So Another Rutgers Head Coach Is Under Fire For Verbal Abuse

  • Rick Chandler

More coaching controversy at Rutgers, as another coach is on the caliente seat for verbal abuse. This time the sport is … lacrosse? Rutgers men’s lacrosse coach Brian Brecht has been suspended while the school investigates allegations of verbal abuse, it was reported today.

If you’re like me, you always thought of lacrosse as kids running around a field with butterfly nets, saying things like: “Careful Nathan, your shoe’s untied!” Turns out it’s an actual sport, with helmets and strategy and balls that hurt like hell if they hit you. And typical, macho coaches who act like Vic Morrow, the Yankee manager in Bad News Bears. Who knew?

Lacrosse, represent.

Rutgers president Robert Barchi released the following statement:

“While I cannot comment on an ongoing investigation, let me reiterate that there is no place at Rutgers for words or actions that are inconsistent with the values of the university. Our student athletes, as all members of the Rutgers community, should know that our university is committed to promoting an atmosphere of respect and dignity. As I stressed earlier, we will be looking closely at all intercollegiate athletics at Rutgers going forward. If we find problems, we will address them.”

No other details at this time.

Possibly the most interesting detail on this so far: Brecht made $130,000 this year, and is scheduled to bump it to $135,000 next season. Not a bad gig.

Of course we don’t have to remind you about the Mike Rice incident. Rutgers seems to be systematically weeding all of its old school coaches. And so it goes throughout high school and college athletics — it’s the end of an era. No more Bobby Knights, no more Norman Dales from Hoosiers. Dodgeball has been outlawed on grammar school playgrounds for being too rough. Soon, coaches may only whisper to players. As far as sports is concerned, we now live in a bubble wrap society. Heaven help us.

Photo: The Daily Targum.