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2012 Summer Olympics

The USA Fencing Mask Is Awesome And Intimidating, And Awesome

“Oh, so you want to wave a pointy sword in my face? Be careful. I’M AMERICA.”

Badass. I wish they forced every athlete to wear these things. Ping pong just finished up on NBC Sports Network, and American player Timothy Wang got crushed, four games to zip. Clearly his North Korean opponent wasn’t adequately intimidated. SHOULD HAVE BROUGHT OUT THE MASK.

Seriously though, there’s no greater patriotic salute than wearing America on your face.

Clearly, the next step is naked athletes painted in red, white and blue to replace uniforms. We know American volleyballers wouldn’t have a problem.

h/t Yahoo! Sports

Photo via AP

  • Frnkgenius


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPHO5Brsd3E&feature=related GrammaticallyConservative

    The amount of contempt I have for frivolous and empty flag-wearing, chest-pounding fake patriotism is equal to the amount of awesomitude I feel for actual, America-can-do-something-right, let’s stand for something, you’re going down because it’s a game not a drone strike, sincere love of country.  Great mask.

  • Ben

    Not bad.

  • Anonymous

    A New American Super hero, The Gold Foil, and the faithful side kicks  Épée and Saber.

  • Anonymous

    go Merkia

  • http://twitter.com/majed_zoghbi ماجد زغبي

    Ines Boubakri of Tunisia, left against Nicole Ross of the United States during their round of 32 during women’s fencing match at the 2012 Summer Olympics, Saturday, July 28, 2012, in London 

  • palindrome82


  • Emmett Grogan

    Repulsive, chauvinist, borderline fascist.

  • Dana Bennett

    I hope they get a gold.

  • http://twitter.com/billykramer Billy Kramer

    Or maybe s/he’s just making a joke. Lighten up, douchebag.

  • Lacoby

     I agree.

  • Lacoby

     What’s the joke?

  • Rod Tank

    Yeah, and Ines Boubakri won. Obviously, she wasn’t that much impressed by the stars-and-stripes-mask…

  • Fencer2012

    The masks are cool, but no one will be intimidated until we start to win fencing. To do so, it would take some upport from fans in the US.

  • http://www.facebook.com/emmett.grogan1 Emmett Grogan

    Want to see a “cool” mask, try Kabuki. This repulsive, infantile disorder is the perfect “American Exceptionalist” militarist wannabe fantastique, disgusting and infantile. Should be disallowed by officials.

  • http://twitter.com/Denise_Carolyn_ Denise Carolyn

    were can I buy one?

  • http://www.facebook.com/emmett.grogan1 Emmett Grogan

    Go to “Nationalistnazigoebbellsmimick.org

  • robot pimp

    Slightly obnoxious.

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