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FootballHigh School

400-lb Giant Running Back Terrifies High School Defenses

Finally, we’ve managed to grab some footage of Anthony Picard in action. That is to say, if you think a 6’5″ boat of a human being, slowly moving through a cluster of children can be considered “action.” Regardless of it’s entertainment value, 700 yards and 15 touchdowns suggests the Picard method is an effective strategy for winning football games. In case you’re a high school linebacker, check to see if the “White Swan Cougars” are on your schedule this season, because that’s who this kid plays for. Is he the biggest running back in the country? Ya, we hope so.

He’s 400-lbs! That’s bigger than almost anyone in the NFL. And certainly bigger that the previous record holder for heaviest player ever to line up as an eligible receiver (though we can’t imagine Picard gets sent to the flat for screen passes all that often).

  • Anonymous

    I’m wondering why Michelle Obama isn’t calling this high school player “obese”…..

  • Jake O’Donnell

    She probably would. Because he is.

  • san rafael blue

    He looks Samoan. Many of those from Hawaii or Guam are huge people, and not necessarily fat. Some of that though is likely baby fat that will be melted off as he gets taller. Just keep the boy on a strict diet.

  • Redeemed

    Probably because if she had a son, he would look like this guy….

  • whatever

    he is not particularly good. He goes down after about 6 yards a carry. Yes you will score but he won’t and can’t last at that size. he will be hurt by college.

  • Anonymous

    Well you folks stole out Video! Thanks. That took money from his team and family! Get ahold of me and work it out or the letter and the bill is in the mail.

  • Uncle

    Some real cool people, talking crap about a 17 year old young man ! None of have the guts to try and take him on, on the football field just rather talk crap that you can’t back up !

  • Uncle

    Ur not good thats why nobody is talking about your no name self ! You couldn’t take him down

  • JT

    This is a sports site only his football skills are important here. He looks ok in this footage and in college I’m sure he’ll be effective. He has size and skill.

  • fresh

    man y’all some hatters y’all man because y’all not in college or ever went. he good and keep up the good work.

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