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Controversy!High School

North Dakota Hockey Fans Dress Like Klan Members For High School Game

What’s whiter than North Dakota? Going to a hockey game in North Dakota. Whiter than that? How about going to a hockey game in North Dakota dressed like the KKK? Too much?

Apparently not for Grand Forks Red River High School in Grand Forks, North Dakota. See if you can spot the KKK Kids section of the crowd in a photo that was printed on the front page of the Grand Forks Herald:

Despite the ensuing uproar over the controversial garb, Fargo Public Schools Athletic Director and former athletic director for Grand Forks Public Schools Todd Olson thinks everyone is just being a tad sensitive.

Olson said late Friday he had not seen the photo but all-white garb is generally an accepted part of the white-outs.

“To be very honest, I think you’re looking for something that is not there,” Olson said.

No word as to whether or not everything is okay because all of the guilty parties’ best friends are black.

Via Busted Coverage

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  • Bonwhackit

    dude, it’s dress-up, not real. people dress up in all kinds of scary, loathsome costumes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ayotunde.afolabi Ayotunde Afolabi

    ok…turn up to your next party as an SS Officer and see what happens

  • http://www.facebook.com/tressles.tressles Tressles Tressles

    It’s the natural progression since Obama/sharpton , Jackson The CBC and many others already brought America back to the day’s of the n-word.

  • Anonymous


  • http://twitter.com/KobesGameFace Kobe’s Game Face

    Hey Todd Olson: I don’t think people who are upset over this photo are “looking for something that’s not there.” Actually, It’s RIGHT THERE. 1 row up from the bottom, about 5 rows down from the top. In the center of the picture. 3 kids in what is clearly KKK styled costumes. Either that’s okay with you or it’s not, but don’t give us this BS about people being too sensitive or reading too much into something.

  • http://twitter.com/KobesGameFace Kobe’s Game Face

    Dressing up as scary monster, Freddy Krueger, the killer from the Scream movies, or any other fictional character are MUCH different than wearing the uniform of a REAL group dedicated to the eradication of an entire group of people. Especially when the uniform itself was meant to intimidate and deliver a message of hate. It wasn’t “dress-up” when the KKK put those robes on and went out and murdered people.

  • http://twitter.com/KobesGameFace Kobe’s Game Face

    This has nothing to do with President Obama or anything you just said.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tressles.tressles Tressles Tressles

    You seriously question ? Hate is all over the History Channel today. CBS, ABC, CNN, MSMESS, NBC, TNT, & The Weather Channel have ramped up the a once sad history tenfold. It’s shameful. Black History Month doesn’t help at all. Where’s the White History Month ?

  • NathanExplosion

    The space before your first question-mark is your first of many troll-tells. Sorry it didn’t work out.

  • Heather Clisby

    Disgusting. This does not reflect well on North Dakota AT ALL.

  • Phil
  • Anonymous

    I hope if you have kids THEY understand how stupid and inappropriate this is. A stupid teenage pranks by 3 really stupid kids. From the response on the High School web site, they are paying for it in some fashion. The school doesn’t say what the punishment is.

    The KKK is a group dedicated to ridding the world of people they do not like. That is their history. This isn’t some movie creepy guy.

    And it makes N. Dakota look really, really bad.

  • allrightythen

    mmmm, there may be FOX in the hole.

  • allrightythen

    I needed a laugh today! You’re perfect. May I use you as a science experiment?

  • Anonymous

    The white supremacist junior army is on the march!

  • Anonymous

    How about a Native American month for all they people that White folks have screwed over and killed through the centuries because they think the world ONLY belongs to them for the taking?

  • R.

    I’m a student at Red River High School and in no way shape or form do these student’s actions reflect how I or almost the entire student body feel about this issue. What this article failed to mention is how the students had the attire on for less than a 30 seconds before being asked by fellow students to remove their hoods. It truly was a stupid/dumb/offensive thing to do but it would be more stupid/dumb/offensive to say that all North Dakotans/Hockey Fans/Red River High school students are racists because that is far from true. These students actions don’t speak for everyone and opinions should not be based about us because of them.
    Also, in Mr. Olson’s defense he made that statement before seeing the actual photo.

  • http://twitter.com/kade6767 Mitchell

    There really isn’t anything there. It’s true that people and especially the media always want to find something. The fact that these are teens makes me think they probably have no clue about the KKK. Especially in that part of the country. After asking three random black friends what they thought, they all agreed. Move on.

  • Anonymous

    Ignorance is not an excuse. Try pulling that crap with a law enforcement officer. “I didn’t do anything wrong, officer, because I didn’t know it was unlawful to beat my wife!” Those kids are not off the hook just because they’re stupid and uneducated.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Steven-Whetzel/100000541368152 Steven Whetzel

    There’s Waldo!

  • Anonymous

    Well said, and glad to know YOU are more of a representation of this high schools student body than the three kids in the photo.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Now you are blaming President Obama for racism? Seriously?

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