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Actress Kaley Cuoco Is Dating Tennis Player Ryan Sweeting… So, Yeah, Slideshow!

Kaley Cuoco is the actress who plays Penny on the “Big Bang Theory,” a primetime CBS sitcom that would be popular regardless of quality, because of its channel and time-slot. She is reportedly dating American tennis player Ryan Sweeting, who used to be decent at tennis.

Penny is the attractive girl on the show, which means Kaley is the attractive girl in this relationship. Oh, and apparently she was a nationally ranked tennis player as a teenager, so, yeah, sports.

You know the drill: slideshow!

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  • miller

    if she could stop pursing her lips every time she makes a “joke” on the show that would be nice.

  • anon234324

    “Kaley Cuoco is the actress who plays Penny on the “Big Bang Theory,” a primetime CBS sitcom that would be popular regardless of quality, because of its channel and time-slot”
    So, you say you are writing about a nobody tennis player dating a no talent star? Then switch careers, you obviously have issues.
    This from a writer no one has heard of, crawl back under your rock. Big bang is the only show on my 240 channels I can watch without feeling I’ve just experienced another lost half hour.

  • RJ

    “Kaley Cuoco..’Big Bang Theory,’ a primetime CBS sitcom that would be popular regardless of quality, because of its channel and time-slot.”

    Bitter, Party of Dan? :-) A little biased toward ABC, guys? ;-)

    The success of The Big Bang Theory (TBBT) rests mostly with the show itself and with the rare “magic in a bottle” that was created by a great group of writers and an acting troupe exceptional in their craft and their chemistry.

    Amazing, considering TBBT nearly did not make it on the air. The first pilot was rejected and, only because C-B-S saw a chemistry between Jim Parsons and Johnny Galecki, did they give it a glimmer of hope–telling the creators to scrap everything and everyone, except Parsons and Galecki and their characters.

    Most fans–and certainly most critics–agree that it would take well into the 2nd season, if not later, for the writing–and the cast–to “set the ball rolling.”

    The enertia became a synergy of growth. TBBT would within just a few years, overtake ABC’s Modern Family–first, in total viewership, than in the coveted 18-49 demo.

    In 2012-’13, saw The Big Bang Theory (in its sixth season) average nearly 18.7 million first run viewers and, in rerun, near total domination of all TBBT syndicated dayparts.(Wheel of Fortune giving TBBT its only strong syndicated competition.) TBBT’s weekly and season ratings even dethroned Fox’s American Idol/Wednesday–AI’s best rated show of the week–as “Theory” became the highest rated and most viewed scripted show in the 18-49 demo, trailing only NBC’s Sunday Night Football. TBBT became one of only two scripted shows (the other being CBS sister-show N-C-I-S) to top 20 million viewers for an episode.

    In total U-S viewership for 2012-’13, The Big Bang Theory came in third, behind
    C-B-S sister N-C-I-S and NBC’s Sunday Night Football.

    Point is: I don’t think Ms. Cuoco’s, or The Big Bang Theory’s, success is just because it (first) runs on C-B-S at 8PM E-S-T Thursdays.

  • M. Wilson

    Who IS Matt Rudnitsky?!! Obviously a very jealous person who has nothing good to say about anyone or anything. Perhaps he should change careers.

  • M. Wilson

    Well said – and said – and said.

  • brassrat

    You know who’s going to get the Big Bang now!

  • Kris-tyahn

    I’d love to eat that all day long, and then for supper & then right up until bed time! She’s so sexy it’s depressing!

  • Anonymous

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  • Randy Bigelow

    I think your a very good actress your the same age as my baby girl Amber
    just wanted to say hi. Randy

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