who gave Haley Joel Osment a hard time in “The Sixth Sense”, locking him in the attic with that ghost? That was a real dick move. And yep, it happened in Philadelphia.

  • Mark

    I’m from Philly and I’m ashamed.

  • Whatwhatwhat?

    Spitting on anyone is vile and classless and there isn’t any excuse, ever.

    That said, I’m not exactly weeping for this Saints fan. He held up his phone after the clock ran out, turned to an entire section of opposing fans in an opposing stadium, and talked some shit. If he just high-fived his buddies and then left to go celebrate elsewhere, nothing would have happened. That whole video was obviously baited and if I did the same thing in someone else’s stadium, I’m sure I could produce footage of that as well.

    Also, great work Sportsgrid on playing into that “omg everything in Philadelphia sucks b/c the fans are mean” narrative. I know how hard you guys try to keep up with Deadspin.

  • Eric Goldschein

    For the record, my issue with Philly is cheesesteaks. I just don’t think they’re that special.

  • Whatwhatwhat?

    Neither do we. I’ve lived in Philly (the city proper) for the last 17 years and I can’t tell you the last time I’ve had a cheesesteak. It’s a much bigger deal for tourists.

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