Mobile PETA Ads At Churchill Downs Highlight Animal Abuse In Horse Racing, Photoshop

  • Jake O'Donnell

In not-at-all-surprising-news, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are not fans of horse racing. Their case? Well, on average, 24 horses die a week at race tracks around the country, according to a NY Times article published last year. That’s probably a good place to start.

Also, eight horses died from fatal injuries at Churchill Downs last August, and no one really knows why. They think it may have something to do with track conditions at an event prior to the race in Louisville, but nonetheless, it speaks to the fragile nature of these animals and the impact particular race tracks have on them.

Oh, and there wasn’t a billboard in Louisville that would host the ad, which features a horse’s face adorned with a needle-shaped marking on it’s head. “Drugs. Breakdowns. Death. Horse racing is a bad bet,” it says. Once again, duh. The city of Louisville, who has been hosting the event for 139 years, swells to 15% its normal size because of the race. During which thousands of rich people flood the city with ridiculous amounts of money — spent on hats and booze, mostly.

Why would anyone agree to scare them with this intentionally scary ad?

They don’t. That’s why PETA has adopted the mobile ad approach, and just slapped it on the side of a huge truck. They’ve been driving it around the area for the last few days, and will be circling the famed racetrack today (on the outside, obviously.)

H/T HuffingtonPost